Best Outdoor Cat Tree of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

The cat tree is one of the essential accessories for both indoors and outdoors when you decide to adopt a small feline. Both a play area, rest, and scratching post, will save you from disappointments in front of the sofa or the torn curtains. The best outdoor cat tree will offer your cat a privileged place to roost and play happily. Your pet can give free rein to his instincts and develop his hunting senses.

To fully satisfy your feline, consider taking a cat tree at least one-meter high so that it feels elevated. Check that the foot is wide enough not to overturn with each leap of a companion. It is a veritable playground where the cat must be able to be entertained and hide according to his mood.


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Top 9 Outdoor Cat Tree House Will Satisfy Your Cats

Top 1: AmazonBasics Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Tree is ideal for cats who dislike staying still in their kennel all day. It has the shape of a tree and has two beds that the animal can spend in a prominent position. Most felines love this toy house so much.

This treehouse is suitable for all adventurous cats, who love to climb as it comprises two beds with pillows where they can rest and rest. The base comes with metal and a supporting shaft. It ensures the safety of your animal friends.


  • Suitable for all adventurous cats
  • Two beds with pillows.
  • Supporting shaft
  • The feathers allow the cat to play and have fun


  • A high expense

Top 2: Trixie Baza Cat Tree

Trixie’s is a cat tree that does not take up much space. So, it is ideal for people who live in a fairly compact apartment. Its structure is simple, as it comprises a base covered in a soft fabric that supports two pillars surmounted by a bed. They wrap the two columns in sisal. It is a rough material that animals can use to make nails. Otherwise, the bunk is set high to satisfy the cats’ desire to be in prominent positions.

Hanging from the structure is a pompom connected to an elastic band. With these items, the cat can have fun playing. The color of the product is cream, and the cost is quite affordable, even if not exactly the cheapest on the market. The real problem, complained by several users, is that their animal friends dislike it so much and do not use it, making the purchase completely useless.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Pre-assembled
  • A soft fabric base, two sisal pillars, and a soft bed


  • High cost

Top 3: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower

PetFusion tree has a structure of 15 cm in diameter. It develops in houses with several layers that allow even more cats to stay together. There are three pillars covered with sisal, the rough material with which they can get their nails done.

There are three shelves, one with shelter and two with a softcover. With this unit, cats can stop to take a nap up high. All the cushions present can be removed and cleaned to eliminate excess hair. The cream color is popular and fits well in any environment by adding light.


  • Adequate space to spend time or to hide
  • Two covered beds and a kennel
  • Rough material ideal for helping cats to claw


  • Unreasonable price

Top 4: Dibea KB00735 Climbing Trees

Commonly, cats love to be high up. For this reason, choosing a post tree is a winning idea to convince the cat to use it. Dibea offers a product comprising a 50 cm long base and an 80 cm tall structure. On the ground floor, we find a shelter. Within the interior, the cat can take a siesta or hide when he does not want to receive attention. On the middle floor, there is a shelf supported by two pillars covered in sisal. And on the last shelf, there is a hanging ball.

The product comes with a soft, easy-to-clean material and is available in different colors at an affordable price for its size. It arrives home to be assembled, but the operation is simple and does not require special skills. The only complaint from buyers concerns the fragility of some parts. They do not resist the action of the most active cat.


  • A tall structure divided into various layers
  • Durable shelter of
  • They cover shelves in sisal
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fragile construction

Top 5: TRIXIE Cat Tree

Halfway between a hiding place and a game, Trixie’s scratching tower is an acceptable alternative for those who do not want everything to be on display. This model has a side opening that the cat can enter and claw his nails. And the sisal-coated pole is at the entrance.

Inside the tree, there is a shelf that the feline can climb and look out through the porthole. In the upper part, there is a ball of the same color as the rest of the upholstery. They decorate the outside with paw prints in light blue and have a similar texture to velvet. It is also easy to clean.

Just over 70 cm tall, this cat tree has one of the highest prices in the field. The only complaint made by some consumers concerns the non-use of the pole to make nails. It seems that cats prefer to use the tower to hide.


  • Solid structure
  • A porthole on the side.
  • Dark blue upholstery
  • Has decorations in the shape of a paw print


  • Low-quality sisal pole

Top 6: AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

This affordable cat tree stands 1.20m tall, has three floors and a circular house on the top floor. It is very robust and has excellent stability. The value for money is excellent as you spend little for a product that lasts.

The AmazonBasics unit is sturdy and stable. One cat weighs around 5kg and is still as good as new after almost 6 months. We have a neutral color that goes well with any decor style. It takes up brief space in the yard outside.

Unfortunately, it also has downsides. The high kennel is not the best for an XXL cat weighing more than 6kg. It is only enough for a medium-sized cat.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Neutral design
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not suitable for big cats

Top 7: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a fantastic product that is suitable for XXL cats. Its strengths are sturdiness with excellent quality coverings. Also, the design is beautiful and compact. And what about the sore point? The quality you pay for at this cat tree is not cheap.

We recommend this unit for pet owners who have one or more large cats. In terms of a high cost, you will not have to buy a cheap one to change every two months. Covered with excellent plush, this tree is also easy to assemble.


  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Elegant and compact design
  • High comfort


  • High cost

Top 8: FEANDREA Cat Tree

FEANDREA model is an excellent tree. The most interesting features are the extra-high height. It fully satisfies cats’ desire to climb. Stability is a fundamental factor for an excellent scratching post. Then, we also liked many kennels. There is one in the shape of a cat and two mattresses.

The price is in line with the versatility of the product. In a pet shop, the cost of a product like this is at least double. How about the downside? We cannot remove the bearings. To wash them, use a vacuum cleaner. We recommend it for those who have over one cat.


  • Satisfies the need to climb
  • Simple assembly
  • Stable and resistant
  • Comfortable padded cushions


  • Non-removable cushion

Top 9: PAWZ Road Cat Tree

This cat tree immediately impressed us with its attractive vintage-style design. If you are looking for a product that is also a delicate piece of furniture, PAWZ Road Cat Tree is the product for you. This scratching post is 88cm high, has a very spacious kennel and three stages. Each unit comes with its cushion.


  • Vintage style
  • Comfortable mats
  • Serves as a kennel


  • High price

FAQs about the best outdoor cat tree

Simple or complex cat tree?

If you do not have a large yard or a space to dedicate only for your cats, the cat tree to choose from should not be large. It will be preferable to opt for a simple model.

On the market, there are cylindrical ones, fixed on a base that can easily be placed in a corner. A less cumbersome model is the flat one that can be fixed to the door. So, you can let the cat do its nails without damaging the furniture and fixtures.

Which material is the best?

Of course, a self-respecting cat tree must be coated with a valid material. Let’s think of sisal, a rough rope that allows the nails to be filed. However, owners who choose a larger and more articulated model must check that the material used for the other parts, such as the beds or hiding places.

Think of the cat sitting on an uncoated shelf. It will not look good and will end up hating your new purchase. There should be a fabric that is also easy to clean to remove all the hair that is lacking from the feline.

How to coat a cat tree?

If you have bought a cat tree, you may have to renew the outside, certainly worn by your cat’s nails, after a certain time. It will not be necessary to buy one from scratch, but just get a sisal rope that is available online. With a small expense, you can cover your tree, using only a little glue to fix the new purchase to the stub you already have.

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