Why is my cat not eating? Let’s answer this common question.

You might hear a lot of stories about the eating problem of a cat. They are known for eating less in the animal world. However, eating less is entirely different from stopping eating. So, why is my cat not eating?

If you are a longtime cat breeder, you will properly sometimes experience the situation that your cat quit feeding even if they have eaten and run around usually before. 

The fact that cats quit feeding will make you feel bewildered and worried whether cats do not like the taste of food or are having health problems.

Let’s review seven reasons cats quit feeding!


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Why is my cat not eating? Because of hepatic lipidosis

Although quit feeding is very harmful to most animals, it is most dangerous to cats. Because when cats do not eat, they have to rely on fat reserves to get the energy to feed their body. However, fat must be processed one more step through the liver before being used as fuel, leading to liver failure. The liver will be felt overcrowded due to being loaded with large amounts of fat, which creates many dangerous diseases for cats. 

Besides, when cats lack food, the body begins to send fat cells to the liver to process into lipoproteins for fuel. Therefore, a cat’s liver does not process fat effectively, and the majority of fat is stored in liver cells. If we do not have a timely treatment of the damaged liver, the cat will die. 

The treatment of fatty liver disease is making a diet menu for the cat. It works quite well in repelling the condition if we diagnose it early. The idea is to feed the cat enough nutrients to reverse the metabolic problems that caused this severe condition. This option is usually done with a feeding tube that is inserted into the stomach. Depending on the type and size of the pipe laid, a nutritionally balanced liquid formula or canned feed is introduced into the tube several times a day. 

Because of gastrointestinal problems

Another reason for quitting feeding cats is the digestive problem. 

Digestive disorders in cats reduce digestion or absorption of food. Besides, gastrointestinal disorders affect the cat’s stomach and intestines, leading to pain or other effects such as dehydration, acid-base imbalance, electrolysis, and malnutrition.

Apart from quitting feeding, there are some symptoms of gastrointestinal problems of cats as:

  • Changes in taste along with vomiting or constipation.
  • Increase or decrease the feeling of thirst.
  • Cats lose weight quickly.

Gastrointestinal disorders in cats can be chronic or acute. If the disease is acute, cats need to be feed veterinary examination to assess the primary cause and determine the appropriate cure, and nutritional requirements are also more stringent.

Dental diseases can be one reason

Oral diseases in cats can cause pain and discomfort, affecting the quality of life of cats. In many cases, oral diseases cause cats to stop eating, leading to health diseases. 

The prominent dental disease is gingivitis. This situation is a result of an accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth. If it is not removed regularly, the plaque will move deeper towards the tooth’s root, making cats feel hurt and difficult to eat. 

Depending on the severe level of dental problem, the reason and treatment will adjust to cats’ proper use. We can follow to below steps:

  • Cleaning teeth for cats at home.
  • Give to cats antibiotics.
  • Treatment of inflammation caused by plaque from the teeth.
  • Based on the cat’s health situation, we can choose a suitable treatment for the dental problem. 

Why is my cat not eating? Because of kidney disease 

Kidney disease is one of the most common reasons for quitting feeding cats.

Acute kidney disease symptoms include increased water intake and urination, vomiting, stop eating, and weight loss. 

Causes of kidney disease can include bacterial or viral infections, acute or chronic situations, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, immune system disorders, or potassium deficiency. Any of the above reasons can cause kidney tissue inflammation, leading to decrease normal kidney function.

The treatment of kidney disease is a building a diet that reduces the amount of protein (found in foods such as eggs, meat), phosphorus (found in meat, fish), sodium (found in seafood, cereals) will significantly reduce the symptoms of kidney disease in cats. 

Cats with acute kidney disease will experience nausea, quit eating, and frequent vomiting. However, it would be best to encourage the cat to regularly eat to prevent energy reserve in his tissues, muscles, and fat layers for activities when energy is needed. This clause means that you should improve your cat to eat anything even though he does not want to eat. Likewise, you also need to help your cat get the necessary water to avoid dehydration because most cats do not like to drink plain water. It is best to feed him wet foods and avoid dry products.

why is my cat not eating

Because menu is changed suddenly

Switching to different menus can create the annoying feeling of cats, therefore they do not want to eat anymore. 

Cats are confusing animals. This option is purely a matter of personal taste, but there are times when it comes to taste changes or an ingredient from the manufacturer; even if it is tiny, a cat can immediately recognize and feel dissatisfied. Hence, you should prepare carefully before deciding to change the menu for cats and spend some days helping the cats get familiar with new foods.

Old food is often spoiled

As long as the daily food you store in the refrigerator appears a musty, rotten smell, even though it is still edible on the surface, your cat will not touch it. Or the cup of leftover seeds from last night, after prolonged exposure to the air, the food will lose its smell, it will make them disparage. You should check the food’s expiry date or at least smell any strange odor before giving it to your cat.

Food was not well preserved

Dry cat seeds can be degraded and spoiled! Vitamins and fat can be lost if you do not store them properly. After opening the bags, seeds should be stored in the original packaging, and put the whole bag in a sealed container. Do not open and throw the bags in a hurry as product packaging is specially designed to preserve seeds for a long time.

Also, the manufacturer offers a variety of weight of a product to suit the needs of users. Choose a weight that is just enough for your cat to use up before the food deteriorates.

Final thoughts

In summary, cats quit feeding is normal if we figure out their issues correctly and find a proper treatment.

It would be better if you should take your cat to visit a doctor in case the problem is getting more serious. 

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