Best Pop And Play Cat Toys To Keep Your Felines Stimulated And Engaged

As you may know, there is a wide array of cat toys available on the market. Therefore, you may be overwhelmed when selecting one. It would be better to choose the pop and play cat toys as it can run and stimulate your cat automatically and randomly. 

Understanding this problem, this article comes with detailed reviews of some best pop and play cat toys. Besides, you can find the answers to some popular questions about electronic cat toys as well. Let’s get started right now!


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Top 10 Pop And Play Cat Toys For Your Felines

Top 1: YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Have you ever noticed cats chasing moving objects? They especially like bright spots that are always moving. Therefore, YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy will surely satisfy this hobby of cats.

The manufacturer has designed the laser to operate in a completely random and automatic way. It will move anywhere on the wall or on the floor to attract the attention of the cat. Besides, you can also customize the laser’s direction to play with them at a suitable time.

The device automatically turns off the laser after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from overstimulating and keeping the game at its best. However, you have one thing to note. If your cat has not felt interaction or is not interested in this toy, try stimulating it at different times of the day to increase curiosity and excitement for your cat.

YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy has effortless usage. You turn on the light and shine it in front of the baby to draw attention. Then, it will move itself to another place for the cat to chase. However, laser lights are very harmful to the eyes of both humans and animals. So, be careful not to let the sunlight shine in the eyes of cats or those around them.


  • Help your cat to exercise health
  • Simple design
  • Used for many different purposes


  • The laser light is harmful to the eyes, so be careful when using it

YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy helps your cat have fun, reduces stress, and provides an opportunity to exercise its health. With a simple and automatic design, it will help you play with your cat.

Top 2: OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy

OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy can satisfy your cat’s desire to hunt mice. This toy encourages your cat to exercise and use instincts. In particular, it is also equipped with real mouse sounds and catnip.

Inside the OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy, there is an electronic sound module. If a cat hits it, it will make a real mouse noise. Therefore, it is a safe prey for your cat to chase indoors.

To minimize boredom, give your cat a chance to stimulate its hunting spirit. OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy is a toy and a tool to help the cat exercise. Your cat’s quality of life and health will be improved.

This toy will add energy to your cat’s play. It also reduces the chances of your cat playing around and messing around with your home. Besides, OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy also contains catnip guaranteed to bring an attractive scent to cats during playtime.


  • Contains catnip
  • Make real mouse sound
  • Easy to handle


  • May be torn

With the nutty scent from catnip, OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy will keep your cat from taking your eyes off. It has a real mouse-like appearance and is compact, so you can carry it quickly so the cat can play at any time.

Top 3: SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

SmartyKat is one of the famous brands in the production of cat toys. This manufacturer has a very diverse list of toys, from casual toys, pop and play cat toys to electronic cat toys. If you are looking for a close friend for your cat, SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy will be a great choice.

This electronic cat toy is perfect for cats that love to chase for hours in a row. The design of this toy is quite simple. It was like a hidden wand and would spin in a random circular motion. This mechanism can stimulate a cat’s ability to hunt and grab primitive prey.

It will move unpredictably and randomly inside a plastic shell. Besides, you can choose the movement of the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy at two speeds. The manufacturer also retrofits a spare wand in case it gets damaged. Besides, it is programmed according to the motion correctly. You can let the cat play alone with it.


  • Sudden movement
  • Choose from two different speed modes
  • There is a spare wand


  • Causes a loud click when stopped working

If you are always busy, SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy will help you play with your cat. Not only is it ergonomically designed but also compact for easy portability.

Top 4: Potaroma Electric Fish Cat Toy

Every time your cat touches this fish toy, it will start moving. The hugest pro of this toy is that it looks so realistic, even with the flopping motion. In terms of mechanism, it is infused with catnip and designed with a built-in motion sensor. That is why it can wiggle. It genuinely can relieve your cat’s depression and boredom simultaneously. 


  • Non-toxic cover
  • No batteries required
  • The chargeable motor can be detached


  • Slightly noisy motor

Many customers review their cats like carrying this fish toy everywhere and watching the toy until it is out of power. They have to recharge the battery overnight so that their cats can keep on playing with the toy in the morning. 

Top 5: Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Bird Cat Toy

Similar to the above flopping fish, this bird toy will make a real chirping sound when your cat bats it. Your cat’s boredom will disappear at once, thanks to this motorized toy. To ensure the safety and softness of your feline friend, it also comes with the catnip. 


  • Affordable
  • Realistic chirping sound
  • Catnip included


  • Cannot last long for years

As cats like to hunt fish and birds, the fake bird seems to be one of the most suitable toys for them to play with. If you want your indoor cat more active, this Our Pets Bird toy can help you somehow. 

Top 6: Cat’s Meow Motorized Wand Cat Toy

This high-quality and simple cat toy can keep your cat playful and excited instantly. Regarding mechanism, it comes with the motorized mouse wand rotating under the plastic cover. As the rotation is utterly random, your cat cannot guess where it goes next. Then, it will be stimulated during the playing time. 


  • Operate randomly to engage cats for hours
  • Shut off automatically
  • 3-speed settings


  • The battery life is slightly short

Generally, if you set up the fastest speed, the older felines or kittens might find it difficult to play with. Besides, it can work well on carpets and smooth floors. 

Top 7: Zenes Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Toy

The Zenes Electric Flutter Rotating cat toy is another version of a feather wand. However, this toy is set up to work automatically, so you do not need to spend too much time playing with your cats. Additionally, it has two butterflies for you to replace in case your cat shreds one. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Worth the money
  • Replacement butterflies included


  • Too fast

If your cat loves playing with a feather wand, this toy will be an excellent option. The automatic flutter toy will keep your felines engaged and occupied. They may chase and bat the butterflies without being tired. 

Top 8: PetFusion Electronic Feather Rotating Cat Toy

Being designed with LED light, this toy allows your cat to play during the day and night. To stimulate your cat, the feather will pop out from one hole among six holes randomly. This random action helps to develop the cat’s pouncing desire, innate hunting and make them exercise.


  • Anti-skid feet
  • Colorful feather and LED lighting
  • Highly stimulating


  • Not suitable for rough play

Several cats might be afraid of this toy initially as it comes with bright lights and noisy sound. It is appropriate for kittens, but for big cats playing rough, it might be broken down quickly. 

Top 9: Magkay Electronic Moving Cat Toy

Firstly, you can use it on various types of floors such as wood, carpet, and tile. Secondly, it enables you to set it up to perform automatically or control it from a distance. To keep the remote control operated, you need batteries. But for the toy, you can recharge it with the USB. 


  • Remotely controlled
  • 6 different colors of feather
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces


  • The left wheel might stop working sometimes

As the toy allows you to control it remotely, you can easily get it in the way you like or switch it on/off any time. Furthermore, there are 6 different tails for you to choose from, which seems to be the best part. 

Top 10: PETGEEK Play-N-Squeaky Cat Toy

Having wheels on two sides, this toy can zip around smoothly even if your cat swipes it. Plus, its smart technology can help it to avoid obstacles and remains unpredictable. There are also several features such as interchangeable or USB charger waiting for you to explore yourself. 


  • High sheerness
  • Good value for money
  • Include 2 replaceable tails


  • The mouse’s tail is a little bit short

Moving like a real mouse, the toy can attract and challenge your cat immediately. Also, the best part is that it can squeak, making it more realistic and engaging. 

Who Should Buy an Electronic Cat Toy? 

The electronic cat toys are convenient and useful to a valid extent. Therefore, everyone can buy them. Plus, this type of toy is appropriate for those who cannot be around their feline friends almost the time. Those people at home but too busy to play with their cats should also purchase the electronic cat toy.

When buying this toy, you should think about safety at first to make sure that your cats will not encounter any dangers during their play. 

Important Features to Consider When Buying Pop and Play Cat Toy


The first and foremost factor that you need to look out for is the safety of your cat. Cats are playful and playful, so that they can cause a lot of confusion. They will play with a toy for a long time if they are interested. 

So, be aware of the toys you will buy for your cat. Make sure there are no problems with your cat while playing with the toy. Choose cat toys that are made from materials that are sustainable and safe for the pet. 

In particular, the toy should not contain any small parts to prevent cat swallowing and choking. Reputable retailers and manufacturers will be the perfect destination for you to buy cat-safe toys.

High durability

If you spend a lot of money playing with your cat and it breaks down in the first few days, then you are throwing money through the window. Not all expensive toys are sustainable. It is essential to observe and try it carefully before you buy. 

Cats love to hit, bite, drag or scratch a toy so that a sustainable toy will save you money. The toys you choose should be durable enough for your cat to play with for a long time. Remember to select products that have concrete designs with friendly materials.

Cat’s hobby

Each cat has different preferences and acts differently when playing with toys. So, it is also essential to be mindful of your cat’s choices. Many cats love to play with simple toys, such as mice. But many cats are also attracted to interactive toys such as puzzles or chasing. If you have a lazy cat, do not opt ​​for it with overly complicated toys. Observe the cat’s behavior before you buy a toy.

FAQs about Best Pop And Play Cat Toys

Why should we buy electronic toys for cats?

If you are frequently busy, then you will not be able to play with your cat. It is easier for a cat to feel bored when alone. Also, it can be mischievous and cause a mess around when you’re away from home. An attractive toy will keep it focused and make it happy.

Why do cats often hide toys?

If a cat is worried about its toy, it will hide the toy to protect the property. They want to make sure their toys are safe so they can play with them later.

Why do cats often bring toys to bed?

Cats think that the owner’s bed is the safest place to protect a toy from people who are lurking. So, you don’t have to be too surprised to see so many toys in your bed.

The Verdict

Overall, the pop and play cat toys are useful in keeping your cat entertained, active, and mentally sharp. The best pop and play cat toys are not only well-stimulated but also compatible with your cat’s preferences. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will get your best option that can satisfy both your cat and your needs. 

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