Best Cat Tree House of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

A best cat tree house is an indispensable element for the care to meet his needs. This product comes to save carpets, furniture, and other furnishings present in the house from scratches. Let’s face it! Cats are wonderful animals, but they make themselves less nice when they decide to get their nails done on the new sofa, on the shelves, or on some other design furniture that we love so much.

To avoid this annoying problem, we must provide our four-legged friend with a nice tree house for cats. Many people would argue that one piece of corrugated cardboard is more than enough and that designs, such as scratching posts, are too expensive. But for the good and happiness of our cat, it is worth making a small sacrifice that will have greater durability. So, let’s see how to choose the best cat tree house!


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Top 10 Cat Tree House For Your Cat

Top 1: AmazonBasics Cat Tree Tower With Perch Condo

AmazonBasics tree model is perfect for adult cats and is multi-level. The support platforms are three, supported by seven columns covered with jute. It is a place where your cats can have fun and get their nails done without problems. The highest platform is circular and has raised edges that your cat can also use as a kennel.

The Amazon Basics unit is a product that stands out for its quality/price ratio. Aesthetically, it is nice, compact, and functional. It offers both areas where the cat can comfortably sit, and others to hide. The design is typical and ergonomic for all cats.

It is available in various colors, takes up brief space, and is suitable for all living areas. For cats over 5kg, it may be small, especially because of the height and the upper area that is not too wide. Overall, it is a well-recommended product, especially given the affordable price.


  • Extremely stable
  • Fits in any corner of the house
  • Simple to assemble
  • Reasonable price


  • Small for cats over 5kg

Top 2: Trixie Cat Tree House

Trixie treehouse is a design that many owners appreciate for its clean lines. The unit is functional because it has many spaces to entertain a cat. It is an object that combines aesthetics with functionality. Cats love to climb the highest platform, but they also love to sneak into the lower hollows. The house is beautiful and robust.

The Trixie product is simple but well-made. It features a base from which the rope trunk rises and is perfect for cat nails. It also has an upper part where cats can sit, and some nice pendants that will entertain your kittens. But be careful! It is suitable for puppies or cats of limited size and weight, not for large and heavy cats.


  • A lined platform for added comfort
  • Various and well-distributed spaces
  • Washable cushions
  • High functional


  • Not for large and heavyweight cats

Top 3: FEANDREA Cat Tree House With Scratching Board

FEANDREA is a multi-purpose and multi-surface treehouse for cats. It is an imposing structure that will make your cats have fun like crazy. This model comes with various scratching surfaces (both vertical and horizontal) with a basket and a kennel. It is a piece of furniture that cats adore and they can vent their instincts without problems.

The FEANDREA treehouse in the large version is also suitable for cats of enormous size and weight. The materials are resistant and the well-designed structure will satisfy your cats in the best possible way. It is a tree structure, so the cat can also stand high and relax. The scratchable areas are the columns, covered in jute, with excellent quality. Overall, it is an interesting product with an excellent quality/price ratio.


  • Multi-purpose and multi-surface
  • High quality certified materials
  • Easy assembly and spacious


  • Expensive

Top 4: Dibea Cat Tree House With Scratching Post

Dibea model is a climbing house that also includes cat toys. Just over a meter tall, this piece resembles a luxurious tree. It encourages each cat to climb on it and sharpen its claws. It also comes with a cozy kennel and some play accessories. Your cat will love to observe everything around him by climbing on the highest platform.

The Dibea scratching area has a delicate construction and excellent durability for cats. First, it reaches a height of 154 cm, allowing the cat to explore and conquer the peaks as it pleases. The colors are gray and white.

So, if you have to match it in a particular room keep this in mind. The material is safe and pleasant for the cat. Besides, it is an elite unit for getting his nails played and resting with special areas and hanging toys. Overall, the Dibea model is a successful product that will satisfy you and will please your cat.


  • Extremely resistant material
  • Cozy and soft shelves and bed
  • Supports for getting your nails done
  • Bed and PlayStation functions


  • Expensive

Top 5: BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

The BEWISHOME model comes with a bulky design, designed to be suitable for both kittens and adult cats. It comprises two cat trees, one lower and one higher, and three support platforms. Cats will enjoy getting on and off these shelves and will take a few satisfied naps on them too.

The BEWISHOME condo comes with a cuddly, long-haired plush and offers your cat space to relax in a cozy hammock. To play with, this toy house has two sisal trunks and a ball on the rubber band that the cats can let off steam. With one of the biggest dimensions, this unit is suitable for large living spaces.


  • Coating in water repellent material
  • Double face cushions
  • Plenty of space dedicated to the scratching post rope
  • Large capacity for both kittens and adult cats


  • Clearance concerns

Top 6: YAHEETECH Cat Tree House

The YAHEETECH model has a tall and solid structure that is ideal for giving your cat a place where he can sleep, play, and get his nails done. It can be placed anywhere in the house thanks to the convenient corner section.

With the YAHEETECH treehouse, you get a cat scratching post that offers many lying areas, a cat cafe, and even a hammock. With the two pillars and the ladder, the cat will have enough opportunities to sharpen its claws and let off steam. This toy has a height of 100cm. To set up the scratching post, you need an area of ​​90 x 60 cm. It covers the cat scratching post with soft plush and wrapped in durable natural sisal.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The coating that resists wear
  • Fits into corners


  • Misleading advertising color

Top 7: Tangkula Cat Tree House With Perches Scratching Post

This model comprises both a tree structure and a doghouse open on the sides. The materials and finishes are excellent, and it integrates game accessories at both levels (a ball and a mouse). It resists over time and is suitable for medium-sized cats.

With its size of 32 x 18 x 48 inches, the extra-wide scratching post from Tangkula offers your cat a lot of opportunities to play, relax and sharpen its claws. Besides various play and sleeping facilities, the great vantage points, the cozy cave, and the cozy hammock are noteworthy. This cat tree house comes with durable plush with the scratching options wrapped in sisal.


  • Very large niche for naps
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with integrated gaming accessories


  • Too small compartment

Top 8: FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree House

FEANDREA multi-level house is a model with a simple and neutral design. Despite the gigantic size, it adapts to any environment without making your house messy. It is the ideal choice if you have multiple cats. Besides getting their nails done, your cats can curl up in a cozy and spacious bed of soft fabric.

There is a ball also hanging from the highest platform that is perfect for entertaining the cat in moments of play. This extra-large toy by FEANDREA offers a spacious environment for every cat.

For quieter cats, there are plenty of plush lying and sleeping options and a cuddly cave. Otherwise, the active cats can jump back and forth on the various platforms or let off steam on the furballs and sisal columns.


  • Extra-large compartments
  • High-quality finishes
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely stable


  • Heavyweight

Top 9: Dibea Activity Centre Scratching Post

This medium-sized scratching post from Dibea is a stable, robust, and versatile cat tree. With a cave, three platforms, two play balls, a play rope, and various scratching options, it offers your cats enough space to play and relax.

The scratching post comes with soft plush, which is available in many material combinations. Also, it covers the cat possibilities with sturdy sisal. The scratching post has a total size of 19.69 x 11.81 x 33.46 inches.


  • Stable and robust
  • Multiple functions
  • Comfortable plush material


  • Not suitable for adult cats

Top 10: ZENY 53” Cat Tree House With Sisal-Coverd Scratching Post

If you are looking for a toy for heavy cats, the scratching post should be stable and offer good stability. For example, a scratching post made of genuine wood, a scratching post with a tree trunk, or a heavy scratching post with a thick trunk are suitable. A toy house for Maine Coon, Ragdoll, or other large cats should offer a correspondingly large lying surface as a scratching post for large cats.

ZENY offers a house for large cats that takes up a lot of space. This ZENY post is usually high and offers many climbing opportunities and various scratching post accessories such as loungers, hanging chairs, and caves. This model is large and is also suitable as a play paradise as a scratching post for two cats or several pets.

This cat tree also comes with a ceiling tensioner that you can adjust the height using a screw thread. It is tall and offers good climbing opportunities.


  • Extra-large capacities
  • Solid and durable
  • The vast amount of accessories


  • Heavyweight

Types of Cat Tree House

The treehouses today are many and the manufacturers make all kinds. But the fundamental aspect to understand is towards the choice of a vertical or horizontal product.


Vertical houses are the most purchased precisely because they represent a summit to be conquered for the animal. It is even better if they reach the ceiling and develop in height. Because for the cat, it is essential to hide and have full control of the house.


It is an obligatory choice for reasons of space. They have different components that develop and create a lot of curiosity and imagination in the animal. They could lead to a kind of boredom in the animal. This type opts for furniture that is higher and full of inlets.

Why Should You Buy a Cat Tree House?

Having a treehouse for cats at home generates significant benefits. First, your cat will have a specific place to get his nails done. Then, he will leave the sofa and other furniture in the house alone. Scratching posts of the house are specifically designed to stimulate a cat on a physical and mental level. It is an essential factor if the animal lives in an apartment and risks becoming sedentary. Finally, cats always like to have a safe place reserved for them, where they are not disturbed.

Overall, here are some interesting reasons that will convince you to buy a treehouse for your cat.

  • They can get their nails done without damage.
  • They can keep themselves active.
  • They can play freely.
  • They can relax anytime.

Important Features to consider


The ideal cat tree house must have a light wooden base with a particular coating in Sisal. This material is rough and compact to the touch. Overall, it is ideal for getting your cat’s nails done and satisfying your four-legged friend.

The base of the product must come with hard, rigid, and heavy wood. This structure is stable and does not suffer the stresses of the cat while playing. Of course, every type of material used must be certified according to the current regulations, non-toxic, and resistant to every existing cat breed.


A treehouse, besides the materials and types, must contain other fundamental characteristics that are ideal for the result. It is always keeping your cat comfortable and fun. The stimulation is crucial, so the cat tree must have several shelves with some toys hanging or hidden inside the bunks. The more compartments and surprises there are, the more the cat can play and rest whenever he wants.

The games, as mentioned, must be both hung and distributed within the various compartments. Changing positions every day is ideal to ensure that the four-legged friend never gets bored. Even the colors are vital to go in line with the interior of the house and keep your pet entertained.


Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors because the cat is a clean animal. They dislike dirt and for this reason, the cat tree house must always be sanitized.

Some alternative models give the possibility of being able to disassemble the various parts and proceed with a thorough cleaning. In case you do not want to remove all the elements, you can proceed immediately with the brush to remove the hair. Then, with a vacuum cleaner in medium power mode, it is suitable for cleaning carpets.

You can also use a special dry spray and pass a damp sponge to remove any stains. The product must not be wet as it could be damaged and lose its effect.


It is not a secondary factor because the position is also an important point in the growth and development of your cat friend. The ideal position could be the salon where the cat is in the company and can rule the central point of the house from the other.

If the family spends mostly in the kitchen, move the toy to that area. It is vital for the cat to play, rest, control, and be close to you. Another area could be near doors and windows where the cat can browse what is happening outside without losing sight of their favorite game.

FAQs about best cat tree house 2021

Does my cat need a treehouse?

Cats like to have a space dedicated only to them. It is their exclusive territory and humans cannot enter. To meet this innate need, it is wise to buy a cat treehouse. In these structures, your four-legged friend can get his nails done, play, and rest without fear of being scolded or disturbed.

Is it worth the money to buy a treehouse toy?

While they may seem expensive tree houses are well worth their price. An excellent model should provide the cat with ample space for clawing and a raised shelf to observe the world. They can also be excellent pieces of furniture, as they exist in many colors.

How tall should a cat house be?

Many models are at floor level. But if we want to provide a place for our cat to play, it would be better if they had the tree structure that rises towards the ceiling. Some treehouses are over one-meter high. But you have to consider the size of your home. Just make sure your cat can jump from level to level.

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