Hands-Free And Hassle-Free With Best Robotic Cat Toys 

This article will provides you some reviews and buying guide of top 10 best robotic cat toys, which can help you hand-free sometimes.

It is impossible for every cat owner to sit down and play with their cat all day long. At the same time, cats love playing and exploring. If not, they might get bored and start to scratch some furniture in your house. What should you do in that situation? 

It will help if you purchase the best robotic cat toys for your feline friends. The robotic toys can keep cats entertained constantly. If you find this idea creative and useful, you should read this article full of in-depth reviews of some best robotic cat toys. It is easier for you to have a quick start on the market first. 


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Top 10 Choices of Best Robotic Cat Toys

Top 1: Catit Design Super Roller Cat Toy

If you are looking for the best robotic cat toys for your cat, you should check out the Catit Design Super Roller Cat Toy. This product comes from Catit – a famous brand of cat toys in the market. So you can completely count on the durability of this toy.

Catit Design Super Roller Cat Toy is a toy that makes a cat coordinate many senses to win. Your cat will have to use sight, touch, and smell if it persists with this toy. Little hunters will not be able to take their eyes off this clever design.

In addition, Catit Design Super Roller Cat Toy has a texture like a game peek. Large 8-piece circuits connect it with different heights and alternating stacks. This toy will take your cat from pleasure to joy because of the breathtaking it offers. You can activate the ball with a light-up motion, so it runs through the track.

There are holes on the toy that the cat can access randomly. This feature stimulates a cat’s curiosity, and it will fall in love with the toy for hours. Furthermore, this toy can be arranged in a variety of shapes to prevent your cat from getting bored.


  • High flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Stimulates many senses


  • Not suitable for adult cats

With an attractive and simple design, Catit Design Super Roller Cat Toy will bring hours of entertainment for you with your kitten. Not only does it help cats practice their ability to react quickly, but they also need to remember them.

Top 2: BlackHole Swimming Robot Fish Cat Toys

Cats love to fish but cannot let them catch all the fish in your tank. Therefore, BlackHole Swimming Robot Fish Cat Toys is a reasonable solution to solve this problem. This automatic toy has a fish-like appearance, so they easily attract cats.

This interactive toy will help your cat feel excited and stimulate its original hunter instinct. Besides, BlackHole Swimming Robot Fish Cat Toys can help you get your cat familiar with water activities.

As soon as you drop them into the water, these robotic fishes can instantly act their fins to move like real fish. If you take it out of the water, it will stop automatically to ensure electricity.

A colorful miniature aquarium is sure to attract your cats more than ever. BlackHole Swimming Robot Fish will bring new inspiration and promote curiosity, discovery and reinforce the hunting instinct for your cat with an extremely eye-catching and friendly design.

Best of all, each toy is equipped with LED lights that flash many colors on the go to attract attention and increase stimulation, helping cats focus and encouraging them to play with this exciting toy.


  • Convenient
  • Get your cat familiar with water activities
  • Eye-catching design


  • The batteries must be replaced regularly

If your kitten loves catching fish, you should give it away immediately, BlackHole Swimming Robot Fish. This toy’s vibrant color and great mechanism of action will be the right entertainment tool for cats.

Top 3: HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy

If you are looking to help your cat exercise, the HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy will fulfill this need. This toy has an ingenious design with a mechanism that automatically rotates 360 degrees at random. Furthermore, this robot beetle can automatically change direction when hitting obstacles.

The toy is made of ABS plastic that is odorless and durable, won’t worry about falling, and is safe for your pet. Besides, the manufacturer also equipped a remote control for you to manage easily.

In addition to the entertainment function, HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy also helps your cat be more active and chase goals throughout the house’s corner. So they get engaged and exercise every day. As such, it helps keep your cat healthy, flexible, and mentally comfortable.

The smart bug will stop running after 45 minutes to save electricity and let your cat rest when you are away. Your cat can chase it on hard floors, tile floors, and thin carpets, but not thick carpets.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Help your cat get active regularly
  • Convenient


  • Cannot run on thick carpet

If you do not have free time, HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy will play with the cat on your behalf. With the included remote control, you can control it to make it easier to see the cat.

Top 4: Moody Pet Fling Robotic Cat Toy

If you are looking for an innovative cat toy, Moody Pet Fling will be a great option. This toy comes with a conveyor belt operating by batteries and a rotating cord. When you turn on the toy, the string will automatically fling in and out to engage your cat. There are two different speeds to satisfy different cats of all ages and sizes. 


  • Great exercise for cats
  • Automatic 
  • Friendly solo mode


  • Batteries needed

You can easily install this toy at home as it does not require any assembly. This Moody Pet Fling is genuinely a must-have for super active cats and quickly fed up with simple toys. 

Top 5: Friends Forever Automatic Laser Cat Toy

As you can guess, the Friends Forever toy will spin and rotate the laser light automatically as other laser toys do. However, this toy allows you to adjust the speed with three different modes, including random, slow, and fast. It is recommended that you let your cat play in 15 minutes not to be worn out much. 


  • Adjustable speed
  • Immensely bright
  • Additional feather wand


  • The laser goes around in a limited range

Generally, this laser toy can keep your cat excited for hours. With the randomly moving light, your feline friend will not know where the light will move next. 

Top 6: HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy

The outstanding feature is that it shuts off automatically without any interaction in a specific amount of time. If the cat comes closer to the toy, it will start running again. However, as it runs on batteries, it can quickly run out of energy if cats play with it continuously. 


  • Multiple settings for the activity
  • 12 batteries included
  • Remote controlled


  • Cats might rip off easily

With the colorful, soft, and furry tail, this toy can quickly capture your cat’s attention. As an amazing robotic toy, it can navigate surrounded objects and avoid being stuck in the corners. 

Top 7: Pakoo Automatic Rolling Ball Cat Toy

Being equipped with smart technology, this rolling ball can avoid all obstacles. Besides, its red-light helps to develop your cat’s hunting skills and get lazy cats active all day. In terms of power, it shuts down every 15 minutes after running in four hours. Therefore, your cat will not be much exhausted. 


  • Work well on numerous surfaces
  • Well-entertained and awesome
  • Durable


  • Get stuck in a small place sometimes

As the Pakoo toy requires no battery, you have to charge it with the USB frequently. Plus, you will be hands-free thanks to the smartness of this ball. 

Top 8: PetDroid Boltz Laser Cat Toy

The PetDroid cat toy’s biggest advantage is that you can put it out of your cat’s reach. This feature makes sure that your cat cannot break it when playing with the laser light so that it can last you longer. With a suction cup, you can affix it to some smooth surfaces; for example, a window can be an option. 


  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Slow enough for older cats


  • The range is slightly short

Overall, this toy allows you to put it anywhere, creating more possibilities and fun to motivate your cats. Additionally, one tip for you is that you should put it higher to cast a larger area. 

Top 9: Petcube Play 2 Laser Cat Toy

Firstly, it is genuinely a pet cam providing you with two-way sound so that you are able to talk to your cat. Coming with the built-in laser pointer, it can attract your cat at once. Secondly, you can set up the Petcube to shoot the laser automatically and periodically. So, you will not worry that your cat might get bored. 


  • Watch your cat
  • Take photos
  • High Alexa integration


  • The app does not support various devices

As you can see, this toy offers you a lot of attractive options and functions. For instance, you can watch your cat playing with the laser through the video stream when you are away. 

Top 10: VARRAM Fitness Robot Cat Toy

At first sight, you will find the VARRAM Fitness robot is a super cute toy. Also, it is beneficial for you to customize the robot’s routes, so you can adjust the way the robot goes to engage your cat. Another pro of this robotic toy is that you can monitor your cat’s activity remotely by downloading its app. 


  • Sturdy
  • Awesome design
  • Engaging and stimulating


  • Slightly noisy

It is advisable that you do not let a large cat play with this robot without its protective case. As the toy is relatively expensive, you will not want to risk your finance again. 

Why should we buy a robotic cat toy? 

If you have a cat, give it a robotic toy. Cats will often feel lonely when they play alone. You do not always have free time to play with it, so a toy will be the person your cat will love. Besides, the robotic cat toy also helps the cat relax, release energy, and relieve stress. 

When you are not with the cat, it will feel bored and sad because it is home alone and has nothing to do. It could lead to her messing around and messing around the house. You should give it a robotic toy to help it reduce boredom even more. 

Without a toy, the cat will feel free to nibble or scratch all over the place, especially for growing kittens. You do not want to have to clear up the battlefield after you get home. The most outstanding advantage of robotic cat toys is that they help cats function and exercise health. 

These smart toys have a creative design to stimulate your curiosity. For example, a self-running bug will attract cats to chase it around the house. It can be said that cats are like children. They always love to explore new things.

Important Features to Consider the Best Robotic Cat Toys


This seems to be the most important feature to look at when purchasing the best robotic cat toys. Nobody wants their cat to quickly destroy the toys, but this might happen if the cats scratch, bat, or bite toys. Therefore, you should make sure that the toy is durable enough to last for months and years. 


As you may know, the cats are playful, so that some danger might occur when they play with the robotic toys. It is recommended that you should buy the toys with cat-friendly materials. They should not contain any tiny parts that are likely to be swallowed. 

The preferences of your cat

If you buy a toy that is not compatible with your cat’s preference, your cat might not touch it. So, it would be best if you kept in mind to observe your cat’s behavior before purchasing. 

Best Robotic Cat Toys FAQs

Is it better to have two cats or one cat?

You can have as many cats as you like depending on your preference. However, if you have a cat, you should not leave it alone for long periods. Please pay more attention to it when you are at home, plus give it some robotic toys to play with.

Are cats in the house easily bored?

If you play with the cat a lot, the cat will not feel upset. However, you may not always have free time. You can buy some toys for your cat. They will help you play with your cat and make it more active.

Does a cat feel sad when its owner is away from home?

Some cats will feel anxious if their owner has not seen them for an extended time. The cat will become sensitive to its surroundings and become stressed. It can be seen in their excessive vocalizations, such as whining or crying.

The Bottom Line

Usually, cats tend to pounce on toys or rip them off. Therefore, you are advised to buy incredibly durable items. There is a wide range of best robotic cat toys mentioned above. They are suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. 

Plus, these toys are sturdy enough to withstand the batting, knocking, or hitting from your cats. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have the right option that can entertain your feline friend for years. 

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