Plan Your Feline Diet With The Best Raw Cat Food

You might think that homemade food would be safe for your little feline buddy, but there’s always something happening out of control. Well, homemade food or kibble might have no use in improving your cats’ inflammatory bowel disease. In this case, we recommend you to choose the best raw cat food for a feline diet since they can benefit from it. How come?

As you know, cats remain the wild animals but have to live in our houses, and we’re the ones who take care of them. But after all, they’re still closer to their native instincts, which means that the cats would be happy to have the same diet like the one they had in the wild. Therefore, hurry to check out these products that bring rich nutrition and high safety to the cats.



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Top 5 Best raw cat food to feed your feline friend

Top 1: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

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Like all Stella & Chewy cat foods, this one is meat-based and made up of 98% meat, organs, and bones. These come from goose and turkey organs, or the single source of protein known as the optimal solution for pets with food sensitivity. Besides, raw foods offer natural oils and fatty acids to help your cat maintain healthy skin and fur. What could be better than that?

Most meat, organs, and bones in every little batch of the product boost lean strong muscles and increase stamina for your cat. Alright, the 2% left of the product include nutraceuticals and vitamins. One of the first ingredients you will find the most familiar is pumpkin seed and a great source of dietary fiber. It helps promote digestive health for your feline friend.

Also, both natural enzymes and raw bone ingredients seem to work well on the pet’s teeth when keeping them clean and healthy. More surprisingly, everything about this product is 100% organically certified and mainly grown by reliable farmers. As you know, every natural recipe here gets crafted with great care to ensure the highest content of protein and nutrition for the pet.



  • All-natural and minimally processed
  • Boost appetite and digestion
  • Rich in protein and minerals


  • A bit high in fat
  • Not consistent in ingredients


Top 2: Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

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As it comes to raw cat food, it would be about the presence of high-quality meats sold at reliable food stores. You won’t ever see ground meats but only muscle or organ meats that get frozen at the moment of processing. Doing so helps maintain decent nutrients inside the meat.

Unlike other brands, Northwest Naturals avails the high-pressure processing to remove any foodborne pathogen without impacting amino acids, enzymes, and other useful substances. And differing them, Northwest Naturals raw cat food won’t contain excessive minerals but enough phosphorus. Such a thing makes it a proper choice to make for those with kidney issues.

Together with bone, the product also uses fiber supplements so that your feline rarely suffers constipation. It’s superb in quality and indeed has ground bone. Feel free to break it into powder with only fingers before adding extra water, which is the best way to give your cat more water. Believe it or not, the pet will get healthier because of it. People who can’t feed cats fresh raw meats, then use this product as an alternative.


  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids
  • High protein and moderate fat
  • An easy and handy alternative


  • Quite pricey
  • Crumbles a bit


Top 3: Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

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Any Instinct raw recipe contains the finest quality ingredients. These are all the reliably sourced meats, veggies, fruits, and other wholesome stuff. There’s no soy, wheat, or any artificial flavor/preservative in the recipes, so you can have peace of mind when feeding it to your cat. They have all-natural bites all in one bag.

With real meat without grain or potato, this cat food is a super nutritious product worth your investment. Better than thought, it’s also added with probiotics to improve your pet’s digestion and omegas for its skin/fur. The recipe does provide many higher omegas and antioxidants for a healthier immune system.

Here comes your best way to feed, especially when you can mix grain-free yet high-protein food along with freeze-dried raw in one recipe.


  • Grain-free and high protein
  • Reduce diarrhea


  • Fishy smelling


Top 4: Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Feline Chicken and Salmon Formula

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Feline Chicken And Salmon Formula

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Primal pet foods will give all hungry kitties the highest benefits of a wholesome raw-food diet without needing you to chop or mix the ingredients.


With the content of only delicious and nutritious content, you can set your mind at rest when feeding the pet without worrying much about its health. The recipe can help maintain your cat’s ideal weight and enhance its digestion.

But the best part about it would be the high-protein ratio appealing to the diet of your feline buddy. It’s also a nice way to improve the overall health and maintain a suitable weight for it. Just don’t miss it when the food contains fresh chicken and wild salmon to offer your feline friend high levels of amino acids and essential fatty acids.


  • High levels of calcium
  • USDA organic
  • No synthetic vitamin


  • Not for pregnant cats


Top 5: Wysong Archetype Chicken Formula Freeze-Dried Raw Dog & Cat Food

Wysong Archetype Raw Canine/Feline Diet Dog/Cat Food

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The raw food of Wysong is made from chicken bones and organs. Along with them, its recipe is comprised of chia seeds, carrots, broccoli sprouts, blueberry, and probiotics. Sure enough, the product is not cheap, but it’s such great stuff to make you fall in love with it the first time using it. And trust me, your cat would be the same.

Interestingly, if your pet has any skin allergy or severe inflammatory bowel disease, you need to consider switching to this product. We highly recommend it to you because it might help reduce the symptoms. Besides, Wysong raw cat foods are made with true non-thermal technology. Thus, they only have a minimal impact on the nutritional properties of the foods.



  • Suits all dogs and cats
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Free of additives


  • Not moist enough if not rehydrated


Who should buy raw cat food?

Feeding the kittens is not a simple thing no matter how much time you spend or plan to make your cat food, or use a ready-made product. For those who want to find a healthy and balanced diet coming in different flavors and pack sizes, raw cat food is the most convenient option for you.

However, making your food for a feline friend is a time-consuming job to do, especially when it must have a balanced nutrition value from different ingredients. As you know, a well-formulated raw food diet for your pet should have all the essential nutrients it needs, and its body can digest or absorb them.

And once your pet’s nutrients arrive from reliable sources, you can easily spot the benefits in every aspect of its health. The cat would be more energetic, or its immune system gets stronger, or its skin/fur becomes healthier than before.


Why should you buy raw cat food?

Raw cat food is something that you have heard a lot recently, and it did spark your interest at the moment you knew about it. These foods claim a great number of benefits nobody can ignore. They’re mainly from better skin, haircoat to the immune system, and digestion.

But more than that, raw cat food can help their poos less smelly. Well, it should be like this because the food itself is more digestible. Thus, the cats can easily process their food when they move in; as a result of it, fewer poos come out again. That’s also the reason why you should buy raw food for your pet soon so that its poos can be small, dry, and less stinking.

Better than thought, raw meat will help your cat feel full faster than ever. It’s all thanks to the high content of protein from the food. And guess what? Feeling fuller means less obesity.



1.   How is the raw cat food made?

The manufacturer uses only the finest quality edible ingredients to make all batches of food. From the meat to superfood, they’re all ground and combined perfectly. These tend to get shaped into nuggets and frozen to maintain the freshness.

2.   Are raw cat foods safe or not?

The plant will run at 40 °C and the food will get stored at frozen temperature to guarantee that no parasite or pathogen can be alive. Moreover, the High-Pressure technology would be applied to add the second layer of protection to fight against Listeria and e.Coli bacterias.

3.   What is the percentage ratio of meat, veggies, and fruit in raw food?

Most food products for dogs keep a balanced ratio of 75% meat and 25% fruit & veggies. Meanwhile, raw food for cats would be a diet of 95% meat, 5% fruit, and veggies.



Choosing the best raw cat food will offer your cats high amounts of protein, adequate levels of fat, and only little carbohydrates. It’s a more natural way to feed cats, just like how they eat in the wild. Since your feline friend is a carnivore, he almost receives protein from other animal sources. In other words, they need more protein than several other animals when they use it for energy.

If picking the right raw cat food, you can take some comfort in that since the diets are made from real meat (chicken, lamb, or turkey), and no filler or grain contained in the food. Come to start the raw diet now, and get ready to see a difference in your cats. They will be more energetic and interested in activities.

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