10 Best Heated Cat Beds To Rest For 2021 – What are they?

Your cats can get cold anytime, so you need to find an affordable way to keep your feline buddy as cozy as possible. Try to look no further than a heated cat bed! These are perfect for a warmer sleep, and they’re ideal for senior cats, especially for those with arthritis. After reviewing various products to find the best heated cat beds, we’ve finally rounded up the 10 best of them. 

If your furry baby is a fan of anything warm and fresh, then she will love to rest on a heated bed. In fact, there are many cat beds available in the market to choose from, ranging from plug-in beds to slim heating pads. But it’s always necessary to get the one suiting your fussy feline buddy. Let’s check out what they are, and what kinds of benefits they bring to your pet. 


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Top 10 heated cat beds for your cats

Top 1: Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed 

Offer your cat more than a bed! Let The Original Donut Bed by Sheri tell you how. It features an innovative cuddler shag design that can offer good sleep and support joints quite well. More than that, the bed claims to deliver a serene and self-warming function, which is great for your pet. With durable nylon and AirLoft fibers, the product also enables any cat to get covered in tender and optimal comfort. 

Available in a great variety of shades and sizes, the Best Friends by Sheri Donut Bed deserves your investment. Not to mention how its removable shell can make the cleanup easier than ever, the bed itself will make your cat love at first sight due to its donut shape. Aside from that, the product uses only pet-safe materials. In other words, these get carefully sourced when getting made with non-toxic filling for safety for pets.


  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely soft and fluffy
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for pets with arthritis 


  • Smell like plastic 

Lastly, the heated cat bed by Shery has a water and dirt-resistant bottom, which keeps your pet from messing things up. Well, the bed just provides an ideal space for your cat to cuddle and snug in.

Top 2: Thermal Cat Pet Dog Warming Bed Mat 

There’s nothing to complain about this warm mat for your cat, especially when it features a super lightweight core mirroring the pet’s body heat. More surprisingly, you don’t need any electricity to operate it. This thermal cat warming bed will provide the ultimate comfort to your pets no matter if they’re cats, kittens, aging pets, or any type of animal recovering from injury. 

Apart from that, the idea of making the back plush sherpa is brilliant since it feels very soft and comfy. It helps to maintain the mat extremely warm. For long-lasting comfort, the bed mat gets durably stitched throughout. Feel free to select the most popular types of shades, ranging from blue, beige, white to grey. All of them seem to go well with the leopard pattern. And what’s else? Most of them look fashionable and very fluffy! 


  • A great abundance of styles
  • Easy to clean 
  • Good for cats with back pain
  • Cozy bed for arthritic cats 


  • Emit crinkling noises 

Overall, if you’re searching for the best-heated cat bed that helps to warm up your pet’s body, then look no further than Thermal Warming Bed Mat. Your cat might not get familiar with the crinkling noises at first use. 

Top 3: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat 

The K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat is a great heated sleeping mat going together with a dual thermostat heater. It gets buried under the tender foam for a comfy napping space for pets. As it comes to the temperature of the mat, it can remain 15 degrees when even not in use by your cat. Does it sound amazing or not? We guess you’ll love this part of it, right? The product allows the surface to get cozy only when the cat lies on the mat. 

Better than thought, the pet mat owns a long cord that makes it extremely useful for any plug-in. The fluffy cover can get easily removed for washing when it’s necessary. Besides, most K&H Pet cat beds are well-known for easy cleaning. It’s also the reason why most of them own removable hoods and covers. All you need to do is washing it up and dry it out as fast as possible, or your cat will get angry.


  • Convenient heating feature
  • Easy-to-clean covers
  • Great induction charger for cats
  • Feels warm to the touch


  • A bit small heating pad

Come to pick it up when it owns a fantastic internal thermostat. And it’s not necessary to adjust anything. The mat gets designed to keep the temperature of around 15 degrees cozier than the ambient one.

Top 4: Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Pet Bed

With the recycled polyester fiber filling, the print pet bed brings high comfort and a nest-like shape driving cats to cuddle up for a good sleep. It’s time to offer your feline friend a calming and comfy spot to take a rest. This product has excellent heat-reflecting technology that maintains your cat both warm and relaxing. Also, the pet bed can reflect the body heat of the pet to emit warmth without electricity.

Getting made with easy-to-clean and machine-washable materials, the Aspen Pet bed can get placed in the standard washers to make the whole cleanup fast and handy. Besides, its polyester material is quite lightweight, which makes it convenient for transportation. This enables your cats to feel comfy even when you’re traveling. 


  • Perfect size and a good fit
  • Well-made and good price
  • High-quality materials
  • Warm and super soft 


  • Must be line dried after washing

For extra comfort, its cover gets made from corduroy while the sleeping space gets covered in lambswool. Generally, Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Bed could offer both small and large cats as well as dog breeds.

Top 5: Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler in Lux Fur Cat Bed

Not just supporting sleep, but the Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Bed can also offer your cats coziness and security. It’s all thanks to the high walls and sofa bed design that are meant to promote a calming sleep. The bed will support your pet’s health and manner at the same time. Now the cat can freely cuddle or sprawl as much as she wants. This bed is spacious enough for her to change sleeping positions.


  • Well-made and fit perfectly
  • Machine washable and soft 
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Great for cats to snug in


  • Slightly wobbly once cats get in

Last but not least, the heated cat bed of Best Friends by Sheri is made with pet-secure materials. In other words, these kitten beds are totally non-toxic. 

Top 6: Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed 

After spending several hours testing the product, Pet Magasin has successfully released the heated cat bed safe for both pet owners and pets. What makes this product different from others would be its super comfortable microfiber outer cover and the tender padding within the bed. It’s a delicate mixture of foam and fleece. All of them surely make your kitty happier than ever. 


  • Self-warming and well-made
  • Huge cave-shaped bed 
  • Cozy space for cats and dogs
  • No crinkling sound 


  • Hard to hold the shape.

Your cat will love this lovely sleeping bag. Though it looks plain, it’s made from faux-fur and soft material. Go to put it on the side for a cave, on the bottom for a cup, or make it flat for a lounge. 

Top 7: K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Duplex Heated Cat House

This Thermo-Kitty Duplex delivers a super comfy 2-room house to satisfy your cat’s sleeping needs. With the heated sleep surface on one side, your pet might love the feature of achieving whatever it loves. Better than that, this spacious house can accommodate over one cat. With two gates and one core wall that can get removed, this duplex house is what your pets need when resting indoors or outdoors.


  • Nice-looking and warm house
  • Great for kitties and senior cats
  • Effective heating pads
  • Large interior and super soft


  •   The cardboard is not very sturdy.

As compared to other cat beds, the heating pads of the K&H PET PRODUCTS cat house are outstanding. The heat is quite the same as the warmth left by somebody who has been sitting there for a while.

Top 8: MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed 

Since this cat bed is a handmade item, which means that it gets made from 100% wool. This Merino wool is claimed to fight against bacteria and can help dispel dirt, stains, and odor quite effectively. Moreover, this cave-shaped bed has a lot of spaces for a cat to enjoy her private time, comfort, and coziness. Apparently, the cat bed of MEOWFIA is made to keep your pet warm in the cold winter and cool it down in the hot summer. 


  • No need to set up
  • Plenty of room to rest in
  • Well-made and comfy materials
  • Worth every penny


  •   The bottom is not cushioned.

If you want to make your kitty happy, then don’t miss this heated cat bed of MEOWFIA. We’re sure that the pet will fall in love at first sight, and it doesn’t want to leave the bed. As it’s made of decent wool material, it can last for a long time.

Top 9: K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Mocha 

A few cats might easily get fed up with a normal bed, so we’ve not introduced you to the Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash cat bed. It features one orthopedic foam base covered by the polyester fiber bolster. And believe it or not? Your pet might find this heated bed super refreshing and cozy to sleep in. 


  • Ideal for senior cats
  • Fit perfectly and super comfy material
  • Memory-foam like experience
  • Removable heater


  •   The UK plug doesn’t get included.

With an energy-efficient heater, this bed is worth every penny for sure! It can get removed, so feel free to wash the bed in the washing machine. 

Top 10: K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed 

Thanks to its super soft material, K&H heated pet bed offers every pet owner greater flexibility as it comes to placement. The cat can have extra comfort once stepping in. What we find this product interesting is how possible it is to provide enough warmth in the sub-zero climate. Along with that, the tender PVC on the outer cover ensures the pet bed absorbs liquid well. 


  • Keep cats warm during cold nights
  • Nice-looking and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for outdoor cats


  •   The UK plug doesn’t get included.

Now go for it when the bed doesn’t just look basic but is also affordable in price. Apart from that, it comes with a removable fleece cover that can keep your cat warm.

Best Heated Cat Beds FAQs 

How many hours would I leave my heated cat bed plugged in?

Don’t worry because a few heated beds for cats can be used all day. It means that they can get unplugged as you go out for more than one day. Besides, other types of beds are made to get plugged in for ten hours.

How does a heated cat bed work?

All you need to do here is plugging it into a power outlet, and then just wait for it to start running. Any heated cat beds are made from particular materials that can mirror the body heat of a cat. 

Does using a heated cat bed raise my electricity bills?

It might increase your electricity bills only if it runs by electricity. Most self-warming beds for cats don’t need electricity, so there’s no need to worry about it.


As you see, a heated cat bed is perfect for your cats and dogs on cold days. A cat tends to sleep for 15 hours per day, so getting a warm space for it is an essential thing. It helps your cat sleep enough and get healthier. 

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