Top 9 Best Small Cat Trees for Small Apartments/ Houses 2021 Reviews

Cats love playing, sleeping, or even relaxing. They do all of these things anywhere that they feel conducive and comfortable. These activities help your feline friends grow and develop. Therefore, having a place for them to do these activities is a critical thing that cat parents should think of. However, some people are afraid that their houses or apartments are too small to set up a place like this. Don’t worry about it anymore. Our collection of the top 9 best small cat trees will surely solve this problem.


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Top 9 Best Small Cat Trees For Limited Space

Top 1: Trixie Baza Grande Cat Tree with Hammock

Are you finding a small cat tree with a simple design and wallet-friendly for your own apartment or house? The Trixie Baza Grande cat tree is more than perfect If your living place is not too large and your cat does not have much interest in jumping and climbing.

Although the structure only offers one level, the elevated ledge and bases of this product are covered by a soft and cozy fabric. Your cat will surely love it and spend all day nestling on the hammock instead of covering your couch full of fur. Plus, the product has two posts wrapped in sisal so your cat can claw up. One of them has an attached toy, which your feline friend will surely love to play with. 


  • The size is perfect for small living spaces.
  • A soft and cozy fabric cover
  • A small toy is included
  • Offering an affordable price.


  • Not a good cat tree if you have more than one cat.
  • Not too stable for an over 16-pound cat.

The Trixie Baza Grande is a suitable condo for cats whose parents own a small living place but still want to have a private place for their feline friends.

Top 2: FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

The FEANDREA is a perfect cat tower, even for the smallest house. With a simple and portable design, this cat tree is easy to set up or rebuild. 

This cat tree has two courts to give your cats a wonderful place to do their favorite activities such as playing, jumping, and napping. Of course, that will help you prevent your cats from disturbing you whenever you have to work from home and need to put more concentration on your work.

The product is constructed from durable material and wrapped with sisal rope that allows you to clean easily, dry quickly, and nail scratching. Besides, it maintains a maximized stability by using battens and fittings, so you don’t need to worry that the tree will be toppled when your active cats are playing around and mess up your house.


  • Fit perfectly in your small apartment
  • Super comfortable for cats to play and sleep
  • Easy to set up, dismantle, clean, dry
  • Support anti-toppling and stability


  • A little bit pricey
  • Not suitable for those who have several cats

Although the price of this product is a little higher than others, the FEANDREA is highly recommended for its durability and stability.

Top 3: Basics Cat Tree With Top Platform

Let’s continue our list with a small cat tree picked from AmazonBasics. This is an ideal product for those who own from one to two cats that have small or medium size – under 25lbs. 

With a well-designed structure, the product helps you minimize space and provides your cats a fantastic playground to allow them to enjoy themselves and relax. It also provides them a touch surface that allows your cats to scratch their bodies while climbing. 

Another advantage of this product is that all the posts of it are covered by natural fiber made of jute that not only prevents your feline friends from damaging your furniture but also helps them have healthy nails.


  • Fits well in small apartments and helps minimize cat playing space
  • Stable and safe for cats to play and nap
  • Keep your furniture away from cats scratching 
  • Natural fiber used to keep your cats’ nails healthy 


  • Not recommended for large cats

Providing your feline friend with a fantastic playground while saving your living space with this small and portable cat tree. Your furniture will be safe from your cats scratching, and your working time will not be disturbed anymore.

Top 4: Vesper Cat Trees Model 52045

The Vesper is an innovative cat tree for your cats. The product gives cats a perfect place to play or relax while still helping their parents save space for their small flats. 

With this product, your furniture will be kept away from cat scratching. There are some scratching areas for your cat to scratch their bodies instead of damaging your couch. 

The stable base will keep your cat safe when playing around and don’t mess up your house.


  • Suitable for any cat sizes
  • Easy for cleaning
  • Portable and stable design


  • Expensive

Made from high-quality material makes it more expensive than others but will last for several years.

Top 5: FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered for Kitten

This is another product from FEANDREA especially made for both kittens and old cats. The model is perfectly suitable for any smallest houses or apartments. 

The cover is made of soft and plush fabric that offers your cats the perfect touch when playing around or when having a snap. 

The condo’s posts are wrapped in durable sisal that will prevent them from damage caused by your feline friends.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric covering
  • A large cuddly cave
  • Great for both old cats and kittens


  • The perch is quite small.

Because of the small perch, the product only fits small cats, not the big ones.

Top 6: TRIXIE Valencia Cat Tree

If you want to have a cat tree that has a vintage to match your house concept, PetPals has brought you one. 

With the two-level of perching designed in the bowl-shaped and made of paper rope and fleece, this product will give you stability and keeps the great shape even a long time use. 

The natural color from paper rope and other materials will match your vintage concept perfectly. Your cat will have a comfortable place to play, jump, and rest.


  • Lovely and modern design
  • Long-lasting use


  • Paper rope may not be comfortable.

A unique design made of paper rope will give a long-lasting time of use to the cat tree.

Top 7: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Perch

A small cat tree with two levels of perch from Go Pet Club will give an amazing playground for your feline friends to do their favorite activities. These two perches are made of soft fabric that gives cats the soft and comfortable touch and feel. 

The structure of this product includes four poles and a large. The posts are carefully wrapped in thick and durable sisal rope that allows your cats to scratch without damaging the product and other furniture in your house.


  • Provide your cats enough place to play or nap
  • Low cost
  • Highly stable


  • Only suitable for one cat

This product is the cheapest cat tree on our list but still provides a high-quality and stable playground for your cats.

Top 8: Armarkat Cat Tree Model A5201

Many cats’ parents Armarkat cat tree for its luxurious look with a soft and plush faux fur cover. At first look, you may think this product is small and cannot stand large cats, but it actually can accommodate any size of cats. 

The product offers four levels of perching for your feline friends to play around and jump. It also includes a built-in apartment that gives them a safe place to curl up and see what is happening around them.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durability and stability
  • Super soft and plush faux fur


  • 20-pound cat’s weight limit

The Armarkat Cat Tree is the best if you’re finding a stable condo that has several levels for cats to explore.

Top 9: Catry Kitten Cat Tree Paper Rope

If you own an active cat that needs to have a playground, a new design of cat tree from Catry will surely make your kid satisfied. This cat tree is made of high-quality particleboard along with natural fiber made of jute. The anti-scratching posts are covered by a special type of paper rope that is friendly for your cats’ skin.


  • Lovely design
  • Made from friendly-materials
  • An alternative place to keep kittens away from your furniture


  • Use for kittens only

This cat tree from Catry is highly recommended to give your kittens a high-quality and durable place to play, sleep and do whatever they want.


What is a cat tree?

A Cat tree can also be called a cat condo, post, tower, or cat stand. This furniture is for cats to do their exercises, play, or sleep. Besides preventing your feline friend from scratching your furniture, this structure offers your cats safety by providing them their own spaces to use.

Because this is an artificial structure so you can install or break it down whenever you need to save your living space.

How can I get the best cat tree for my cat?

How can I get the best cat tree for my cat?

When finding a new cat tree, there are some main factors you should carefully consider. They are the size of your cat, the age, how many cats do you have, and the most important thing is how large the space you will set up the cat tree is.

Where should I put the cat tree?

A good place to put your cat tree is where your cats usually play and sleep to give them a sense of familiarity and security. 

A corner or a place near the window is also a good place for your cats to enjoy the view of trees and birds.

Final Words 

In short, as we carefully researched hundreds of small cat trees on the market, we hope that our list will help you choose the right one for your feline friend easier. In the case of having a small budget, the Armarkat model is the best with a reasonable price and high-quality material; Otherwise, the FEANDREA would be perfect.

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