Keeping Your Households Clean With Top Best Litter Box For Large Cats

One of the worst problems for cat owners is when the cat pee outside the box. Perhaps the reason can come from the litter boxes. If your cat feels uncomfortable getting in, it’s time to look at the new litter boxes!

Finding the best litter box for large cats will not be difficult if you are the know-how. Check out the reviews below to find the best product for your cat!


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Top 12 Best Litter Box For Large Cats

Top 1: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

This product comes with an affordable price, durability, and massive size. Its dimensions are incredibly large, which is best for multiple cats or very large cats. Plus, it is also simple for you to clean as well as refresh with the new litter. 

A built-in bag anchor keeps litter bags open, and the hood lifts, allowing your cat to access it easily. The carbon filter traps also help reduce odors. Therefore, you can scoop comfortably and quickly. 


  • Reduce odors with carbon filter
  • Highly privacy
  • Lift handle for easy cleaning


  • The pan and hood attachment is likely to loosen

The Catit Jumbo Hooded litter pan is genuinely a roomy and safe box for your cat. With the combination of many necessary features, the product promises to meet all your needs. 

Top 2: New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo

With the unique design, this module can be used as an extra storage surface, which helps you to save floor space. Indeed, you can keep it in the office, bathroom, living room, and laundry room. Besides, the New Age Pet ecoFLEX model is designed with an enclosure that can keep boxes hidden and prevent litter tracking. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean 
  • Highly sturdy


  • Slightly difficult to clean

This product seems to be one of the best hidden litter boxes. If you use it in the house, your guests will not know that it is actually a cat’s litter box. 

Top 3: Petmate Giant Litter Box

Firstly, it features the comfort-grip rim surrounding all the litter box’s sides. By that, you are able to lift and move the box at ease. Secondly, the material is anti-stain plastic so that the clumps cannot stick to the box’s bottom. It means that you can save your cleaning time instead of scrubbing the bottom frequently. 


  • Generous capacity
  • Suitable for large cats
  • Side storage for additional space


  • Slightly challenging to scoop waste in the corner

Overall, this Petmate Giant litter box can contain up to 30lbs of litter. It will be an excellent option for big cats that need both roomy litter boxes and additional litter in the box. 

Top 4: Pet Zone Scoop Automatic Litter Box

This module comes with a mighty electric motor, which is ideal for big cats. Thanks to the automatic engine, you do not need to spend time tidying up the wastes. The waste unit is responsible for taking out the wastes 15 minutes after the cat uses the litter box. This makes sure that your cat always has a clean box. 


  • Great value 
  • Quiet operation
  • Hands-free waste disposal


  • Rake cannot scoop to the end of the litter box

The Pet Zone Scoop litter box deserves to be one of the best self-cleaning modules. It can work well with all types of clumping litter, so that it will be a great choice in the long run. 

Top 5: iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel XL Litter Box

There are two options for you to choose from: pan with an enclosure and pan only. The pan only has the standard dimension with a width of 15.5 inches, a length of 23.5 inches, and a depth of 6 inches. The pan with enclosure is designed with an additional high side. 

Plus, the litter box has no sharp details and all rounded edges, preventing your cat from being hurt. 


  • Highly durable
  • Rust-resistance and non-stick coat
  • Do not absorb odors


  • The pan might be slightly low

If you are finding a durable litter box, the iPrimio model should be on your list. The stainless-steel material is long-lasting and helps you to save a fortune. 

Top 6: Petmate Booda Dome Cat Litter Box

You can completely trust Petmate because this manufacturer has a history of more than 50 years of development. These cat equipment from this manufacturer are of high quality and long service life. One of the best litter boxes for large cats is the Petmate Booda Dome Cat Litter Box.

The dimensions of the Petmate Booda Dome Cat Litter Box are 21 x 21 inches. This comprehensive design allows the cat to be more comfortable when it pee. Furthermore, the ramp of this cat litter has a 9-inch wide ramp. As a result, the cat’s paw will not come into contact with the animal matter. 


  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Outstanding odor control


  • Be careful when lifting

Even when you lift the lid, you will not be affected by unpleasant odors. In addition to its considerable size, the Petmate Booda Dome Cat Litter Box has a round and beautiful design that makes fragrances stick to the corners and seams.

Top 7: Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is the perfect choice for those looking for an extra-large litter box with high edges for cats. 

Whether you have a cat or multiple cats, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is a perfect fit. Its top is quite large and gradually gets smaller downwards. The two high side edges will minimize trash spilled on the floor. 

The manufacturer has equipped with a non-stick surface so cat owners can detect stains and wipe them off quickly. The antibacterial properties of this product will reduce mold, bacteria and especially prevent odors.


  • Convenient and friendly design
  • Good antibacterial
  • Large size


  • A lower entrance can allow your cat to throw trash on the floor

With its spacious and convenient design, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is an excellent product for busy cat owners. The ability to reduce odor and good antibacterial will make your home always clean and fragrant.

Top 8: Petmate Hi-Back Litter Cat Box

The Petmate Hi-Back Litter Cat Box’s open design allows cats to enter or exit quickly, suitable for small and large cats. Its entrance was 6 inches low and surrounded by tall walls. Thanks to this sturdy design, the cat will not be able to scavenge indiscriminately on the floor.

Made entirely of plastic, the Petmate Hi-Back Litter Cat Box will not hurt your cat. This sanitary box has a friendly design and has no sharp edges.


  • Low entrance
  • Easy to clean
  • Extensive design


  • Difficult to use a square spoon because of the rounded corners

Despite its simple design, the Petmate Hi-Back Litter Cat Box still has all the advantages to satisfy cat owners. With high-quality antibacterial, anti-dust, and anti-corrosion materials, this product will not cause discomfort for cats when used.

Top 9: Petphabet Hooded Cat Litter Box

The Pet alphabet Hooded Cat Litter Box is large, making it perfect for mischievous cats who like to dig sand. It has designs with diverse colors, compositions suitable for many different spaces, high quality, durable and beautiful.


  • Help your cat get in and out quickly.
  • New design
  • Suitable for many breeds of cats


  • Not suitable for thick litter

The Pet alphabet Hooded Cat Litter Box not only allows you to choose from a variety of colors freely, but it also has a transparent design. You can easily observe the cat’s condition.

Top 10: PetSafe ScoopFree Cat Litter Box

The manufacturer uses plastic materials for the PetSafe ScoopFree Cat Litter Box. So, you can clean and very light, convenient for you to clean and move when needed.

Easy cleaning helps prevent bacteria from multiplying, ensuring the health of your cat and family. With advanced production technology, every detail of the product is meticulously machined. The base is added cushion to avoid slipping and scratching for those using wooden floors.


  • Automatically removes waste
  • Leak-proof
  • It helps you keep track of your cat’s health


  • Need crystal litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Cat Litter Box is made from high-quality PP plastic that is safe, does not affect the cat’s health and has excellent durability, does not fade when used for a long time.

Top 11: Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Box

With a wall design up to 9 inches tall, the Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Box will take care of the problem of cats who urinate tall and love to dig into the litter. You can choose from a variety of sizes to suit the space of your home.

The manufacturer also offers three different colors for cat owners to freely choose: green, bronze, and blue. Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Box’s exterior is painted with a premium gloss to bring a shiny beauty with high aesthetics. 


  • Perfect depth
  • Colorful
  • Budget-friendly


  • May slip when a cat comes in and out

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Box will be an affordable option that still ensures outstanding advantages. It not only comes in many sizes and colors but also solves the problem of messy cats.

Top 12: PetFusion BetterBox Cat Litter Box

Compared to conventional plastic boxes, the PetFusion BetterBox Cat Litter Box is much more sturdy and sturdy. Since it is made of durable ABS plastic, you can count on this product. Furthermore, it fully meets international safety standards for antibacterial properties.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design
  • Antibacterial properties


  • The non-stick coating may be ineffective if your cat scratches the box frequently

Suppose you are looking for a litter box with a convenient and straightforward design. In that case, you should check out the PetFusion BetterBox Cat Litter Box. This box is both antibacterial and easy to clean.

Litter Box For Large Cats Guidelines


Usually, the big cats might urinate high to the box’s wall. Therefore, it would be better to opt for high walls. The ideal height would be from five to seven inches. In case your cat often kicks litter around, taller sides or a litter box with a cover will be more appropriate. 


Each cat has a different size, so they need different boxes. Accordingly, large cats require larger litter boxes. In this case, you should measure your cat’s body before purchasing one. Usually, the ideal length of a litter box is 1.5 times that of the cat’s body. 

It would be best if you still bought a large box for kittens as they will grow up quickly and exceed the length. For adult cats, choosing a box with a precise ratio will be a wise choice. Generally, it would be best if you went for the longest litter box. 

Type Of Litter Box

There are two types of litter boxes, including the open and enclosed boxes. Depending on the preference of different cats, you should buy the proper one. For instance, several trained cats prefer enclosed litter boxes. By contrast, others like the open one. 

If your cat gets accustomed to the box having a privacy lid, an enclosed option should be considered. On the other hand, if your cat dislikes being trapped, the great choice might be a no-lid box. 

Talking about these two types’ pros and cons, the no-lid box allows you to clean up more quickly and frequently. Otherwise, enclosed litter boxes can keep the odor in control well, but regular cleaning is more complicated. 


This feature seems to be an additional consideration. Some people may want to place the litter box in your house’s central area. So, they might want to find some stunning designs for the box. 

Many cat owners often prefer the modern and sleek styles. Others also look for a hidden litter box to be enclosed inside the furniture or a side table. 

FAQs about Best Litter Box For Large Cats

How many litter boxes should I use for my large cat?

The large cat also needs two litter boxes. You will need a base box and an extra litter box. 

Is it reasonable to purchase the covered litter box?

Frankly, the enclosed box is perfect for cat owners, but cats might not like it. 

How big is the litter box?

As mentioned above, the ideal litter box should be more than 1.5 times the cat’s body. 


Cats will feel comfortable with a private space inside the big litter boxes. Simultaneously, you do not have to worry about the cat peeing out and causing a mess. Hopefully, through this article, you can learn more valuable information and find the best litter box for large cats.

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