Top 7 Best Deshedding Brushes For Cats 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide 

Deshedding brush can give the cat owners a lot of benefits apart from removing loose hair or dander. For this reason, it makes a cat deshedding brush worth every penny. Only the best deshedding brushes for cats feels fantastic in your hand so that it would be gentle on the skin of your pet. 

Well, cats are adorable and graceful animals, but they also need us to clean them up at times. If you have a cat, you have found hair on your clothes and floors several times. It’s hard to dodge this issue with indoor cats. And brushing your cat can help decrease shedding and keep your home clean as always. Today, we’re going to introduce the best deshedding brushes for cats with special needs.


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Top 7 deshedding brushes for cats you may miss

Top 1: Mars Boar Bristle Cat Hair Brush

If you have a short-haired cat, the Mars Boar Bristle Cat Hair Brush would be a perfect choice to make. With natural bristles, this brush is ideal for grooming your kitten. Besides, the handle is made of durable beechwood and quite easy to hold. Apparently, the brush does an excellent job on your cat’s fur – a must-have for cat groomers. 

The product is claimed to comb through the pet hair to get rid of dead hairs and increase the animal’s sheen coat. Since the bristles are quite soft, they won’t cause any irritation to the cat’s skin. More importantly, they feel firm enough to take away loose fur. 


  • Cats love the brush
  • Gentle bristles
  • Easy-to-hold handle
  • Improve the quality of pet fur


  • Not suitable for long-haired cats

Last but not least, your kitty will love this brush because it feels soft on its fur. It can remove the loose hair and boost the quality of the fur. Though it might not get much hair, the cats still look fresh and shiny after get brushed. It makes them merrier even than catnip, so it’s worth your money.

Top 2: GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake 

Excessive hair is a big challenge for pet owners. With the GoPets comb, it’s easier to clear out all types of tangles. The brush is perfect for de-shedding your dogs and cats. The benefits of cat grooming are just beyond looking awesome. It improves the cat’s mental state and manner. It’s also crucial for their health. 

The GoPets Dematting Comb can comb out all tangles with ease. The comb is exclusively made to work with cats of all sizes, from small to big. No matter if it’s the single or double coats, the comb will handle them all. Its stainless steel blades cut through tangles instead of pulling the hair. It won’t irritate the cat’s skin if doing so. 

Besides, its 12-tooth side is good enough to remove tough mats and tangles. Meanwhile, the 23-tooth side can work well at de-shedding. 


  • Soft and comfy grip
  • Remove excess hair better 
  • Well-made and sturdy rake
  • Lightweight comb


  • Not for short-haired cats

Differing from the first one, the GoPets Dematting Comb enables a much better grip while offering a soft cushion for the hand. It can’t put any stress on any particular part of your hand at all. 

Top 3: Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats 

Grooming cats with long hair is now easier than ever with the help of the slicker brush. It helps remove hairballs without irritating your cat’s skin. Besides, matted fur is a common issue occurring in long-haired cats once the fur turns entangled. The stainless steel pins can go into the undercoat to eliminate mats. They’re exquisite enough not to damage the cat’s skin. 

The self-cleaning brush is not only safe but also useful for cats with long hair and short hair. With a well-made handle designed with comfy material, it’s easier to groom your furry buddy. Let’s keep your pet’s fur healthy and decrease hairballs with this handy slicker brush as soon as possible!


  • Self-cleaning button for more manageable hair removal
  • Perfect for de-shedding 
  • Stainless steel pins handle dreadlocks well
  • Well-designed handle for grooming 


  • Not suitable for short-haired cats

In short, frequent brushing will help dodge hairballs and increase the luster of your cat’s coat. Ensure to do it in the direction of its hair growth and always use it gently. Try to work on little parts and part the cat’s hair in different sections. Don’t worry since the brush has the right size for the pets. 

Top 4: FURminator for cats, a de-shedding tool for cats 

If you have pets, you’re living with pet hair. Don’t panic since the FURminator deshedding tool will give your home the best grooming solution than ever. Your cat becomes happier when its loose hair gets reduced from the undercoat. It also gets rid of dirt and debris sticking to the coat and makes the cat fresh all day long.

The tool gets well-made to reach the topcoat and starts removing loose hair. Or you might like how it reaches through the undercoat without irritating the skin. With the delicate handle, the pet owner’s grooming task becomes smoother than ever. Also, its Fur ejector button helps emit hair without difficulty. 


  • Comfortable handle for grooming
  • Effective at removing hair
  • Worth the bucks


  • Less versatile than some models on the market

For comfort when in use, its curved edges fit your pet’s shape perfectly. Make sure to brush the cats with double coats every week.

Top 5: Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove Brush and Deshedding Aid

Mr. Peanut pet grooming gloves will change your mind in the first use. It’s facile to use and gives pets a comfortable and pleasant massage. Though they look a bit large on your hands, it remains manageable. In the shedding season, both dogs and cats tend to explode furballs, so this pet grooming glove will help a lot by pulling much fine undercoat from them.

With this tool, you can easily comb out all mats and tangles from your cat. Only when slipping on these gloves, you will grab a significant amount of loose hair. 


  • Good at removing loose hair
  • Work way through hardest areas
  • The flexible silicone rubber material 


  • Cat hair doesn’t cling to the gloves

Overall, the pet glove brush of Mr. Peanut lets you work your way through the pet’s fur effectively. Ensure to wash your gloves with soapy water and leave them dry after that. 

Top 6: Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

With Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Hair Brush, you won’t have to handle the shredded fur alone. You don’t have to spend the whole day picking up the fur from the floor. How come? That’s because Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush features an automatic cleaning option. Let’s tap the button to let the bristles slide into the brush. It allows you to clean off the hair with ease. 


  • Work well with long-haired cats
  • Durable to use
  • Easily groom the cats without damaging the bristles
  • Comfortable for the pets 


  • Cat hair doesn’t cling to the gloves

Last but not least, its comfort-grip plus anti-slip handle will help you prevent wrist strains while grooming your cat. The brush of Hertzko can eliminate lost hair, tangles, knots, dander, and dirt without leaving any scratch on your pet’s skin.

Top 7: CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Shedding Massage/Bath Brush

With the decent silicone material, the Celemoon cat grooming shedding brush is super soft and comfy to use on your pet. It won’t ever scratch its skin, and they surely love it for the first use. Unlike others, the pet owner can easily rinse it with water to remove the hair after you’re done grooming the cat. 


  • Fits nicely in the hand
  • Gentle and effective to use
  • Remove the cat hair easily 


  • Works best with long-haired cats

Better than that, the handgrip won’t slip when you’re brushing the cat since it fits into your hands. Also, the cat brush of CeleMoon is quite easy to use and comfy to hold. 

Consider when buying cat self groomer 

Easy cleaning

If you have to invest one, then go to settle for an easy-cleaning brush. A few of them own pins that the pet owners can start using to remove tangles and knots with ease. Meanwhile, other brands produce brushes with large teeth to brush the pet thoroughly.

Level of comfort 

Many cats love getting brushed since it feels so much relaxing. This is why you need to go for a brush that can help massage the skin of your pet. Choose glove brushes for big cats since they can brush larger areas and make them comfortable.


Before purchasing a brush, be aware of how sensitive the pet is. Make sure that the tool has rubber-coated pins because they would be safe to avail on the fur of your pet.

FAQs about best deshedding brushes 

What is the material of the deshedding brush?

It’s made of soft rubber and skin-friendly plastic, so the product is safe to use for your pets. 

How often should I use the deshedding brush on my cats?

There’s no specific rule for grooming with a deshedding brush. Some pet owners would recommend you to use the tool a few times per week. Meanwhile, others using the Furminator recommend you to use it once a week.

How to make the whole grooming process more pleasant to cats?

Prepare some tasty treats for your cats and place them in a quiet place before starting to groom them. Do not try to restrain them because your cat will become more anxious during the process.


Brushing your cat daily will help reduce its shedding and hairballs effectively. We hope that you could find the best one fitting your cat’s needs among these 7 de-shedding brushes. Use the tool now, and you’ll be amazed at how much hair you pick up in a few seconds.

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