Top 8 Best Catnip Toys For Your Cat – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021  

You want to buy the best catnip toys for your cats but have no ideas of what type to buy? Well, the information in this article may help you.

Cats usually turn their noses up whenever you give them veggies, but we’re sure that catnip would be another different thing. How come? It’s because catnip is a herb containing the volatile oil that makes cats love the most. This oil is known as nepetalactone that appeals to kittens and triggers a pleasant response in them. 

Once they smell it, they tend to roll around. But for some cats, catnip owns a sedative effect. For others, catnip has no impact at all. Thus, it’s best to invest in catnip toys for your cat to interact with. But not every catnip toy is made equally. Today we shall introduce you to the best catnip toys for your cat. 


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Top 8 best catnip toys your cat loves 

Top 1: Yeowww! My Cats Balls Pack

If you’ve seen your cat loves chasing a ball around the home, then these bouncy and super softballs would be the perfect items for her. They get filled with organic catnip only and come in sets of three. Trust me, the toy comes in handy during the pet’s playtime. The balls can meet all needs of a cat, ranging from play, scratching, retreat to the fun. 

What you will love the most about this toy is its material. The cotton fabric makes it easier for pets to hold with their claws or even teeth. Besides, it’s made from durable material and colored using natural veggies or soy-based shades. Use the balls to keep your kitties appealed for a long time. 

You can play with them by throwing the ball. Come to let the pets to chase and catch it. The cats would do this all day long and have only some breaks in between these playtimes. 


  • Filled with 100% organic catnip
  • Heavy-duty cotton material
  • Unique design and colors


  • Unable to wash them
  • Less fragrant by time 

In short, hurry to bring these organic catnip filled balls soon. They certainly offer your feline buddy new heights of entertainment once she starts to fondle them. 

Top 2: Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

Catnip cat toys by Petstages can clean teeth and helps massage your pet’s gums quite effectively. Better than that, catnip would stimulate the cat’s sense of smell and pleases the urge to chew. They also help massage the pet’s gums to boost their dental health. With catnip contained inside, kitties and other mature cats will feel more energetic to play around.

From the cute design to the lightweight texture, these catnip toys make your cat fall in love with at once. Since the toy is light, it’s easier for batting and tossing during playtime. Trust me or not, a lot of cats would like to catch them in the air and then chase after their little toys. Well, your cute feline friend will carry them, and even chew on them. 


  • It fits cats of different ages
  • Affordable price
  • Good for tossing and batting


  • Can’t rattle like other cats toys

Overall, Petstages Catnip Mouse-Shaped toys here are the most affordable chewing toys you can consider getting for your pet. They feature a tough outer netting. It’s perfect for chewing action and for eliminating tartar from their teeth.

Top 3: Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

It’s perfect for your cat to grab, nuzzle, and kick. The pet will spend a long time playing with the toy without needing a break. For instance, a cat can stick with a catnip toy for 10 minutes before going back to a nap. No doubt, this catnip toy is a durable cotton banana with organic catnip contained in it. 

And you would see no filter at all, and become satisfied to know that it’s made of durable cotton fabric. The toy itself also uses soy or vegetable-based dyes that do not contain toxic. Feel free to throw this catnip toy and then wait for them to catch it. It’s one of the best exercises they can do to decrease unwanted illnesses like obesity for example. And your cats would find it more interesting to play with you.


  • Strong catnip smell
  • Suitable size for licking and kicking
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • High shipp̣ing rate 

Last but not least, the delicate mixture of its shape and color clicks. It makes your cat excited to chew, and the toy is safe to do that. As mentioned above, the toy gets made with natural ingredients and veggie-based dyes only.

Top 4: Kitty Stick Catnip Toy

Once using it, you might shout out what a brilliant product. That’s because there must be something about those sticks making your cat go wild. She runs around with it and places it in the little teeth. She loves them! Though the toy seems a bit expensive, they’re worth your money.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Boost dental health
  • Strong catnip smell


  • Not heavy enough

Overall, your feline friend will like to play with this long and catnip-contained pillow. She loves licking, kicking, and grasping it for hours. Some cat owners also claim that cats successfully improved their breaths after using the toy.

Top 5: Catnip Fish Toys for Cats

Are you searching for a super simulation and soft catnip toy for your kitties? If so, then catnip fish is what you’re expecting. The fake fish here gets stuffed with catnip and has a unique fragrance that appeals to the cats. They tend to pay attention to the toys because of that and would spend more time playing with them. Ensure to put the toy in the sunlight to make the smell stronger. 


  • Made with non-toxic ingredients
  • Soft to chew
  • Catnip smell goes back in the sunlight


  • Contains less catnip

Generally, if your cat loves playing with large-sized toys, she will like these catnip fish items. She usually hugs them between the paws and starts biting them.

Top 6: Petstages Nighttime Catnip Roll Toys

What to do when your cat keeps waking you up at midnight with noisy stuff? Don’t worry because we’ve given you the solution. Catnip rolls of Petstages will be a silent toy keeping your pet’s attention all the time. Besides, the toy fits those loving to chew thanks to its multicolored appearance. It gets made of rope and cotton lines that get rolled around the core. 


  • Silent catnip toys to keep cats interested at night
  • Good shape for biting 
  • Rolling releases catnip smell


  • Catnip easily dries out if not shipped carefully 

Like other catnip toys, the rolls get designed to attract your cat’s attention and help boost their oral health at the same time. Now come to get it to keep them satisfied.

Top 7: Cat Wubba Hugga – Fleece Plush Catnip Toy

Among so many cat toys out there, the Hugga Cat Wubba Toys are the most common to pet owners. It can excite your cats for a long time. How come? The toy of Kong gets designed to stimulate a cat’s demand for stalking and catching the prey. Besides, it owns an appealing sound and gets combined with the decent North American catnip ingredient. 


  • Rough enough to clean cat’s teeth
  • Perfect for chewing, kicking, and carrying around
  • Contain good-quality catnip


  • Not fitting larger cats

In short, Cat Wubba Hugga will help stimulate all senses of your cats, including sight, sound, smell, and touch. Its outer look and super soft texture also make it so much fun for cats to start wrestling.

Top 8: Petstages Catnip Dental Chews

Catnip Dental Chews of Petstages doesn’t only help massage the cat’s gums but also improves her dental hygiene. Getting made of mesh netting, the toy appears pretty gentle when removing the tartar which is covering your pet’s teeth and gums. Apart from this, the little and cute chew toy gets stuffed with an intense catnip herb to drive your kitten’s attention and make her more energetic to play with. 


  • Rough netting material 
  • Perfect for dental chewing action
  • Lightweight to bat and carry around


  • Not fitting older cats 

To sum up, this lightweight and well-built catnip toy are worth every penny when featuring different great things. These are feathers, multicolored fabrics, and bells to give your little feline buddy a multi-sensory experience. It also comes up in a bunch of styles for your selection.

Important features to consider buying best catnip toys

As you know, most toys stuffed with catnip own the bonus of the fact that your pet doesn’t only have a new item to play with. More than that, your cats receive the fantastic effects of this aroma. 

Well, all catnip toys are secure and good to your feline friends, but you still consider which one is the most suitable to make the right choice. The most crucial elements here would be its durability, safety, size, and playing style. 

To get the ideal one, learn your cat’s behavior at first. For example, if you’re aware of your cat’s interest in chewing toys, come to select the one with a basic shape without any little attachment that might hurt the cat’s mouth.

Best catnip toys FAQs

Is it safe to let the cats chew on catnip toys?

All catnip-stuffed objects become very common with every breed of cat and serve as an amazing way to get your cat to work out. Better than this, they contain no toxic, so are safe for cats of all breeds to use. 

Why do I need to buy catnip-contained chew toys?

You will encounter your pooch having the habit of teething all the time. Such a habit helps boost the growth of her healthy teeth and gums. In other words, chew toys can handle the stubborn pets and let you handle the issue of your furry buddy chewing furniture and other objects in the house.

What are the most dangerous objects for my pet to chew?

Prevent your lovely feline friend from teething wires, plants, cords, and little items. These can be dangerous for her to chew on or swallow. 


We hope that you’ve already reviewed every product mentioned in this article, and come to the last decision. Make sure your chosen catnip toys for your cat are great for the health of her teeth and gums. More importantly, they must get made from durable material and contain a strong catnip to keep your pet returning for more.

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