Best Names for Tabby Cats: Original and Popular Ideas

The cat is the most common pet in the world. But what are the most popular names? Here are a lot of ideas for those looking for the best names for tabby cats.


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Getting Started

A tabby cat in your home guarantees a lot of fun, pampering, and continuous purring. Between arranging all the new items purchased for the newcomer and the continual temptation to take pictures of him, take a few minutes to choose the best names for tabby cats.

The Internet is full of suggestions for this subject, but choosing from hundreds of thousands of cat names can be long and not useful. Luckily, we are here to help. In this article, you will find a list of the most famous names for cats, along with some less traditional but more original suggestions.

Choose in the best way

Names for Tabby Cats

Many people find it easy to choose a cat’s name because they are convinced that he will never learn to recognize it. And even if he learns to recognize himself in that name, he will rarely respond. This belief is false. The cats learn their name and respond if you call them in seconds. They are certainly more stubborn than dogs. Most of the time, they will only learn to respond if they associate their name with something pleasant.

Before starting with the suggestions, it is necessary to specify some primary points in the search for the name for the cat:

  • Name length: We should avoid names for cats that are too long unless the abbreviated version is available in everyday practicality. Cats do not perceive words as we do. They learn the sound, so a short name becomes essential.
  • Wait to get to know the cat: Once you get the sweet news of the new arrival in the family, you cannot help but make a list of possible beautiful names for cats. But it just does not work like that in reality. Sometimes, a glance is enough and you know you can no longer call him Prince, but Messer. Remember that cats with unique characteristics may inspire you with different names.
  • Not misunderstood: The chosen name must not match the names of other family members, including pets already in the house. Not only would you confuse the cat, but you also show little respect towards him as everyone deserves a proper and original name. Also, avoid choosing a name similar to passwords.

And do not forget to let the entire family take part in choosing the name for the cat. You never know, the little ones could make original proposals.

Names by Genders

Names for Tabby Cats

Are you wondering what are the most beautiful names to give to a cat? In your search for the right name for your cat, you can start by gender, choosing between male cat names and female cat names: there are multiple names for unisex cats, others suitable only for male cats or only for cats female.

Try scrolling through the specific lists of male cat names, original male names, and female cat names below. You will find tons of male cat names, beautiful names for male cats, and cute names for female cats.

Among the male cat names and female cat names, there are many unusual and particular ones. Look carefully for the male cat name, the female cat name, or the kitten names you think are the right ones for your pet.

If none of the male cat names or female cat names are to your liking, you can try to choose based on the color of the fur. Whether it is male names for cats or names for female kittens, coat color is another good place to start when choosing the perfect name. Search among original male names and original female names to find the one that is right for you.

Names for Male Cats    

Alex, Charlie, Coco, Cosmos, Felix, Figaro, Fluffy, Gatsby, Harry, Jack, Jasper, Julius, Leo, Lucky, Luigi, Max, Pussycat, Milo, Oliver, Oreo, Oscar, Rocky, Romeo, Sammy, Shadow, Simon, Sonny, Tiger, Toby, Tom    

Names for Female Cats

Alice, Crumb, Chloe, Daisy, Eve, Fiona, Kiki, Kitty, Lady, Lilly, Lisa, Lola, Lucy, Moon, My, Mina, Molly, Nala, Ball, Pearl, Princess, Rose, Ruby, Sissy, Star, Susi, Tinker Bell, Xena, Zelda

Names for Particular Cats

Names for Tabby Cats

In choosing the name, you can start from the external characteristics of the cat, such as the color of the fur, but also keeping in mind the personality of the cat. A cat that is always in an armchair would not have the right name if it were called Splinter. Also, experiment with the names you have selected, try calling the cat several times with one name you have chosen and see if it responds to the call.

Keep in mind that cats do not recognize words, but their sound. Short names for cats are preferable because long names are inevitably destined to turn into diminutives. There are many fun names for cats that simply sound good and can be a perfect fit for your pet.

It is better if they are cute names for male or female cats. Every time you call your kitty, it will be more fun. Whether it is cat names or cat names, try to choose the right one by scrolling through the list of cat names below, categorized by category. If you do not find the one you like in the cat names list, try choosing a specific category.

If you prefer to start from the color of the coat to choose the name of your cat, we suggest you look at the dedicated articles listed below. You will find a long list of names for black cats and names for black female cats, names for red cats, or we can help you find the name for white cats. If you have arrived here and have not yet found anything that suits your cat, we have prepared other curious and particular lists for you.

Names of Divinity

Zeus, Thor, Hades, Athena, Era, Aphrodite, Freya, Loki, Odin, Anubis, Amon, Ra, Horus

Names of Cartoon Characters

Minnie Mouse, Aurora, Bambi, Bolt, Elsa, Shang, Lilli, Olaf, Simba, Tarzan, Mushu, Lilo, Baymax

Japanese Names

Akira, Neko, Sakura, Yuki, Its, Shang, Midori, Ren, Taro, Ichi, Jou   

Names of Television Characters

Homer, Spock, Buffy, Kermit, Dean, Spike, Arya, Joker, Xena, Sherlock

Final Words

We have left you some suggestions, now it is your turn. Remember that the only limit is your imagination! Did you find the perfect name? Let us know in the comments what it is Once you have chosen the name, remember that you can engrave it on your favorite tag!

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