Best Senior Cat Food Reviews–Find the Best Way to Feed Old Cat

There is no right diet for all older cats. The best diet for cats depends mainly on their needs. And it is not just growing cats that have specific nutritional needs. Even when they get older and suffer from the first ailments, cats have a prime requirement for high-quality nutrients.

And there are many chronic diseases such as diabetes or kidney disorders that make it necessary to eat a specific food. So, the best senior cat food is crucial for all cat lovers. Let’s check out our top ten products and buying guide.



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Top 10 Senior Cat Food Reviews New 2021

Top 1 – Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food

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Do you have a senior cat that has recently been spayed? Hill’s Science offers a product customized for the needs of senior pets. This formula is rich in protein on the one hand and therefore helps support cat development. It is available with nutrients that are important to keep your cat slim and healthy.

Old cats gain weight if they do not follow an adequate diet. It is why Hill’s Science has added L-carnitine to this dry food. It is an amino acid that helps burn fat. The only thing we dislike is the large presence of carbohydrates.


  • Rich in protein (33%) to support puppy growth
  • No preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors
  • Contains L-carnitine that helps the cat to maintain a perfect physical shape
  • Rich in minerals to protect the urinary tract of the sterilized cat


  • There are too many carbohydrates.

Hill’s Science dry cat food is a product that may be suitable for a senior cat. What we dislike is the massive presence of carbohydrates that is even close to 50%. So as soon as your cat is a newborn, we recommend switching to wet cat food.


Top 2 – Almo Nature Holistic Dry Cat Food.

Almo Nature Holistic Dry Cat Food

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The holistic food by Almo Nature is a line of dry and wet food specially designed to give the old cat everything it needs in terms of nutrition. Digging a little deeper, we found that this cat food contains around 50% meat and fish, whereas dry foods are often full of grains.

The meat is also the first ingredient. It means that the protein is in greater quantity than the other ingredients. The percentage of protein is 32%. Another thing we appreciate about Almo Nature is its mission. It shares 100% of the profits and uses them for projects that support nature and animals. However, as in 90% of dry foods, cereals are available in Holistic cat food even though not in exaggerated quantities.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Sufficient protein amount that is about 32%
  • 50% of the product is meat that is synonymous with excellent quality.
  • The company’s mission is interesting that uses all income for projects that support animals.
  • Free of preservatives or artificial colors


  • Cereals included

The holistic Almo Nature cat food is a medium-range product. We love the excellent value for money, the magnificent presence of meat, and the company mission.


Top 3 – Royal Canin Dry Cat Food.

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

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Here is an excellent product from Royal Canin. It is especially suitable for cats that have a strict appetite. It is a highly digestible formula designed as complete wet food for senior cats.

This product contains low fat that helps the cat not to gain weight. The thing we don’t particularly like is sugar. It is the last ingredient that should appear on cat food. Fortunately, it is present in tiny quantities.


  • Excellent palatability, designed to be palatable even to cats with the most difficult tastes
  • Digestible formula
  • Reduced fat content helps prevent the cat from becoming obese


  • Contains small amounts of sugar

We recommend using Royal Canin food only if the cat has a strict appetite. And you can preferably use it with good dry food for senior cats.


Top 4 – Royal Canin Ragdoll Cat Food

Royal Canin Ragdoll Cat Food

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Cats after a certain age (usually ten years and up) have special dietary needs. They differ from young or adult cats. Royal Canin has created a line of products specifically designed for this phase of the cat’s life.

Royal Canin Ragdoll is a product rich in antioxidants that help fight cellular aging. It is also rich in L-carnitine that is an amino acid that helps to accustom the body to use fat as an energy source. And therefore, it helps the cat not to run into obesity problems.


  • Designed for the dietary needs of sterilized senior cats
  • Promotes the maintenance of good physical shape thanks to L-carnitine
  • Maintains good urinary health
  • Good presence of antioxidants that fight cellular aging


  • Expensive price

Royal Canin Ragdoll is an excellent solution for sterilized cats in old age. We recommend it if you have an elderly cat of 12 years or older.


Top 5 – Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food

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In recent years, the company has launched excellent no grain products. Therefore, free cereals more reflect the actual needs of our furry friends. Purina Fancy no grain neutered is a product customized for the needs of sterilized cats.

It is a dry food rich in meat and free of grains. It does not contain GMOs or any artificial substance, such as dyes or preservatives. It is one of the best-sterilized cat foods on the market today.


  • Grain-free and rich in meats
  • Formula specially designed for sterilized cats
  • Contains no artificial colors or preservatives
  • It does not contain GMOs
  • It is a digestible formula. Therefore, you can also be suitable for cats who often suffer from intestinal problems.


  • Bad batch

If you have an adult cat sterilized, Purina Fancy Feast is the product that we would like to recommend. It reflects all the characteristics of high-quality cat food. At the end of the article, we talk about these characteristics.


Best Wet Cat Food For Senior Cats – Purina Friskies Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Friskies Adult Wet Cat Food

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Purina Friskies is a Friskies recipe designed to satisfy the palate of the most demanding cats. It is the best-wet cat food that is available in four variants of turkey, tuna, duck, or lamb. The bits of meat are cut into very thin fillets and then cooked in a delicious sauce.


  • Wet food prepared with care
  • Four different flavors and ingredients
  • Suitable for cats with refined tastes


  • Unpleasant taste

Purina Friskies is also rich in the amino acid that helps to accustom the body to use fat as an energy source.


Best Dry Cat Food For Senior Cats – Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food

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IAMS dedicates this selection of dry food to senior cats that have double the energy needs of adult cats. Each bite ensures complete nutrition for the proper nutrition and growth of the kittens.

Each pack contains three kilograms of complete dry food for adult cats in chicken, turkey, and vegetable variants. The recipe was developed by nutritionists and then checked by selected veterinarians.


  • Superior quality with 100% complete and balanced cat food
  • Contains minerals that are important for the development of teeth and bones
  • Presence of taurine for healthier eyesight and heart


  • Not suitable for kittens and puppies

Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food is suitable for cats with intolerance or allergies that may show abnormal weight and hair loss.


Best Canned Cat Food For Senior Cats – Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

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There is a selection of chicken and lamb (mixed or homogeneous) in Purina Pro Plan food used to create tender morsels in the sauce. Canned food is much appreciated by cats and complete from a qualitative and nutritional point of view.


  • Easy to open boxes
  • It contains no artificial preservatives or preservatives.
  • One tray corresponds to a complete meal.


  • The food cannot attract the cat.

Cat food bags suitable for cats of at least one year of age. It dips these tender morsels of meat or fish in a delicious sauce and contains all the nutrients to create a complete and tasteful food.


Best Cat Food For Senior Cats With Sensitive Stomachs – Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food

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Blue Buffalo dry cat food prepared with selected and high-quality ingredients. The recipe is balanced and complete which is suitable for cats over ten years old. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in this dry food, even cats and adults maintain good health and full vitality.


  • Reduced fat and calorie content for weight control
  • Rich in protein, omega-3s, and zinc
  • Steamed to keep the nutritional properties intact


  • Unpleasant smell

Each package contains tasty croquettes made entirely of organic ingredients. This dry food is suitable for all cats, especially those with sensitive stomachs.


Best Cat Food For Senior Cats With Digestive Problems – Sheba Paté Wet Cat Food

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Sheba Paté is a tray of wet food for diabetic cats or cats who have to follow special diets under veterinary advice. The ingredients are pure and hypoallergenic, making this food perfect for felines with allergies, a delicate intestine, or digestive problems.


  • Grain-free
  • Suitable for specific diets on veterinary advice
  • Pure and hypoallergenic ingredients


  • Expensive price

Sheba Paté Wet Cat Food is a complete and healthy meal from every point of view. It is a perfect choice for senior cats with digestive problems.



What is the level of carbohydrates?

Unlike humans, cats need low levels of carbohydrates. It is because they are moderately insulin resistant. So, you can compare a senior cat to a person with diabetes.

What is the importance of proteins?

Cats are pure carnivorous animals. Their diet is mainly made up of small animals such as birds and rodents. So, it is a diet that is rich in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates.

What should I avoid when choosing food for senior cats?

The substances that must be avoided are appetizers, dyes, and artificial preservatives.



Drawing up a good food plan that includes an intake of all substances is essential. So older cats can remain active even as the years go by. With older age, it often becomes more difficult for cats to assimilate nutrients.

Even the teeth are no longer perfect, chewing becomes more difficult, and the cat loses weight. We have listed the ten choices for the best senior cat food. Please choose wisely for the health of your lovely pet!

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