The 10 Best Motion Activated Cat Toys – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you searching for the best way to keep your cat entertained all day long? Don’t miss these 10 best motion activated cat toys today. Each of them can help the pet satisfy all of her instincts for real. They will enjoy the moments of nonstop fun in the house. It would be better than only watching the birds from the window. 

When a cat becomes older, its activity level is likely to drop. Though it’s not a big issue, it still triggers weight gain. Playing with these toys has any pet engage in an interactive activity. These best motion activated cat toys tend to let them use the energy rather than playing around the cord of your headphones. Also, it’s an effective way for you to build your bond with the furry friend. 


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10 Best motion activated cat toys [Updated 2021]

Top 1: YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

The interactive cat ball by YOFUN can move around automatically. But the motion would be random, so it’s hard to predict which direction it turns. Therefore, the toy helps increase the hunting instinct hidden inside your pet. Just let them chase the ball. You need to ensure your cat has fun and does exercises at the same time. What can be better than that?

With a sphere shape and a self-balanced system, the ball finds no difficulty in rolling freely. It’s not just for kittens, but also fun for your family to watch cats catching it in the house. Besides, the toy goes with one USB cable for you to charge, so there’s no need to replace any battery. It shuts down after 40 minutes of running. And you still press the button if you want more play for your cat.


  • Unpredictable movements excite cats
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy USB charging 
  • Fun for kittens and family


  • Not rolling well on carpet

Whenever you get busy outside or doing house chores, but your kitten loves to follow you all the time, turn it on. Doing so keeps your feline buddy occupied at once, and enjoy your freedom for 15 minutes.

Top 2: SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug 

Have you ever seen your cat playing with a rug, and she seems to love it? That’s the reason why the Ripple Rug comes here to this list. It’s a great pet toy that keeps any furry buddy busy and bright-eyed. It’s made to satisfy a bunch of instincts while saving the pet owner’s furniture. Well, it’s time to create a comfy and safe place for your little pet to hide. 

The Ripple Rug has achieved three different utility patents, covering one patent for its functionality, removing fur and particles. While using it, remember to use your vacuum to remove dust from Ripple Rug. Doing so will dodge fur, pieces of dry skin, and nail shards sticking to the carpet. Cats are one of the cleanest animals, and they love to live in a well-maintained environment.


  • Mildew and stain resistant
  • Rubber back feels good
  • Gets 20 paws up
  • Encourage creative play


  • Looks like an old brown rug

Believe it or not, cats love to play with the rug at least four times per day. And we guess that your family would be happy to see kitties trying to jump over again to catch whatever inside the holes of the rug.

Top 3: OurPets Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy

Believe it or not, Play-N-Squeak toys can emit the realistic squeaking sound of the mouse once for your cat to chase. It drives your cat’s instinct to bat the mouse around. With this toy, your little furry friend has a chance to stalk, chase, and pounce indoors. 


  • Subtle squeaking noises
  • Quiet enough at nighttime
  • Keeps the cat entertained through the day
  • Well-made cat toy


  • Makes the cat exercise through the night

In short, OurPets Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy offers your pet a great opportunity to do more physical activities. It keeps your buddy fit and helps enrich the pet’s life quality. 

Top 4: PetDroid Boltz Robotic Cat Toy

Are you searching for a smart cat toy featuring different play modes? Choose PetDroid Boltz Robotic Toy, and your cat will never get bored with it. It can run and play with it in your house when they’re just alone. Come to keep your furry buddy with an electronic item that owns a robot with some prey-like characteristics to nurture your kitty’s instincts.


  • Goes with extra attachments 
  • No wasted battery
  • Keeps your cat’s attention
  • Well-made cat toy 


  • The feather scares some cats
  • A bit pricey

Overall, this Boltz toy can move forward, backward, and roll with the support of two independent motors. More importantly, it works more than eight hours and keeps your cat on its toes all day long.

Top 5: SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

As you know, cats are animals that have a short span of attention. Thus, any brief playing session with your furry buddy is always the best. The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Cat Toy will attract them by imitating the movements of hidden prey with lights and a tail. Within 15 minutes, it’s recommended to encourage the cats to join an interactive play with a smart cat toy. 


  • Entertain cats to play with 
  • Different speeds for slow and fast cats
  • Motivates pets with rotating motion
  • Keep cats excited without needing you 


  • Unstable lights lose a cat’s interest

Come to push the middle button to let the electronic toy move around. If you want your cat to stalk it, make sure to put it near a piece of furniture. It hides and then jumps over it soon.

Top 6: DADYPET Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

The automatic robotic cat toy features a random motion like the way a mouse tries to escape. That movement can easily attract your pet’s attention and strengthen the cat’s hunting instincts. Better than thought, the cat toy is made of the non-harmless ABS material. And your cat just can’t chew or leave any scratch on it at all. After 5 minutes of  running, the wheel stops rolling and then the toy emits a mouse sound.


  • Made with environmental-friendly material
  • Shuts down automatically
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes with attachable feather


  • Emits big noises on the floor

Overall, this mouse toy keeps your cats interested for a short time by making random movements. It could be a start, a stop, and a roll, so your cat will have to guess where it goes next.

Top 7: HEXBUG Nanorobotic Cat Toy

Have you ever seen a cat toy that can move around and find a way out of corners to dodge the feline friend? Once turning a HEXBUG toy on, you will see its random movements fooling any cat and even you. You probably think that it’s real prey, but it only helps to stimulate your pet’s hunting instincts. The toy offers the cat a good chance to exercise indoors and enjoy a healthier life than ever.


  • Simple and easy to turn on
  • Fun toy on solid floors
  • Keep cats on their toes
  • Turns away when bumping into walls


  • Stuck in rugs when running into them

Above all, HEXBUG nano robotic cat toys are one of the best items to help your cat exercise in the house. It keeps the feline buddy engaged in the frequent regime for a healthier life. Do not let your pet eat this toy for its safety.

Top 8: Petnf Cat Laser Cat Toy 

The cat laser toy by Petnf will bring big joy to the cats by allowing them to train their instincts. These are hunting, chewing, and scratching during their playtime. It doesn’t only entertain your pet but also helps to free your hands. Whenever you’re bored with playing with the cat all the time, the moving toy will do that for you. Besides, you can select your favorite rotating modes based on the cat’s preference.


  • Useful and fun for cats and dogs
  • The entertaining laser helps excite the laziest cats
  • Fairy low noises
  • Lightweight and well-built


  • The light is predictable to cats.

In short, just don’t miss this laser cat toy when it easily keeps your pet occupied to let you be free. Make sure to adjust the pointer and select the cat’s favorite mode of play.

Top 9: WINGPET Interactive Cat Toys Electronic

Your cat will get engaged in this fun game when it has to chase the tail around the hexagon shape. In case you want to bring it to another level, feel free to use more items like catnip ball or treats for instance. The toy also offers a slow-feeding solution that can simulate any pet to hunt for its food. Your cat needs to work for its prey entertainingly.


  • Automatically shut off
  • Visible on/off button
  • Well-made and quite operated
  • The feather can’t get ripped off


  • Probably leaves you a mess

Overall, This toy is a fantastic option to prevent your cat from watching through the window all day long. Once it gets started, you will see how the noise gets well-controlled, so your kitten won’t be scared. 

Top 10: SmartyKat, Hum Singer, Electronic Sound Cat Toy

The feather cat toy might make your cat go wild when it emits a hummingbird-like sound. This hum singer sound won’t ever annoy your neighbors. It’s loud enough for your cat and another person to hear. It’s one of the best motion activated toys to stimulate instincts in the pet. Besides, its catnip helps to give the feline buddy a burst of energy during its playtime.


  • Adorable chirp noise
  • Least noisy and most loved
  • Lightweight enough for cats to carry around
  • Perfect for dogs and cats


  • Bad battery

Believe it or not, this little hummingbird toy is great for your cats. Your pet will get more excited about hunting it, killing it, and carrying it around. 

Best motion activated cat toys FAQs

Why does my cat bring their toys to bed?

It’s like some pets loving to place their stuff in the water bowl. However, there’s no clear explanation except the fact that they prefer a secure place to keep their belongings. Or they don’t want other animals to steal their prey.

Why do cats like to hide toys?

Cats always want to protect their belongings, so they tend to hide their toys whenever they feel being in an insecure place. It’s also their nature to be protective of their stuff, and they need to ensure that nobody can get any of them.

What types of toys do cats like most?

All cats love to play with a specific kind of toy because each of them is different. A few cats would like to bat around balls while some others love to play with feathers.


Playing with these best motion activated cat toys is so much fun for your pets. As a cat owner, pick up your cat’s favorite object to make its playtime more interesting. For them, chasing a prey is a natural instinct and it can satisfy the cat’s predatory urge.

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