Top 10 Best Kittens Teething Toys: Is It Safe for Teething Kittens?

There are many reasons to choose the best kittens teething toys, either subjective or aim. Here are some reasons you can consider:

  • When kittens are separated from their mothers, they will be sad, leading to depression and destructive behaviors.
  • Kittens will be teething when they are 3-8 weeks old. The cat’s long teeth and unpleasant gums cause the biting to deal with irritable, itchy physiological needs.
  • It is possible that the kittens see the bite as playfulness with its owner or another cat.

Besides, when you see your pet nibble on the mortar walls, it is a sign that the cat is calcium deficient. Cats have different calcium needs, so you need to supplement them. When there is a lack of substance, the cat will need to find food to eat.

In this article, we offer the ten best kittens teething toys for your cat. They solve this problem. Let’s have a look!


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Top 10 Best Kittens Teething Toys To Consider

Top 1: WoLover Natural Matatabi Silvervine Sticks

WoLover sticks are a chewing toy for cats by cutting off some horns of Silvervine deer. It became a hot toy in a blink of an eye when releasing. And the toy is gaining popularity on the Amazon platform. Since it does not use artificial objects, it is perfect for those who want to stick to natural toys.

Hard toys make it easier for saliva to come out when they are crouched. So, you can expect the decrease of bacteria in the cat’s mouth and the effect of brushing your teeth. The smell of beasts will tickle your cat’s hunting instincts and make them even more engrossed. It is also ideal for those who want to keep one product for a long time.


  • No artificial substances
  • Easy to use and store
  • Reduces bacteria
  • High durability


  • Catnip scents disappear in two minutes.

It is a toy given to prevent cats from biting your hands. The toy also provides dental care while playing.

Top 2: Ueerdand Catnip Sticks Organic Chew Toy

Ueerdand chew toy is a stick toy sold by an American pet product manufacturer. Not only does it look like wood, but it also uses natural wood. There are no thorns or horns, so it is ideal for those who are worried about injuring the kitten’s mouth.

Another unique point that we pay attention to is the wood chips after the cat bite. They harden it with a material that does not generate fine dust. The scent is also popular with the wood itself.

As soon as you open the package, you will find a fragrant bacon scent. The central squid makes the cat even more engrossed. When giving your cat something to chew, choose something that has a certain hardness and can be enjoyed for a reasonably long time.

It is a toy for medium to large kittens. But you can also allow small cats that love to chew. You can give it to your dog when you are by your side at first and check the safety.


  • Safe for health
  • Pleasant scent
  • High hardness


  • Not all cats love the scent

When the lump becomes smaller, pick it up and dispose of it to prevent swallowing.

Top 3: Togudot Interactive Balls Chew Latex Toy

Togudot offers some latex balls that the kittens can play for a long time without getting bored. It is a unique toy shaped like a cornet. We think that many people have seen it at pet stores. Since it rolls irregularly, it stimulates the cat’s hunting instinct and is easy to play for a long time.

Since the inside of the toy is hollow, it is possible to put a paste or a cat’s favorite snack. The round design makes it unable to come out, so your pet can fully enjoy it while rolling and chewing. It is also ideal for owners who often leave home.

The toy comes with an elastic rubber that is safe for cat teeth and jaws. It is also possible to put food between the jagged edges. If you make it difficult from the beginning, your cat will lose interest in toys. Easy at first and when your cat gets better, pack a small treat in the back.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Hunting stimulation
  • Elastic rubber


  • Chemical smell

Cats that love to chew can easily bite off because of the multiple jagged spaces between the spaces.

Top 4: BUBOM Cat Catnip Toothbrush Toy

BUBOM is a toy that combines the shape of a cat’s favorite fish with a material that allows him to brush your teeth. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) applied to the center has irregularities and stimulates the teeth and gums. So, you can expect a toothpaste effect. The thin shape makes it ideal for cats with small mouths.

Also, bacon flavor is added to the central part. The cats can enjoy the delicious scent just by chewing. So. it will be easy to play even when you are worried about obesity and do not want to give them a snack.

It is a uniquely shaped toy. There are holes and bumps that cats can chew and enjoy various parts of. Also, it is reasonably soft and made of durable rubber, so it will not break easily.


  • TPU material
  • Toothpaste effect
  • Safe for health


  • It is not a chewing toy.

If the kittens get into the habit of chewing, you cannot use this toy in the future. At first, give it less time and entertain while playing with it.

Top 5: Petstages Catnip Oil Infused Cat Chew Toy

The Petstages toy has a handle to put your kitten’s favorite food inside. The owner holds the part of the ring-like handle, and the cat licks or bites the part containing the food on the other side.

For cats that are not good at brushing or wiping their feet when returning from a walk, it is effective to use this donkey. It is also possible to attach a string to the handle and fix it to the crate. Of course, you can add food and give it to your cat as well.


  • Effective chewing toy
  • Teeth brushing function
  • Compact design


  • Rubber and plastic may be no good for health

Some cats enjoy the elasticity of the handle.

Top 6: Bojafa Teething Ball Toy

For the ball toy of Bojafa, you can throw it for your cats and let them chase it. Made of elastic rubber that is safe for dog teeth and jaws. It is also possible to put food between the jagged edges.

At first, just put it in so it comes out easily. If you make it difficult from the beginning, the kittens will lose interest in toys. So, make sure that it is easy at first. When your cat gets better, pack a small treat in the back.

Cats that love to chew can easily bite off because of the multiple jagged spaces between them. The owner only when they can be together should manage and give it.


  • Easy to play and store
  • Durable and effective
  • Chewing and teething function


  • Unreasonable price

It is a ball toy that can be chewed, rolled, thrown, and played in various ways.

Top 7: Petstages Catnip Plaque Pretzel

Petstages toy is a rope made from natural cotton, knitted in a honey-knit shape. What customers love about this toy is that it is uncolored and unbleached. The construction is elastic, so it is perfect for pulling play. You can support your cat’s health because they can get the teeth into the back of the rope and perform dental care.

Rope made of natural material carefully knitted. The rope knot is just the right size for your cat to hold. We can also use it as a handle when playing with the owner.

This rope-shaped toy is ideal for people who are concerned about the condition of their cat’s teeth. The cotton thread is woven, and the feature is that the teeth bite firmly no matter where you chew. It is perfect for owners who are concerned about dirty teeth.


  • Premium material
  • Safe for health
  • Compact design


  • Bad durability

One of them has a loop shape. So, it is also perfect for the owners who are looking for a toy that can be played with by pulling each other with the kitten.

Top 8: EcoCity Cat Toys Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills

EcoCity toy set includes a fishing rod-shaped toy that can be played by attaching a rope to the tip of the pole. Shaking the pole in the air will arouse the cat’s curiosity and make it fun to jump on.

Since the pole can be expanded and contracted in three stages, it is easy to carry it to the outside such as a park, and can be stored compactly. It is also possible to remove the fishing rod and play with just the rope. They make the rope of durable cotton to satisfy your dog’s chewing instinct.


  • Curiosity stimulation
  • High entertainment
  • Cheap price


  • Low durability

You can play by attaching the rope to the fishing rod and shaking it.

Top 9: MJ PET Kitten Toy Assortments

Here we have a set of six rope-shaped and stuffed toys. With cute colors and designs, you can play without getting bored. Made of natural cotton, it is durable and hard to break, so you can use it with confidence.

It is also suitable when it is itchy because of tooth renewal or when you want to suppress excitement. The toy will please your dog to relieve lack of exercise and stress. This product is ideal for cats who like ball-shaped chewing toys.


  • Full package
  • High entertainment
  • Stress relief


  • Expensive

With an irregularly bouncing design, you can enjoy unpredictable developments and just rolling and throwing.

Top 10: The Petco Small Pets Squeaky Chew Toys

Thepeco chew toy is a donut-shaped toy that can be used for dental care. They make it out of knitted cotton into a rope shape, so you can chew it to remove dirt from your teeth and massage your gums.

A toy that is durable, elastic, and safe to use. Let’s relieve stress and lack of exercise by squeezing a lot at home or in the park.


  • High durability
  • Safe to use
  • Stress relief


  • Lack of exercise features

We recommended this toy for those who want to emphasize cheapness over sustainability.

Keeping Toys Interesting

Choose a durable one that is hard to break

When choosing a toy for your cat, be sure to choose one that is durable and hard to break. Human toys are fragile and should never be given. However, kittens may lose their teeth, so you must choose one that is not too hard and has moderate elasticity.

Dissipate energy with chewing toys for kittens

The movement of the kittens is adorable. However, the cat’s excess energy, which increases day by day, can be too high for the owner. Sometimes, it can lead to behavior that annoys the owner.

When Is My Kitten Teething?

Like human teeth, they classify cat teeth into incisors, canines, and premolars according to their function.

The most prominent canines are four in total and are sharp. When a cat catches its prey in the wild, it sticks its canines into the neck of the prey like a wedge. Canines are also sometimes used to tear meat.

Regeneration of deciduous teeth begins around 11 weeks of age (about three months) and is completed around 25 weeks of age (about six months).

Are Teething Toys Safe?

Tooth-hardening toys have a gum massage effect that eliminates the feeling of stuffiness in the mouth before the kitten’s teeth grow and support the growth of teeth. It is also effective as a training to chew until they grow the teeth, learning to chew little by little after starting cat food.

Best Kittens Teething Toys FAQs

How do I know a good kitten’s teething toy?

For cat chewing toys, it is necessary to choose a toy that is durable and will not break even if chewed with the powerful force of the kitten. Your cat’s biting power is overwhelmingly stronger than that of a human baby or child, so choose a toy that is sold for cats.

What material is safe for kittens?

Even if it is strong, the cat’s biting power is stronger than expected. Pay attention to the ingredients, considering the possibility of biting and eating.

For example, we recommend those made of natural wood. Also, it is safe to use a simple one that does not have uneven protrusions that are likely to come off.

What size is ideal for kittens?

Even if it is for cats, suitable toys differ depending on the breed and age of the cat. It is also important to choose a size that suits the body shape and mouth size.

Final Words

Cats love to chew. Especially when the kitten changes from milk teeth to permanent teeth, the teeth may become muffled and chew anything. By biting, they can release stress and brush their teeth. But it is a problem that furniture and things in your house are worn out. Therefore, consider the kitten’s teething toys above.

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