Can cats see ghosts? Let’s find out this mysterious question.

Many people claim that due to cat’s heightened senses, they can see things we humans can’t. So can cats see ghosts or spirits? Here’s the truth behind it.

Have you ever seen your feline buddy get distracted by a wall? So can cats see ghosts? Some people say that it’s due to the heightened senses cats own allow them to see spirits. Animals do not use the same language as humans do. Instead of that, they can contact each other through body language and sounds. Differing from us, cats can spot a mouse walking more than 10 meters away, which is surprising. 

More than that, they can receive the frequencies that go beyond our auditory abilities. That explains why cats can concentrate on something we cannot see. Are you still not convinced yet? Let’s find out can cats see ghosts or not.


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Can cats see ghosts – what humans can’t?

Can cats see ghosts

Can cats see ghosts? All we can say that cats are different from us when they have amazing gifts in terms of vision. We can see things with a bunch of colors and details in the daytime. Meanwhile, cats are given night vision but don’t have details in the daytime. For that reason, anything that seems to have a slow-motion to us looks still to them.

Apart from that, your cats have the capability of high rod receptor focus. However, it doesn’t have the benefit of low cone receptor focus. To make for that, cats own a broader visual field as compared to us. As you see, there’s something logical as it comes to horror movies. Cats and sensitive animals like dogs find no difficulty seeing a specific kind of light, such as the UV light we can’t.

And that also explains some weird behaviors in your cats that you shouldn’t miss. If your feline friend begins glancing at a corner of a room, then it means that they’re spotting things you can’t.

5 Common signs that your cats might see ghosts 

Can cats see ghosts

It barks, growls, and hisses as nothing is there

At times, the paranormal activity won’t end up with glances or the act of going from room to room. In reality, your cat might not follow the invisible thing around, but only growls at it. Though such a happening might be due to a couple of reasons. There might be a mouse in the wall or a particular sound that you cannot pick up. 

To find out the truth, make sure to notice even a minor reaction to the normal shadows on the walls of your house. And you would know whether this growling and hissing action is a sign that a spirit was in the house or not.

It ignores you but focuses on something invisible

The second sign showing that your cat might see ghosts is the way it acts towards you. It probably ignores you since the cat’s attention gets split by an invisible entity in the room at that moment. The cats won’t have any hissing or barking move, or simply running around to follow a potential thing. They will give you a feeling that you’re not the only one grasping their attention at that time. 

We can tell you that they’re quite aware of what is happening around them. They ignore you not because they don’t know you’re there. The cats just choose not to accept that in favor of the spirits (potentially). In another case, some people claim that their cats seem to play with another cat. They might have a ghostly mate. 

It follows invisible thing everywhere 

It’s one of the most common signs showing that your cats can sense spiritual forms. Their behaviors concentrate on a particular area of the house and then follow something invisible with their eyes. Therefore, you should watch your cat closely and find out whether the furry friend sees attentively a corner of the space or not. That behavior will get clearer than that.

The cats still keep looking up and glancing at the potential spirits. Your pet can sense more than her owner. It probably sees invisible form in the house, mostly in one place.

It starts posing and reacting weirdly 

There’s a time when your cat has suddenly rolled onto the back as if it’s getting a rub from somebody else that is not even there. Observe if it paws at something invisible or not. At one time, you might spot your cats wagging their tails for no reason. That makes you feel that somebody has just moved through the door. 

It shows up and disappears suddenly 

It’s useless to call its name or look anywhere else since all you have is no sign of the cat. Next, you would try to find your pet in its favorite spaces. These could be in the kitchen, above the kitchen counter, under the bed, the litter box, and more. It’s simple to understand. Your furry friend has figured out the entrance getting into the spiritual dimension and try to get the best of the invisible thing. 

In this situation, don’t get anxious because it will get back to you soon. Cats are one of many animals that can come and go as they want. Let’s shake the treats to lure your cat back to you again.

Alright, but listen to the science talks about this matter. It’s about the reasons behind the way cats stare into space.

Why does your cat stare into space?

Can cats see ghosts

They only want to allow more light into their eyes

Go to try taking a picture of your pet in dim lighting with the flash on right away. You would get amazed at their eyes at that time. They stand out pretty much, which is different from us. Our pupils tend to constrict once encountering the shining light in the eyes. That look gets triggered by a layer of tissue in your cat’s eye. It will catch the light even the least amount before bringing it back to the retina.

By observing them, it’s easy to see how large their eyes look. That’s normal because cats are nocturnal animals. They need to broaden two eyes as much as possible at night to operate the tapetum lucidum at its greatest capacity.

Their nocturnal instincts make them great observers

We can’t deny the fact that cats are always a curious species by nature. In other words, cats are good observers most of the time, from day to night. It’s due to their ancestors (panthers and lions), cats own nocturnal instincts without a doubt. Besides, with their extended field of vision spanning more than ours, it’s beyond a plain wall in front of their eyes. 

Cats can receive a lot of stuff through the peripheral, like little bugs we’re unable to see. In short, a cat that is suddenly staring off into space can tell you that it’s only a curious one who tries to gather more information about their living surroundings.

They sense every tiny sound, even it’s silent to us 

Cats and humans are never the same, especially when they have a sharp sense of hearing. This ability is as powerful as their eyesight. Since our understanding of silence differs from that of the cat. Thus, it only ends around the starts of the cat. If your cat suddenly stares into space, it means they’re sensing a sound or a noise they heard. All they do next is figuring out where it comes.

More surprisingly, your furry buddy can hear 1.5-octave sounds, which is higher than a human can. No wonder why cats find it easy to spot different sounds, even something as unremarkable as the wind. Or even the pillow you drop on the floor at night can’t get away from them. If your cat gets surprised or shocked with ease while it’s focusing on something, then it might have trouble hearing.

They consume too much catnip

There’s something you probably neglect: catnip does have a sedative effect. When cats swallow too much of this herb, you can easily recognize it by looking at their eyes. It’s all about a glance at nothing. The reactions vary from cat to cat, so you don’t have to worry much about this.

Some other cats respond to eating catnip by rubbing, rolling, meowing, and growling at the same time.


So can cats see ghosts? Probably not, but it’s difficult to deny it. After all, we humans are unable to see what our feline friends see, and they just can’t tell us about it. It’s probably due to some normal behaviors explained above. Cats only want to allow more light into their eyes. When their eyes stand out and look scary, that’s alright since that’s a normal response of a nocturnal animal.

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