What are Best Electric Cat Toys For My Pet?

What makes electric cat toys better than non-powered ones? And how can we make a wise choice of best electric cat toys?

It’s a never-ending story about shopping for cat toys. They get fed up with things so fast, and that makes owners distressed with a house full of toys never used again. Hence, picking a piece that your cat engages in is cost-efficient and time-saving. 

Electric options are promising with drawing attention. And better than that, they are hand-free. The only issue is to pick the one that suits your pet. We’ve got some suggestions of best electric cat toys here and also answers for your wonders. 


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Top 10 best electronic cat toys to consider

Top 1 PetSafe Bolt – Automatic, Interactive Laser Cat Toy 

The laser is all cats’ favorite. With the beam running around in your house, your cats could exercise and engage in it for a significant amount of time. PetSafe Bolt is an ideal option if you don’t want to clean up after a fun time. 

When you start, the bolt is active for 15 minutes and then off to avoid harmful laser to the cat’s eyes. It produces a random circle of the laser so that cats could enjoy their curiosity longer. 

If you have a deaf cat, a laser is the best to stimulate them. It’s almost soundless but responsive and unexpected – as cats love.


  • Automatic off after 15 minutes
  • A-year warranty
  • Interactive laser 
  • Both manual and automatic mode


  • Battery excluded
  • A bit of annoying sound

Top 2 Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Twice The Mice Cat Toy

If you want more senses involved, this Our Pets Play-N-Squeak the Mice Cat Toy could do. This is a set of 2 mice with a fluffy body that can make sounds. 

Cats can chase them, bite or swivel around these toys all day without getting bored. Since they can touch, hear, and bite, they can feel the joy of hunting arising inside. 

These mice are small so that they won’t take up so much space in your house. The only issue is to wash the skin in case there are stains. 


  • Realistic to cat instinct
  • Catnip included
  • Sound included 
  • Two for a purchase
  • Safe to most cats
  • Battery included


  • Easily go ragged

Top 3 BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cat

The above are all for indoor activities. If you want something for an outdoor, this Swimming Robot Fish set is our top pick. 

They are made of plastic, so they are durable enough to suffer bites, scratches, and dropping. You can even put them into the water and let felines hang out with them on the playground. It’s a good idea for kids to bond with the cats. 

The fish can move like swimming in the water and make the sound of splashing. But better than that, LED lights inside the fish stimulate your pets even more. 


  • Four pieces in a set
  • Extra batteries and tools included
  • Durable even in water
  • Automatic swimming movements
  • LEDs


  • Less fun without the water

Top 4 Petlinks System Mystery Motion Electronic Activity Cat Toy

Feather is also one of the cat’s favorites. This Petlinks System Mystery Motion toy combines feather and hunting activity that cats would love to join. 

A cat or more can participate in the hunting game. While the feather is on and off from their vision, the cats will go crazy to catch them. The game picks out hunting intuition inside this animal and ensure long engagement. 

It will include many jumping, running, and crawling. Your cat must have to think about plans to catch that feather. Hence, it’s a healthy game to train your cats. 


  • Realistic to cat 
  • Multiple speed options
  • Healthy fun time
  • Durable 


  • Space-consuming
  • Not automatic

Top 5 Malier Electric Fish Cat Toys

This Malier is another electric fish, but you’re not about to let them swim. This considerable fish appears with a realistic 3D printed skin and body parts, which looks like a real fish in the cat’s mouth. 

It cannot swim, but the toy shows off angles to bite and grab. It can move along on the floor that stimulates the cat to chase and stalk. 

The maker has built a toy to last. They use the cloth that can suffer intense biting, water-proof, and stain-resistance. You can recharge them using the cable included. Hence, no more money so far. 


  • Realistic visual effect
  • Rechargeable
  • Catnip included 
  • Durable for chewing cats
  • Sound adjustment
  • Water-proof


  • Quite big for kittens

Top 6 Upgraded Interactive Tumbler Laser Toys for Pet

It’s another laser bolt but with a swiveling base. If you want your cat to have fun quickly and only on a physical level, a crazy swiveling bolt would be enough to catch his eyes. 

A laser beam with its random movement could extend the playing time. You can adjust the speed and time scale to fit in with your schedule. 


  • Easily customizable toy
  • Irregular laser circle to stimulate for longer time
  • Combination of movements and laser beam
  • Long-lasting operation
  • Safe material


  • No setting for automatic off

Top 7 KeBuLe Cat Toys Interactive Electronic

It’s another laser disposer, but you can mount it on the wall or glass. By keeping the cats away from the toy, you definitely can have it for longer.  

The set comes with everything you need to install. All you need to worry about is the space that the laser will reach with the mounted position. This toy is great for small houses where you don’t want to scatter toys all over the floor. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Space-saving
  • Automatic
  • Accessories included
  • Long battery life


  • No physical contact

Top 8 SmartyKat, Twirly Top, Electronic Motion Cat Toy

SmartKat offers a Twirly top that can move automatically to stimulate the cat. It’s the combination of ball and ribbon which both can drive cats crazy. 

It spins and causes mesmerizing vision to draw cat attention. And believe us, no cats could resist a spinning ball.  The toy is portable and lightweight enough for owners to carry around or pack for trips. 

Cats can spend time alone with these balls, but you can join in the game and bond with the cats. If you are worried about the laser’s effect, this one could be an excellent alternative. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and exciting movement for cheerful cats
  • Bonding proposal


  • The fabric could tear up easily

Top 9 PetSafe Electronic Cat Toys

Laser bolts could drive cats mad, but it can be the reason they jump up and down all over the place. If you want to keep the cat calm down with some mild activities, then a Petsafe electronic cat toy could help. It doesn’t take much space, and cats won’t be active too far away from the toy. 

It is a box with holes for mice. Two mouse heads will pop up randomly on two sides of the toy, and the cats will try their best to catch. It’s based on hunting features. 


  • Automatic functions
  • Different options
  • Close to hunting instinct


  • Quite costly
  • Batteries excluded

Top 10 YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

There is a more portable and shinier toy than the SmartyKat, YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat toy. It’s just a ball but an electric one. You can have LED lights along with mechanical spinning toys that cats love.

Because of its design, you can bring it with the pet everywhere. And the electric part can be recharged by cable, not battery. 


  • Rechargeable
  • LED light 
  • Spinning and redirecting 


  • Not ideal for outdoor 

Who Should Buy an Electronic Cat Toy?

Cat toys include powered and non-powered options, and each of them is to pursue a different purpose. Most of the time, electronic items will cost more, so they bust the bubble of shopping. 

Do we need an electric cat toy? And will it be the best option for your cat? Well, it’s not all-the-time best buy if you are not one of those owners. 

First, you should invest in an electronic cat toy if you are a busy person. Even cats are not as into cuddling as dogs, and they need equivalent attention. Experts suggest owners hang out with cats by playing with them in compensation because they don’t go out for a walk. 

However, the typical lifestyle now includes at least eight hours away from home. Felines do not gain enough playing time. Luckily, electric toys can keep them busy without human presence. That is the point. Most electric cat toys can swirl, spin, move or produce beautiful sounds that cats love to discover. 

Second, you should get them electric toys when you’re out of town for a momentous day. You may be around regularly to entertain them, but sudden cut-off of presence can make them shocked more or less. The best you can do is keep them busy with self-interactive toys like electric ones. They can hardly notice your absence as they’re busy with something fun. 

Last but not least, you should when you want your cat to gain more interaction. Because of some reasons, felines could be so shy that they barely interact with you. A powered item can attract their attention without startling them. 

Sometimes, we encounter a situation where a new cat doesn’t join in with others in the range. An automatic toy could draw the attention of the group and make them play together effortlessly.

Electric cat toys are mainly for fun as other types. Hence, you might take them for granted most of the time. However, if you’re in one of the above situations, let’s consider them the best options.

Important Features to Consider

Level of usage

Even though toys are just for fun, it’s responsible for considering effectiveness. Let’s review if you can your cat can benefit better from that choice instead of another? Is it the best bang for the buck? Will your cat spend quality time with it or never?


Cats play with everything they have. They can claw, chew or even chase the toys around. The toy may not serve its primary purpose always but depending on the felines. Therefore, you’d better go for more durable ones. 


Cats are picky. Most of the time, they don’t like something that lies on the ground and stay still. Besides, they lose excitement about things fast. As a result, good cat toys must contain significant entertaining features. The more the toy offers, the longer the cat will engage.


You might want to consider some additional features like switch on/off, frequency setting, or more customization options. These additions will cost more but work closely to your needs.


No matter what you buy, make sure that it’s safe for your cat, house, and you. The battery is the prone part besides mechanical items inside the toys. It’s essential to ensure that these sections are secured and safe no matter what. The same law is applied to material, design, and functions.

FAQs about Best Electric Cat Toys

What cats need electric toys?

Lonely or shy cats will appreciate electric toys better than others. It’s because the automatic ones could help them develop activities without changing much of their environment. 

How to entertain them always?

Cats grow bored quite quickly after they figure out how things work. Therefore, complicated toys like electric ones could keep them busy for a longer time. Besides, requiring different senses to explore a toy can entertain them for a long time. Hence, most toys try to deliver variety in material, color, movements, sound, and even smell.

Will lasers be terrible for cats?

Cats love lasers but will it be friendly with our pets?

A laser is not immense harm if you don’t point it directly to the eyes-the most vulnerable part. The electric laser toy offers the beam which goes around so, probably safely most of the time.  

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