How to Remove Fleas from Carpet? Here are some tips for you

Owning pets makes your house and carpet are full of fur and fleas. This might be the main reason for pets and your kid’s health problems. You have to spend every weekend cleaning the whole house; however, fleas are really difficult to remove. 

You have also tried to do many other things but still have no effect. It feels like they keep coming after a couple of days. In this article, we will bring you some useful methods on how to remove fleas from carpet and prevent them from getting back in.


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Method 1: Remove Fleas by Cleaning

How to Remove Fleas from Carpet

Thoroughly Vacuum the Carpet

Using a vacuum cleaner only is not enough; you should set up a nozzle attachment to make your carpet clean thoroughly. So make sure you vacuum carefully throughout the room and carpet. Pay more attention to baseboards and the corners. Fleas always hide in humid and dark areas, so vacuum thoroughly underneath furniture as well as your pets’ favorite places.  Continue to vacuum in the next two weeks for heavy infestation areas.

Vacuum all your upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is pets’ favorite place, so it is where has more fleas than others, so make sure you get the underneath and the base.

Throw the vacuum cleaning bag outside

After finishing vacuumed your house thoroughly, take the vacuum bag out and remember not to put the vacuum bag in the dustbin inside your apartment or house; throw it outside to prevent fleas from getting in your home again.

Using steam to clean your carpets

Steam cleaners are better than normal vacuum cleaners because their high temperature will surely kill both eggs and adult fleas. If you don’t have any steam cleaner in your house, you can rent from a grocery store or home improvement. You can also hire a cleaning company to have them steam vacuum for you.

Clean the pet’s house and bedding

Do not forget to clean the pets’ house and bed also. Wash their bed and dry in the hottest mode every day until fleas are gone.

Method 2: Using Natural, Chemical, and Other Remedies

How to Remove Fleas from Carpet

Using pet-friendly insecticide for your carpet

Spray pet-safe insecticides on the carpet. The insecticides help kill the adult fleas; however, the eggs remain. So when the carpet dries, vacuum it carefully to remove fleas from carpets totally. 

Despite using pet-safe insecticides, insecticides will also have bad effects on pets. Before using these chemicals, read the instructions carefully and follow exactly what they said. Keep your pet far away from the treated areas when the treatment has not been completed.

Using borax or salt

Sprinkle borax or salt on the places that your pets usually stay in, near the doorways, underneath the furniture, or around baseboards. Spread them on carpets carefully to settle them into the fibers. Don’t let your kids and pets get into the treated areas. 

If you use borax, wait until the following day for vacuuming. About salt, you can vacuum treated areas after 24 to 48 hours.

Combine water and vinegar

Using vinegar and water and putting them in a spraying bottle. Shake the bottle to mix them up and spray the mix-up into the carpets and other places that pets spend most of their time in. Fleas dislike vinegar’s smell, so this mix-up can help you kill fleas or keep them away from carpets.

Spray lemon water on the carpets

Using two or three lemons and cut them into slices. Put these lemon slices in a pot and pour about two cups of water. Boil this mix-up until the water boils. Let this lemon water overnight. Spray this solution on carpets and pets’ other favorite places. Fleas dislike the lemon smell, so this one is an effective method to help you remove fleas from carpets.

Set up flea trap

This method can be used if you don’t know exactly where fleas are. You can attract them by setting a simple trap made from water and dish soap. Mix them up and pour in a small bowl, and put it on the new wall. Then set up a lamp above the bowl and turn it on at night. Fleas fall in the bowl when trying to jump to the light. The soap water will keep them in the bowl. This is how the trap works. 

Remember to keep your pets far away from the trap when using it.

Hire an extermination service

Hiring an extermination service is the last method if these methods mentioned above do not totally remove fleas from carpets.

Method 3: Removing Fleas from Carpet by Diatomaceous Earth

How to Remove Fleas from Carpet

Buy some diatomaceous earth food grade

Diatomaceous earth food grade can help you remove fleas from carpets. However, you should be careful when buying it to avoid buying the harmful one – the one used for swimming pools.

Vacuum thoroughly your carpet

Before using diatomaceous earth, remember to vacuum carpets and pets’ other favorite places thoroughly. Use an attached nozzle for more effective cleaning.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth food grade all over the carpet

Focus more on pets’ favorite areas such as around baseboards, under furniture, and near the doorways. Diatomaceous earth food grade will actually help you kill the fleas.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth food grade over pets’ bedding

To make sure fleas will not stay in the pets’ bedding, you can sprinkle some diatomaceous earth food grade on it and let it aside about two or three days before have it machine wash using the hot cycle. Keep your pets away from the bedding while it is having treatment.

Have your pets bathed

Diatomaceous earth makes pets’ skin dry, so when giving them a bath, consider using a moisturizing shampoo or the soap-free one. Don’t forget to catch eggs, larva, or fleas on pets’ fur by using a pet flea comb while bathing.

Vacuum carpets thoroughly

After five days of having sprinkled diatomaceous earth, vacuum carefully the carpets and pets’ other favorite places such as doorways, underneath furniture, near baseboards also.

Throw the vacuum bag away

As we mentioned, when you completely vacuum your house, take the vacuum bag to the outside to throw it. Do not let it inside your house because fleas may get out of the bag and get in the carpets again.  

Method 4: Preventing Fleas from Coming Back

How to Remove Fleas from Carpet

Check fleas for pets

Most fleas come from pets. To prevent fleas from coming back to your carpet, you have to check your pets frequently whether they have fleas.

Using flea comb to brush your pets regularly

Using a flea comb will help you remove fleas and eggs from pets’ fur. It also helps prevent your furniture from being full of fur by removing loose fur from pets. 

When you have your pets brushed, keep a bowl under and pour some water and dish soap in. Dip the flea comb into this mix-up to drown fleas and remove them from the comb while brushing pets’ fur.

Have your pets bathed

The water and pet shampoo may kill some fleas, larva, and eggs. You should choose a suitable shampoo for pets that helps remove fleas from pets and safe for pets too. 

However, if you own cats, having them bathed will be more difficult than dogs or other pets. Make sure you have worn long and thick gloves before bathing them to protect your hands.

Give your pets fleas medication

Have a vet check your pets and ask about the best flea medication for your pets. Your vet will check your pets’ condition and then prescribe suitable flea medication for your pets. You can do it yourself; however, make sure that you’ve checked your pets’ condition carefully and read the label thoroughly. This will help you get the best medication for pets and avoid using the wrong one or overdosing.

Get flea collars for your pets

There are some sorts of chemicals contained in pet collars that help keep off fleas. They are helpful for pets that like to spend time outside. You can put the flea collar on pets and tighten it until you still add a finger beneath the flea collar. Then, cut the excess collar off.

Avoid using brewer’s yeast or garlic

Most people believe that adding brewer’s yeast or garlic into the pets’ food will help keep fleas off, but many studies have proved that adding these things into pets’ food is useless. Moreover, if you use garlic for cats, it may cause some health problems because garlic is toxic for cats.

Keep fleas off by using essential oils

This method is only recommended for dogs, not cats. There are some essential oils that help keep fleas off and safe for dogs and kids as well, such as bergamot, citronella, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, sage, sweet orange, and peppermint. You can use a spray bottle, pour water into it, and add some essential oil drops. Spray this solution on carpets.

Ward fleas off with plants

Of course, plants cannot kill fleas, but the smell of some plants will keep fleas far away from your house. Plants are also means of home decor that add the feeling of nature into your house. 

Here are some plants that you can put in your house to repel fleas: lavender, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, chamomile.

Final words

Fleas are unavoidable when having pets in your house. If you cannot totally remove fleas from carpets, your pets and also your kids might have some health issues caused by fleas. With several methods of how to remove fleas from carpets mentioned above, we hope that those methods will help you keep fleas off your home and improve your pets’ health.

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