Top 6 Best Covered Cat Beds of 2021 – Keep Your Cats Warm and Comfortable

Cats are pickier in choosing a place to sleep than dogs or other pets. They need a soft and warm place that gives them a sense of security. A covered cat bed will surely make them satisfied. 

However, with a large number of covered cat beds on the market, you find it not easy to choose the right one for your feline friends. After reviewing hundreds of covered cat beds, we rounded up a list of best covered cat beds to make it easy for you to make a choice. 


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Top 6 Best Covered Cat Beds 2021 Reviews

Top#1: Pet Tent Soft Bed for Cat

The first product in our list of the top 6 best covered cat beds is a soft and plush cat bed from Best Pet Supplies. The product is designed with a combination of scratcher and hideout in a tent-shaped environment that provides cats a private place to sleep and scratch their nails. 

Made from durable, washable corduroy, linen, or faux suede, the cat tent is machine wash safely without being changed shape. Besides, the tent shape and the neutral colors of the fabric make this bed match perfectly with any style of home decor. With a simple structure, the product is easy and quick to assemble and dismantle.


  • The bottom of the cat tent is featured non-skid
  • A pillow is included
  • Machine-wash safe without changing shape
  • Crafted with soft, comfortable, and durable Polyurethane Foam lining


  • Some say that the cat tent doesn’t maintain the shape well when having it machine washed.

Despite receiving a few complaints from the users, the cat tent is still a fantastic covered cat bed for cats with a positive review rate of up to 90 percent. The product’s quality is better than any other cat beds at the same price point.

Top#2: MidWest Curious Cat Condo

Designed to satisfy cats’ instincts to play and sleep, the Midwest Curious Cat Bed offers a warm and cozy bed and a spacious playground. The product features an ideal stuffed bolster cushioned bed for cats to enjoy their relaxing time to the fullest. 

The inside of this product offers a comfortable and luxurious synthetic sheepskin bed linen for a perfect hideaway for cats to sleep and nap. The spacious condo is covered in faux-suede, making it perfect for all cat sizes. The cat condo also includes a hanging toy for cats to play with.

The simple structure of this cat bed allows users to assemble easily and clean quickly by swiping down. 


  • Cushioned and comfortable bed topper
  • Enhance cat’s playtime with the attached plush toy
  • Large entry allows cats to get in easily.
  • Quick fold down when need to store or carry along


  • Cats are easy to tuck in small holes.

With a stylish design and rich-featured, the MidWest Curious Cat Cube is not only a cat bed; it’s a playground and a cat’s house at the same time.

Top#3: Kitty City Large Cat Bed

The Kitty City Large Cat Bed is the next covered cat bed on our list. The structure of this product is a little the same as the one from MidWest with a cube and the top bed that is easy to set up and dismantle for storage. This two-platform structure also offers cats more space to play and take a nap. 

Sidewalls made of fabric create a stable perch for cats and fold down in seconds for storage. The product includes a base made of fleece and a pillow made of soft polyester that is removable and safe for machine wash.

For those who have a passion for home decor, this one is the best option with the designer print fabric. The product will surely look perfect in any style of home decor.


  • Cozy hideaway and soft cushioned perch
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Comfortable and warm fleece mat
  • Machine washable


  • Some say that the product is not sturdy.

With the modern design, what you can get from the Kitty City Large Cat Bed is not only a bed for your cats but also a perfect addition of furniture for your home decor.

Top#4: Aeromark International Armarkat Cave Shape Cat Beds

The cat cave from Armarkat is more than perfect for providing your cats a private place to sleep. The product is made of soft waterproof velvet in cave-shaped that offers cats a sense of security and makes them comfortable to sleep in. To prevent the product from skidding when cats have a sudden movement, this cat bed also includes an anti-skid base.


  • Removable Pillow and skid-free bottom
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Made of waterproof, soft velvet


  • Not recommend for multi-cat home

The Aeromark International Armarkat Cave Shape cat bed is highly recommended for those who own one cat and live in a small house or apartment.

Top#5: Smiling Paws A 2in1 Covered Cat Bed

A versatile design of cat bed from Smiling Paws will fit perfectly in any corner of your house, from the shelving, floors to the raised counters, or even on the padded surface. You can set the bed as a covered bed to offer your cats a private place to sleep or turn it into an open-top bed if they feel strapped.


  • Versatile design for different using purposes
  • super soft and comfortable
  • Self-cooling and warming ability


  • A little bit pricey

Although the cost is a little bit higher than others on our list, the quality of the Smiling Paws cat bed will make you find it worth paying.

Top#6: Armarkat Cat Bed, Laurel Green and Beige

The last covered cat bed on our list is another one from Armarkat. As you can see, these two products from Armarkat are both made of soft and waterproof velvet and include an anti-skid base. The product is filled with 100% polyester to maximize comfort for cats to sleep.


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for home decor


  • The size of the cave inside is quite small.

In short, the waterproof velvet and anti-skid base offer your cats a sturdy bed and maximum comfort to lounge on.

FAQs about Best Covered Cat Beds

What Are Cat Beds?

Cat beds are places for cats to sleep or nap. A comfortable, soft, warm cat bed provides cats a safe place called their own to sleep. There are different types of cat beds that come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. To get the best one for your furry friends, you need to understand their sleep habit and their favorite sleeping place at home.

Why Should We Need to Buy a Cat Bed?

People may think that buying a cat bed is a waste of money because cats like to lounge on the couch and sofa rather than using a cat bed. Yes, this is correct, but it is only correct when cats do not have their own bed. A cat bed brings cats and cats’ parents a lot of benefits, such as keeping cats warm, easing joint pain, and keeping your couch from being covered full of fur.

How Can I Help My Cats to Get Used to Their Cat Bed?

Cats like familiar places that make them feel safe and comfy. So it will take time to help your cats get used to the new cat beds. Placing your cat’s favorite catnip inside and nearby the cat bed to encourage your cats to use their new beds.

Final Words 

If you’re looking for a new cat bed for your feline friend, put our list of the top 6 best covered cat beds in check to make sure you can get the right one that suits your demand at a low cost. Although the cost of the two products from Armarkat is a little higher than others, the stylish look and high-quality material used will surely become your cat’s favorite.

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