Do you know how to stop a cat from throwing up?

What to do if your cat keeps vomiting? Today, we’ve rounded up the top 5 tips on how to stop a cat from throwing up to help you solve the issue right away.

It’s common for cat owners to see their cats throw up a few times. However, we must say that it’s not normal at all. In this case, there’s no need to reach a veterinarian every time it vomits. Instead of that, you must learn why your pet vomits and how to stop a cat from throwing up. Those treatments should be good enough to help your feline buddy feel better than ever. 

Alright, before finding out how to stop a cat from throwing up, you need to know why they throw up.


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Why do cats start throwing up?

A cat throws up even when it’s not sick at all. The vomit occurs as the contents within the stomach cause it some kinds of discomfort. As it starts throwing up, its stomach muscles will contract, enabling them to push out anything upsetting them. Also, the vomit can get triggered by a health issue, and only bringing the cat to your vet can help.

As we’ve just said, cats vomit as they don’t get sick, so it’s because they consume too much and too fast. It could be an instant reaction to a sudden change in their daily diet. Or your cat probably swallows something it shouldn’t have, such as a rubber string. 

Besides, toxins appear in nearly everything in your house, from household substances to plants. Keep them away from antibiotics and anti-inflammatories if you have. The vomit can also get caused by consuming spoiled foods, dead animals, and rubbish. 

A few cats own sensitive stomachs due to a switch to a new diet. If you change your pet’s diet, try to do it slowly to prevent this upset from occurring.

Top 5 tips on how to stop a cat from throwing up

how to stop a cat from throwing up

To help your cat overcome the irritation of vomiting, we’d like to share some advice here. These tips and tricks will let you know how to treat a cat with sickness, so bear them in mind. 

Your cat needs to drink enough liquid

As you know, one of the major reasons for all digestive problems is the shortage of hydration. Most pet owners who always feed dry foods should be careful about the amount of liquid the cat drinks. More importantly, don’t ever think of placing a bowl of water near their food, then it would drive them to drink more. How come?

Well, any wild animal loves to reach the running water because it appears much safer and fresher. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use a water fountain drink dispenser to attract your little feline friend to drink more. 

Feed your cat a hairball formula food 

One of the major reasons that many cats end up vomiting is none other than hairballs. In other words, if your pet has recently swallowed a hairball after cleaning up its fur, vomit is likely to happen. In this case, you need to examine its vomit no matter how unpleasant it is. 

If you see anything similar to a hairball, you might know the reason behind the vomit. And even if there’s no hairball showing up in the vomit, it still contributes to the problem. As said above, one of the best things to do at that time is switching to the hairball formula food for cats. They get made to prevent your feline friend from swallowing hairballs.

This kind of food has particular enzymes that are specially designed to dissolve those hairballs and don’t let them from increasing in the cat’s belly.

Replace cat’s food with sensitive stomach foods

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Don’t ignore any type of cat food made for sensitive stomachs. Most of them can help the pet dodge harmful ingredients that might trigger a vomiting situation. There’s a big amount of good-quality meat found in these foods, so you can set your mind at ease while feeding the feline buddy. Besides, try to switch to a new food little by little. Don’t rush to swap it right away, especially for something that seems new to them.

Some manufacturers would suggest you mix them with 20%. If not, you can mix the new food with 75% of the old one. Then, feel free to increase the percentage of new food gradually within one week. 

Prevent your cat from overeating 

how to stop a cat from throwing up

If you detect the cat keeps throwing up, then they’re possibly overeating. It’s one of the most common issues with cats. But how does this happen? Well, when its bowl of food was empty, your cat tends to get hungry. For this reason, they easily overeat once you place food in its bowl to make up for the shortage of food. Obviously, cats are always the great eaters who can clean out that bowl every time you give them.

In this case, how about observing and changing how much food you offer them? Let’s get a bowl that only makes the pet work for its food and practice them to consume slowly. You can feed the pet little portions of food pretty often throughout the day. Doing this can help keep your feline friend from swallowing a big amount of food fast. As a result, the vomiting problem can get solved. 

What if your pet is a steady eater and always gets depressed as its bowl is empty? Always ensure to put a little food in it. This can prevent the above behavior, and let the cat know that food is always available to it. For those consuming food too quickly, you need to get a special food bowl. It’s known as a divided bowl that forces the pet to eat slower. 

Stop your cat from eating treats and snacks 

Don’t keep feeding the cat any kind of treat that is rich in calories. Make sure to cut back on snacks and even human foods they love. As you know, most cat treats usually contain high calories, so feeding them too much will lead to a digestive issue. Also, bear in mind that cat treats can’t show up over 10% of your pet’s daily intake. And once the cat starts vomiting repeatedly, try to get rid of them till it gets better.

So how to stop a cat from throwing up? Replace treats and snacks with raw foods. Put smaller portions of cooked meat into their bowls for instance. Then what about the other dairy products. You should avoid them because some feline buddies have a hard time digesting those lactose-based products.

Go to visit a vet if it gets trouble

At times, it feels hard for you to verify exactly what kind of issues might be. Therefore, arranging a visit to your vet will be a thoughtful thing to do. She will help point out the causes of the vomit and tell you whether it’s a symptom of any severe sickness. Watch out when the cat keeps vomiting over three times a day, and just can’t keep its food down. Once noticing it exhausted, hurry to see a vet as soon as possible. 

Your pet might experience nausea, and if anything gets serious, urgent treatment should get carried out. When you see blood in the vomit or if the vomit smells like poop, it would be the sign of something serious. Call your vet at once. It would be offered anti-vomiting medication like stomach protectants for example. 

Do not panic when seeing the cat vomiting. It’s still a normal behavior, so don’t rush to push it to another level the very first time it occurs. However, it’s best to find a suitable treatment instead of letting the issue pass without notice. Always be aware of your pet’s health for years to come. 

Other tips on preventing a cat from vomiting 

Cats are one of the most curious animals in the world. Thus, they quickly find it interesting to new or strange things within their reach. It’s recommended to keep any medication, human food, a toxic substance, rubber string, and other harmful objects out of their reach. Avoid them from eating those objects and suffering digestive problems.

Aside from brushing the cat frequently, try to keep it active by feeding your little friend hairball formula food or raw food. With balanced nutrition, the number of hairballs would get reduced.

Final words

Overall, several causes of vomiting in cats can get prevented. So keep removing any harmful item and food from your pet’s living space. Doing this can lower the risk of ingestion quite well. And with the help of your vet, the cat can recover its health and dignity soon.

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