Top 9 Unique Cat Trees of 2021 for Your Pickiest Cats

As a cat’s parent, you always want to get your feline friends a cat tree to climb, jump, scratch, and lounge. These activities will help your cats improve their wellness and keep them being active. Especially when you are passionate about home decoration, you will become more pickiest in picking a cat tree that is not only best for cats but also fits perfectly with your home decoration. 

Let’s take a look at our list of the top 9 unique cat trees that we carefully selected. We believe that from these products you can find one that meets your taste. 


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Top 9 Unique Cat Trees 2021 Reviews

Top 1: Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

The first cat tree in our list is the one from Go Pet Club. The product is made from compressed wood to maintain stability and wrapped in faux fleece to keep your feline friends warm and comfortable. The product has a unique structure with a variety of features such as top perch, condo, basket, ladder, and hanging toy. 

These features will provide your cats more spaces to jump, climb, and maintain their wellness. The plush and soft perch on the top and the hiding spot at the second platform is the perfect place for cats to sleep after playing around.

Besides, the product offers several scratching posts that allow your cats to scratch their nail instead of damaging your furniture. Unlike other cat trees, the navy color makes this product become unique.


  • Suitable for multi-cat households
  • A variety of features helps cats become active.
  • Easy to set up with instruction and tool included
  • Affordable


  • The hammock is quite small and not durable.

With more than 90 percent positive reviews, the product is the Go Pet Club has brought a unique cat tree made from high-quality material and rich-feature.

Top 2: MidWest Homes Cat Tree With Scratching Pad

MidWest Homes, one of the most trusted brands for pet furniture, brings us a small modern cat tree with a funny twist and a unique pattern. 

The product has a small design with a height of only 30 inches; however, it manages to provide a multi-platform, a hiding hole, and a scratching stand, and an attached toy too. These features allow your cat to do their favorite activities like climbing, jumping, and catching. 

In addition, with the cover made from soft and cozy faux fleece, your cats will find it more comfortable and secure when spending time to rest or sleep in the hole. The cat tree features a solid base round-shaped to strengthen the stability of the tree when there is more than one cat playing around.  


  • Unique and stable design
  • Ultra-soft and cozy faux fur
  • Designer fabric is perfect for any style of home decor


  • Not suitable for those who own several cats
  • Sturdy solid round-shaped base

Whether you are finding a cat tree with several resting spots for your cats, or one that has an attached toy for your playful kitten, the Feline Nuvo is more than perfect for your demands.

Top 3: PETMAKER Cat Tree With 2 Hanging Toys

The next cat tree in our list is the one from PETMAKER, a famous brand for its useful products. The product has a small three-tier structure with two attached toys and a playing wheel containing three balls for cats to play with. 

The product also provides a scratching pole for cats to scratch their nails and offers two soft perches covered in plush polyester for cats to have comfortable places to relax too. These two hanging toys and 3 balls contained in the middle wheel will keep your cats’ attention on this cat tree and will not disturb you when you need to work from home. 

The small design of this cat tree and the printed paws on the two perches will make your house look more attractive and always neat. 


  • Super soft and comfortable perches covered by 100% polyester
  • Provide cats with funny hours with attached toys and playing wheel
  • Attractive design with the printed paws on the perches


  • Only good for kittens, not for large size cats

Your house is always in a mess when your feline friend is playing around? This cute and rich-featured cat tree will keep them in a corner and keep your house clean.

Top 4: Catry Cat Tree Bed With Scratching Post

Have you ever seen a sunflower cat tree? This amazing sunflower cat tree from Catry is the number one solution to keep your feline friend entertained all day. This product is the perfect playground for cats to scratch their claws, lying around, and playing around with the attached toy. 


  • Compact design
  • Good-looking for home decoration
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble


  • Can only be used for one cat
  • Not comfortable to sleep

The sunflower scratching board is the best part of the product because it makes your home look cute, and you can turn it into a bed for cats to sleep in too.

Top 5: BIG NOSE – Wall Mounted Multilevel Cat Tree 

The special feature of this cat tree from BIG NOSE is that you don’t need to set it up on the floor. The product offers wall-mounts for users to stick it on the wall. Although the structure is quite small, it offers stable steps made of solid pine wood and a scratching post wrapped in jute fiber.


  • Sturdy and stable solid wood steps
  • Wall-mounted is possible
  • Can be adjustable


  • Too small for cats to sleep on
  • Limit size for cats is under 15lbs

This product is the best solution for saving living space and improve your cat’s wellness.

Top 6: PAWZ Road Cat Tree Modern Cat Tower

A modern tower for cats with two hiding spots and three soft perches. 

The product offers maximum safety by using solid wood as the main material. The enclosed hiding spots give cats a sense of security and provide them a safe and silent place to sleep.


  • Optimize combination of modern design and traditional carpet
  • Hanging toys included
  • Stable and sturdy


  • A little bit pricey
  • Hiding spots are quite small

The PAWZ Road cat tree with a modern grey look is the best if you are in love with simple and modern things.

Top 7: Plush Multilevel Cat Tower With Scratching Post

PETMAKER always has unique ideas in products for cats, and this unique cat tree is one of them. The top hiding spot is designed as a real house look with multiple windows that allow your cats to have different views and not make them feel strapped. 

It also comes with a ladder and a hanging toy to offer cats a playground.


  • Comfy and plush platforms
  • Keep cats’ nails healthy
  • Help cats have tone muscle


  • Not recommended for multi-cat home

You’re living in a small house but still want to set up a place for your cat? The 3 Tier cat tree is the one you should get to save up your space.

Top 8: PetPals Bowl Shaped Perch Cat Tree

This bowl-shaped perches cat tree is more than perfect for cats around 25lbs and for multiple cats. The design using woven paper rope is suitable for any style of home decoration. The perches are very stable and comfortable for cats to rest. The product also includes a hanging toy for cats to play and relax.


  • Stable and comfy bowl-shaped perches
  • High-quality sisal scratching post
  • Super easy to set up


  • The perch on the top is quite small
  • Quite expensive

The natural color, along with the unique bowl-shaped perches of this cat tree, will surely become your favorite piece of furniture.

Top 9: On2Pets Cat Trees with Leaves

To end this list, let’s take a closer look at the On2Pets cat tree. The product has a unique that you could not find anywhere on the market. The cat tree is designed with three platforms made of solid wood and surrounded by artificial leaves. This structure will give your cats the best place to play and improve their innate instinct.


  • Fit perfectly in any room
  • Offer cats the best hiding place within artificial leaves


  • Not comfortable for cats to sleep
  • Might be difficult to clean

This On2Pets cat tree is the best for cats to enjoy natural life without getting outside and make your home become more likely natural.

FAQs About Best Unique Cat Trees

When Should I Replace My Cat Tree?

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a cat tree, but there are two obvious factors that directly impact on it. The first one is the quality of the cat tree, and the second one is how many cats you have and their personalities. 

Why Doesn’t My Cat Sleep in Their Cat Tree Anymore?

When cats get used to a cat tree, this cat tree will become their favorite place to play and sleep. So why sometimes do your cats refuse to sleep in the cat tree? The cat tree is too small or not clean enough may be the answer to this question. So when your cats no longer want to use the cat tree, you should check these factors carefully.

Do I Need to Secure My Cat Tree to The Wall?

Although cat trees always have a stable design and structure, you need to secure cat trees to the wall to alleviate your worry about toppling over that cause any risk to your kids and your cats when they are playing around. Besides, this feature will allow you to put it in the corner or next to the wall to minimize the space.

Final Words 

In short, to give cats maximum comfort and freedom, the cat tree from On2Pets is the best for them to enjoy the outside life. But if we own more than one cat, the navy color cat tree from Go Pet Club will make our house look cooler. These two are our favorite cat trees, and we hope that you can get one that suits your demand in our list of the top 9 unique cat trees.

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