Best Non Tracking Cat Litter Reviews 2021 – How to Choose the Best Litter for Your Pet?

A best non-tracking cat litter is a litter box that greatly relieves us from the effort of cleaning our cat’s litter box daily. It eliminates the unpleasantness of the cleaning tasks. The self-cleaning litter box performs the same function as a traditional litter box. The difference is that it is larger and needs a small installation consisting of a cold-water inlet and an electrical outlet.

Many models have washable grains. And through these grains, the liquid passes that will end up in the litter’s bottom to be washed away by the water. This explanation has many variations, as there are many models and types on the market. It is not always easy to find your way around. In this article, we will guide you about the best non tracking cat litter.


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Top 10 Non Tracking Cat Litter Forr Your Need 

Top 1: Catit SmartSift 50685 Cat Litter Box

The Catit SmartSift automatic litter is a convenient product. Thanks to the sand sieve, it saves us from the trouble of having to clean manually, saving time, and gaining convenience. There is a practical lever that replaces the pallet usually used and collects the organic material. Besides, the litter box has no motor and is 100% manual. The closed-form contains sand that is less prone to getting lost and available for cats of all sizes.

This litter does not need electricity to function. For cleaning the parts, it can be dismantled and cleaned easily. For the measures, this litter has a length of 66 cm, a width of 48 cm, and a height of 63 cm. The capacity is 5 liters, and the weight is about 6 kg.


  • Convenient functions and compact size
  • Automatic sand sieve
  • Large capacity
  • No contact with debris


  • Heavyweight

It is a litter that receives a lot of approval and is well-reviewed by users who have tested its validity and especially appreciated the practicality of use.

Top 2: PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box with Crystal Litter System

If you are looking for an enclosed cat litter toilet, which is of excellent quality and does not cost too much, we recommend the PetSafe Deluxe model. The product comprises an enormous tray and an interlocking dome that covers the base to keep unpleasant odors effectively.

You can wedge the scoop into the upper part of the toilet to act as a carrying handle. It is advisable to use it when the bowl is empty to avoid any collapse due to excessive weight. The litter is covered and is equipped with an odor filter that effectively traps the smell, preventing it from spreading around the house.


  • Odor filter and dual-use scoop
  • Value for money
  • Premium plastic


  • The scoop is full of sand.
  • The excessive weight of the base will cause the structure to open.

The model is available online with an excellent quality and price ratio. It is also available in three different colors.

Top 3: Vitakraft 30874 Magic Clean Lavender Litter

If you do not know how to choose a non-tracking cat litter, we suggest testing the Vitakraft Magic Clean Classic. Thanks to its new formula composed of white and blue silica flakes, the sand absorbs liquids, imprisons malodorous particles in a few seconds, and has an antibacterial effect.

The consistency of the grains does not raise dust. Therefore the product is suitable for allergy sufferers. This silicon cat litter is available with 100% natural elements, non-polluting, and disposable with household waste. Each pack is 5 liters or 2.2 kg and has an average duration of about 3/4 weeks.


  • Absorbent effect with eco-friendly construction
  • Antibacterial and anti-dust function
  • Does not raise dust and cause allergies.


  • Each package is 5 liters, and the content suffices to fill only one litter tray.

The price of the product is not high even if the contents of one bag suffice to fill a single litter tray.

Top 4: Bull-o Cat Litter Mat Waterproof 

Among the various offers of toilet facilities for felines on the net, the Bull-o Cat Litter Mat attracted our attention. It is an anti-odor cat litter box, thanks to the special grill with a carbon filter that effectively keeps the smell.

The animal can easily reach the tray, thanks to the tilting door on the front. The toilet is made of sturdy plastic and can be cleaned using the special dustpan included in the kit. Cleaning operations are facilitated by the practical opening system with hooks. It allows the dome and the tray to be separated and reunited securely and safely. Unfortunately, the four internal grooves of the base that correspond to the external feet accumulate dirty sand and therefore are difficult to purge.


  • Special carbon filter and tilting door
  • Equipped with four safety hooks
  • Available in three colors


  • The four concave parts on the inner bottom of the tray encrust with the deposit of dirty sand.

The model is roomy and is suitable for medium-large sized animals. The product is available at an affordable price and is available in three different colors.

Top 5: Almo Nature Natural Cat Litter

If you are looking for the best cat litter to hide bad smells, Almo Nature Cat Litter could meet your needs. Almo makes the chemical composition of the litter with only vegetable fibers and does not contain additives. So, it is non-toxic and safe for both your feline and your family. It is a biodegradable cat litter that traps stinks and effectively absorbs liquids. Then, trapping them in a thin, granular lump that will not soil the tray.

The only sore point is that since they are thin grains, these could get caught in the animal’s paws and be scattered outside the tray. The product is available in a compact and lightweight 2.27kg package and can last up to four weeks, thus minimizing litter waste. Thanks to the clumping property of the grains, you can quickly remove your cat’s needs, avoiding wasting the still clean parts of the litter box.


  • The chemical composition of the litter is 100% natural,
  • Agglomerates liquids while the enzymes effectively neutralize foul odors.
  • Long-lasting functions


  • The texture of the grains could get trapped in the fur of your cat’s paws and be scattered outside the tray.

Making a comparison with other biodegradable litter on the market, Almo Nature Cat Litter is not the cheapest.

Top 6: World’s Best Cat Litter

If you are tired of periodically washing your cat’s plastic tray and want to have something more practical to use for her needs, we recommend the World’s Best Cat Litter. It is a disposable ecological cat litter that will save you a lot of time on cleaning. The litter is quite durable and is made of biodegradable, breathable, and waterproof cardboard paste.

It traps unpleasant odors well, reduces the humidity level of the litter, and keeps it fresh and dry for longer. We can use the container both as an internal liner of a traditional tray and as a stand-alone cat toilet.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • The shelf life is about four weeks if it is cleaned regularly and correctly
  • We can use the cistern both as an internal lining of a traditional cistern.


  • As it is a disposable product, it must be purchased periodically together with the litter

The product comes in a convenient three-piece package, so you can have a good supply. The average duration of the cassette is about four weeks, then it must be replaced.

Top 7: CleanHouse Pets Cat Litter Mat

CleanHouse Litter is an automatic cat litter with a self-cleaning mechanism. It comprises a rotation capable of sifting through all the lumps because of your pets’ excrement. This function takes place about every hour and a half. So, we keep the litter box clean and there is no risk of bad smells in the house.

It does not produce any noise, so we can also place it near the sleeping area. All these advantages, however, involve a fairly high cost, which therefore does not make it a model within the reach of all budgets.


  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • High safety with an LED light
  • Does not produce excessive noise


  • The functions and benefits of this litter come at a high cost.

Thanks to this litter, for every hour, lumps and excrement will be swept away with a full rotation.

Top 8: Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

If you still do not know which cat litter to buy, Purina litter could meet your and your feline’s needs. It composes the product of high-quality vegetable agglomerating grains that can trap foul smells. It prevents them from spreading around the house.

It is a cat litter sand that can be easily disposed of in the toilet or the domestic waste collection. The grains are fine and could get caught in the cat’s paws. The pack is available at an affordable price and includes two 20-liter bags that can guarantee up to twelve weeks of hygiene for your cat.


  • High-quality vegetable agglomerating grains
  • Affordable price
  • Large capacity


  • Low effectiveness in trapping odors

Overall, it is a friendly cat litter box. And that it is a natural and environmentally friendly product makes everybody happy.

Top 9: Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Naturally Fresh Cat litter is super absorbent and dries solid droppings and agglomerates urine. It makes it easy to remove the cat’s needs with a small scoop.

Plus, thanks to the fact that it is biodegradable, the cat’s needs and litter box can be taken to the bathroom and flushed down the toilet, eliminating the need to put them in a bag or trash.

However, sometimes, the clods break in the toilet water, and gelatinous parts remain on the surface and you will flush the water several times. So, we are afraid they might stick in the pipes somewhere in the drain.


  • Super absorbent
  • Biodegradable
  • Affordable


  • Gelatinous parts can remain on the surface

Cleaning the litter box every day helps avoid odors. No litter box is completely odorless, but our research has led us to believe that Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is still among the best for odors.

Top 10: Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Every customer loves Dr. Elsey’s litter. Access to the inside of the box is facilitated by a small swing door which can be removed. In the kit, you will also find a practical dustpan to remove the waste from the sand and an anti-odor filter that inhibits the spread of the smell.

Inside there is also an active carbon filter, which neutralizes any oil residues even more effectively. To ensure the cat’s safety, when the mechanism is activated, an LED light will turn on to signal its operation.


  • Anti-odor filter
  • Practical dustpan
  • Neutralizes any oil residues


  • Expensive

To remove the residue bag from the lower tray, just perform this operation once a week without worrying about stinks and contact with debris. The litter system avoids both problems.

Why do you need non tracking cat litter?

Cats care a lot about their hygiene. It is why they are always so careful in burying their needs once we fulfill them. Their behavior derives from an instinctive need to hide their smells from other animals in the area.

However, if you have a feline at home, it is essential to provide him with a special toilet suited to his needs. Look at the reviews of the products in our ranking and find out which are the most requested on the market.

How to select a non-tracking cat litter?

As we have said, the litter box must be adequate to meet the needs of your cat, and one parameter not to be overlooked is the size of the tray. The litter must be suitable for hosting the cat. It must have ample space to dig into the litter and carry out its needs.

Once you have chosen the litter that best suits your feline’s needs, you need to buy the right litter box. This aspect is fundamental, as a good litter must have excellent absorbency to trap the unpleasant odors generated. You can opt for a type of agglomerating sand that facilitates the cleaning of the dirty parts of the litter without having to replace it. The chemical composition must not contain toxic agents for the cat and your person.

FAQs about non-tracking cat litter

Where is the cat litter thrown away?

We should specify that cat litter boxes are not all the same. There are agglomerating, non-agglomerating, silicon, and ecological sands. As for their disposal system, it is different depending on the chemical composition of the litter.

Can a pellet replace a cat litter?

Instead of traditional cat litter, it is possible to use common pellets for stoves. There are many types of sand on the market and their price usually varies depending on the chemical composition of the product and the brands. The advantages that the use of pellets can offer are various, and among the many, there is the saving in economic terms.

When to change the cat litter?

A cat’s litter box should be cleaned every day, and the litter box should be emptied and filled with more sand at least once every three weeks. It is because cats like clean environments and like their tubs not to absorb the unpleasant smells of their needs. Felines have an excellent sense of smell and immediately notice whether their toilet has been cleaned well.


The non tracking cat litter is the place where the cat urine is, making it easy to clean the box every day. Litter boxes do not need to be replaced every week. Just add some when the level goes down after cleaning it. Every three to four weeks, the litter box should be replaced, and the litter washed.

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