Why do cats need scratching posts?

Why do cats need scratching posts?” Well, they do that for many reasons without you expecting, and today we’re going to figure them out in this article.

Cats love scratching and climbing to leave their scent and markings. Not only that, but they also like to keep their claws in tip-top condition and tend to stretch both legs. But why do cats need scratching posts? It’s because they’re sturdy and high enough for your feline buddy to reach out while marking the territories. And instead of declawing your pet, let the scratching post do that for you!

Well, scratching seems like a natural behavior of cats, and there are more reasons why do cats need scratching posts. Scroll down to learn further.


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Understanding why do cats need scratching posts

One of the largest complaints about raising a cat in the house is that they’ve got the habit of scratching so many things. If you can’t offer them a personal space to scratch, then the carpets, wallpaper, and furniture would get damaged. We all want to find out how to prevent that from happening, right? But before stopping it, let’s figure it out!

Why do cats need scratching posts

Scratching helps mark cat’s territory

Among different reasons why cats love to scratch, marking their territory is one of the biggest ones. In the wild, they have the habit of scratching trees and other areas to warn the other animals “hey, this is my place.” So in the house, they would do the same thing. And once your pet doesn’t have an appropriate alternative, your home will look very messy. 

Your feline friend’s paws having scent glands tend to leave a smell that might not be clear to humans but understood by other cats. 

Scratching helps keep a healthy body for your cat

Believe it or not, this scratching action delivers a great stretching for tendons, joints, and muscles throughout your cat’s body. Like an athlete, stretching before and after practice would maintain a healthier body and guard it against unexpected injuries during the workout. Apart from that, scratching makes your feline buddy feel pleasant. It explains why they do it several times a day. 

Why do cats need scratching posts? We bet that you’ve got the answer! Besides, they even scratch after waking up. Therefore, all you need to do is investing a scratching post or a pad. Make sure to place it close to their napping space as soon as possible.

Scratching helps clean out your cat’s nails

It’s probably something that you’ve never thought about, but it’s true. Scratching helps a cat keep its nails healthy and clean. Your pet knows that its claws are growing longer. Therefore, it’s natural for it to try removing the old claws and make way for the new ones. The move gets rid of the dead part of the claws. Thus, scratching is never a boring thing for cats. It always keeps their claws sharp and nice-looking. 

It’s recommended to trim your pet’s claws every three weeks. Everything should get done the same when you have an older cat. Make sure to take it slowly until the cat can accept the trimming. Don’t ignore treats here to boost their positive manners. Wait until it naps, and then you can hope to cut the sharp tip with trimmers.

Scratching destresses your cat 

Anytime a cat spots something interesting outdoors, just like other animals, you usually see her scratching. In some cases, these animals run from one room to another, emit the sounds, stop there, and scratch intensely. Such a behavior enlarges the energy running inside the cat, and helps destress the pets well. 

It’s quite like how you do yoga. These movements of stretching out their backs and shoulders are similar to the motions of yoga. Such a physical action can calm your cat and relieve her stress effectively. Whenever you feel the need to punch something else after getting too frustrated, so does your furry friend.

Why do cats scratch your furniture?

Why do cats need scratching posts

Now you’ve known why most cats like to scratch or why they need scratching posts. But why do they scratch the furniture? Is there any special reason behind it? In the wild, cats love trees and their logs to do this move. It’s because they’re sturdy, and the marks they leave on them are visible to other cats. Your furniture ranging from table, sofa to chair share the same features.

As you see, scratching is a natural and ordinary action of cats. By understanding it, you will know how to choose a better scratching post and a safer home for your feline buddy. Let’s give the cat a suitable alternative to the furniture by selecting the appropriate scratching posts with the features your cats love. Alright, now it’s time to learn how to choose a scratching post to maintain the well-being of the cats.  

How to choose a suitable scratching post for your cats?

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Scratching is a crucial part of your cat’s life, especially when you want to keep her healthy and well-controlled. As you see, cats have the urge to scratch, so giving them a post can protect your furniture and carpets from damage. They will use the post to stretch their backs and bodies as well as work out as their daily routine. So how do you choose a post? Now come to consider a few things:

Why do cats need scratching posts


Many cats love to dig their claws into the texture of a fibrous rope that is also known as sisal. This type of material is a clever choice for all cat owners as well because it’s highly durable and hardly replaced frequently. Besides, your cat will also love to scratch the surface made of channeled cardboard. 

Just watch it, and if she likes to scratch the side of your sofa, then she loves something like sisal. If she loves to dig into the carpet, let’s get a scratching post covered in carpet or a soft channeled cardboard pad.


Another important element to consider before choosing a scratching post is sturdiness. A decent post should be durable, sturdy, and stable. Your cat will pause using it once she feels that it starts wobbling. Or the cat might hate getting knocking over on themselves while using it.

You should pick out a post that can withstand your cat scratching. Well, come to test that by placing pressure on it and mimic your cat’s motion.


Scratching isn’t just about keeping claws healthy. Cats scratch to exercise by stretching their backs and whole bodies. So when you’re selecting a scratching post, try to get one that should be high enough to enable the pet to stretch her entire body. You need to notice that your feline friend needs to scratch in different positions she loves. 

We recommend you to get a scratching post that must be 31 inches tall at least, which is a great thing to make your cat merrier. And this can save your furniture quite well.


Out of several factors to consider, the angle is a necessary part you just cannot forget here. Ensure to watch where your pet tends to choose to scratch. This is the exact angle it loves in a post. When it stands scratching the side of the couch, you might need a high stand-up post. This angle allows your cat to stretch while it’s scratching.

When your pet prefers to scratch the carpet, then it gets excited about a scratching pad that lies flat on the floor. Here, it freely digs claws into while it’s scratching. You need to pick up a scratching post or pad that is the most similar to what the cat chooses to scratch your furniture.

Where should you put the scratching post?

Since scratching is a form of workout and an action of marking the territory for cats, putting a scratching post in the farthest corner of the house is not good at all.

The scratching post needs to get placed nearby or in front of any particular object, your cat has been scratching. By doing this, you probably want it to face the options between selecting the couch or the post. The cat will finally decide on its own, and the post is always a better choice to make. Besides, it’s best not to move it too far because it needs to be easy for your cat to access the area she spends the fun time in.


“Why do cats need scratching posts?” We bet that you’ve got the answer after reading our article today. Come to use the post to encourage your cat to use the area you have built up. It also helps prevent your cat from scratching inappropriately. Let’s keep your furniture intact and your pet healthy.

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