Top 9 Cool Cat Trees of 2021 for Your Fastidious Cats

Cats have some natural instincts like climb, play, and scratch. During their kittenhood, these habits are strongest, but cats will keep doing these things all of their life. Living in a modern house or apartment, cats will have no place to do these activities. Therefore, cool cat trees are what cats’ parents should get to provide them with a playground while still keeping houses clean and neat. In this article, we will give you an in-depth look into our top of the best 9 cool cat trees so that you can easily get one for your feline friends.


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Top 9 Cool Cat Trees 2021 Reviews

Top 1: Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

With more than 90% positive ratings on Amazon, AmazonBasics is known as the best overall in our list of top 9 best cool cat trees. The product has a simple design with only two level of platforms made from MDF, paper tubes, and carpet for cats to climb. The platform on the top is round top allows your cats to use it as a bed to sleep or nap after playing. 

Featuring three scratching columns wrapped in jute, the product offers a place for your cats to scratch instead of damaging your furniture. It also has a square base that helps maintain the perfect stability when your cats are playing or climbing. You can easily set up or dismantle whenever you need with instructions and included tools.


  • Suitable for any house, even the smallest one
  • Perfect structure with two levels of platforms
  • Good square-shaped base stability and security
  • Affordable


  • There is no attached cat toy.

With a perfect structure with two levels of platforms at a low price, AmazonBasics is more than perfect for all cats’ parents who have a large house or even the smallest apartment.

Top 2: AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave and Scratching Posts

Let’s continue with another cat tree from Amazon basic, a cat tree with multi-platforms and a cave. With a cool design consisting of multi-platforms and a cave, your cats will have more places to play, climb, and all of their favorite activities. The cave gives cats the feeling of security, so this is the best place for them to hide or take a rest after playing. 

The product comes with several posts carefully wrapped in natural and durable jute fiber not only offers places to scratch their nails instead of scratching your couch or bed but also keeps their nails healthy. Besides, with the neutral tone of color, this cat tree will fit perfectly with any style of your home decor. 


  • Provide long-lasting and reliable stability quality
  • Offer multi-platform for cats to release energy and relax
  • Natural jute fiber for healthy cat’s nails


  • Have limitation in the cat size – about 20lbs or under

Despite having limitations in cat’s size, this product is still highly recommended with a simple and modern design that will suit with style of home decor and not account for too much space in your house.

Top 3: Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree

You are worried that your cats are too big and heavy for cat trees to keep stability when they climb or jump. Don’t worry about it anymore. Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree will solve this problem perfectly. The product can safely accommodate the weight up to 80lbs, making it a great option for those who own several cats. 

The structure of this tree includes several platforms with a total height is 73 inches that allow cats to jump up to entertain and enjoy the view. There is a hammock and a hiding spot for cats to relax after spending too much energy playing around.

Using pressed wood as the main material, the product maintains good stability and durability. Faux fleece is used for covering, which offers cats the super comfort to rest and sleep.


  • Several levels of platforms for cats to play
  • Perfect for those who own several cats
  • Covered with soft and plush faux fleece


  • The structure with several platforms, hammock, hiding spot, and posts make it a little difficult to set up.

Your cats will surely love this cat tree for its variety of playing spots like the hammock, ropes, scratching posts, and hiding spots.

Top 4: Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

This cat tree is also a product from Armarkat but with a smaller size that can only accommodate up to 40lbs. Your cats will happily entertain with a variety of playing spots, such as condo, tunnel, hanging toy, and top perch. Using press wood for construction and faux fur to cover up makes this product plush and cozy while still maintaining stability.


  • Super soft and comfort
  • Stability and durability


  • Cannot place it next to the wall because of the large perch near the top

If your cats are the pickiest, this cat tree will surely make them satisfied with a lot of playing spots and a hammock to take a rest.

Top 5: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

Your apartment will become neat and look cooler with this cat tree from PetFusion. This condo has a modern design that helps you save your living space while still offering a perfect place for them to climb with three levels of perch. The product includes drywall anchors that allow you to attach to the wall easily to keep your kids as well as your cats safe.


  • Cool and interactive design
  • Wall-mounted easily


  • No attached toy

Climbing is part of who cats are, and the PetFusion has done their best in providing them a place to do this favorite activity.

Top 6: Vesper Cat Tree with Cat Play Box

The Vesper cat furniture is the best cat tree for those who have a small house or apartment. With the structure that includes two levels of perch and a scratching post, this cool cat tree allows your cats to play, jump, sleep, or even scratch instead of damaging your furniture and making them full of fur.


  • Super soft and cozy cushioned beds
  • Attach ball toy 
  • Perfect color for any home décor


  • Not suitable for multi-cat home

In short, this product is a must-have cat tree for small and modern apartments.

Top 7: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Perch

PetFusion always brings us products with a simple design but fits perfects in modern houses.

This cat condo is also one of these products with a simple structure that contains a window perch. The window perch comes with a scratching post that provides cats a place to climb, jump, lounge, scratch, and have a view of the outside.


  • Improve cat’s wellness with an interactive design
  • Suction cups included keeping the cat tree stand stable.


  • No hiding spot or attached toy

Improving your cat’s health with this PetFusion Ultimate cat tree. This product is the best solution for small houses and helps your feline enjoy the outside view.

Top 8: PetFusion Modern Cat Tree House

Unlike these two products mentioned before from PetFusion, besides the perch on the top for cats to enjoy the outside view, this product also provides a tunnel for them to lounge. The product has a premium soft carpet on the top and a post covered by high-grade sisal for cats to scratch their nails too.


  • Super comfort carpet and hiding spot
  • Sturdy and easy to set up


  • Not suitable for those who own more than one cat

Made from high-quality materials helps this product sturdy and long-lasting. However, the size is not large enough for those who own more than one cat.

Top 9: PAWMONA Cat Tree with Two Large Snuggle Beds

The PAWMONA cat tree with a thick scratching post and an interactive structure that keeps your cats active. This will also help you prevent your furniture from being teared up by your cats. The two cushioned perches give your feline friend special places to lounge and sleep.


  • Comfortable and plush cushioned perches
  • Stable genuine wood platforms


  • Perches are quite small
  • Cannot attach to the wall

You may think this cat tree is quite pricey; however, its unique design will make your house look good and always neat.

FAQs about cool cat trees

What Is the Best Cat Tree Size for My Cat?

Before getting a new cat tree, think about your living space and the area planned to set up the cat tree. You should measure the accurate length, width, and height of this place too. 

Another factor to consider is the number of cats you own. If you only own one cat, a small cat tree with a simple design is enough. Otherwise, you should think about one with more hiding spots and levels of perch.

How My Cats Can Get Used to Their Cat Tree?

You cannot force your furry friends to use the cat condo. However, you can get their attention to the cat tree by sprinkling their snack into it or put some toys on the perch. Curious is a specific characteristic of cats, yet, they are also cautious at the same time. So if you can get your cat to start using cat trees, these kinds of furniture will fast become their favorite.

Is There Any Way to Clean My Cat Tree?

If the cat tree gets dirty, you should use a wet paper towel and an odor eliminator to clean it. Sometimes, take it to a sunny place to remove odors.

Final Words 

In conclusion, depending on your living space and the number of cats you own, you will have some requirements for the new cat tree you’re going to buy. We hope that you’ve found the perfect one for your cats from our list of top 9 cool cat trees of 2021. If you have only one cat, the Amazon basic is more than perfect. Otherwise, the Aeromark International Armarkat cat tree is suitable.

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