Best Cat Tree for Large Cats of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

All people who have a cat at home will have had to deal with sofas, carpets, or even scratched furniture. It is an extremely annoying habit that can cause problems in coexistence with our beloved felines. But it can be corrected thanks to a simple tool, the cat treehouse.

In this review, we have found for you the best cat tree for large cats divided into categories. Also, we will explain how to look for an excellent product and how to choose the most suitable for you and your cat.


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Top 10 Cat Tree for Large Cats

Top 1: FEANDREA Large Cat Tower

FEANDREA tower is a treehouse for large XXL cats with a dove gray color. It has a solid structure and two rotating baskets at the ends to support up to 20 kilograms of weight. In this way, it is possible to avoid the risk of overturning when the cat comes at full speed and jumps on it.

Thanks to the durable design, we can place this product in the corner of any room, saving space and giving your cat the space to play and let off steam at will. FEANDREA is the leading brand in this sector for the quality and solidity of its products.

This unit boasts a large entrance on the front. Every component of this model comes from robust ABS. The posts of the treehouse come with natural sisal, while they glue the plush to the panel over the entire surface. So, it does not move every time the cat pushes it.

FEANDREA tower for large cats also includes a practical and comfortable ladder. It is perfect for those who have an elderly cat. There is a hammock with an attractive design and a kennel at the base that serves as a refuge for the feline. To reach the top, the cat can use the large stairs on the right. As for the assembly, we can assemble this house following a simple procedure.


  • Solid structure
  • Excellent quality of materials
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Perfect ladder if you have an older or chubby cat


  • No negative comments

Top 2: BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Tower

A BEWISHOME condo has everything a cat could want. There are lots of areas to explore and distinct elements to play with. All wrapped up in a compact design. This massive XXL toy tree is one of the sturdiest models currently out there.

Once installed in their room, the cat will forget the furniture and focus on this toy. The entire structure weighs a whopping 30 kilograms and is 155 centimeters high. The treehouse features a compartment under the cot made of wood and covered with soft carpet. It arrives already assembled.

The high bed is so large that it can accommodate two large adult cats at the same time with no problems. The central post comes from sisal that supports the structure.

We can assemble the BEWISHOME treehouse in just ten minutes without consulting the instructions included with the purchase. In case you need to replace some worn parts, you can order the various loose parts from BEWISHOME. It is ideal for stimulating, both physically and mentally, your cat.


  • Attention to detail
  • The bed allows two cats to rest at the same time
  • Easy to assemble


  • The cats may take a while to get used to climbing on the top shelf.

Top 3: New Cat Condo Large Cat Tower

New Cat Tower is a giant treehouse that will allow your feline friend to enjoy a unique experience whenever he feels like nailing or climbing. Compared to competing products, this model is resistant and stable. It comes with a central column with a large diameter that makes it one of the thickest and most robust units on the market.

It is a perfect choice for those who own a large breed that usually shreds furniture. New Cat Tower has guaranteed maximum strength and resists every movement of the cat. It comes with four platforms that allow the cat to relax and feel like an actual king in absolute comfort. It is also an excellent solution for those who share the house with several cats, as it can accommodate them all at the same time.


  • Soft materials
  • Height adjustable
  • Perfect for those with multiple cats


  • Some customers have complained about the low stability.

Top 4: BBrand Cat Tree House With Scratching Post

BBrand house is a house toy for Maine Coon with a sturdy structure that you can let your four-legged friend vent when he wants to get his nails done. It features a sturdy and thick scratching post that allows the cat to play and climb to exhaustion.

It is a product designed for cats who need new stimuli. Among the various models belonging to the BBrand range, this unit features a compact, contemporary, elegant, and cheerful design that is well suited to any type of furniture.

The upper attic platform is also characterized by a luxurious cushion that the cat can snuggle and observe everything that happens around him. Capable of withstanding a weight of up to 23 kilograms, it entirely covers the platforms with plush fabric. The sturdy base also supports the structure and guarantees maximum safety.


  • Simple and attractive design
  • Platforms with a comfortable cushion
  • The roofing material keeps the heat well
  • Solid and resistant


  • Heavyweight

Top 5: Nova Microdermabrasion Multi-Level Tree House

Nova Microdermabrasion tree house for large cats is a spectacular piece of furniture not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a practical one. It is extremely resistant and stable. It comes with 11 distinct scratching posts that allow the cat to get his nails where he likes. Besides being incredibly comfortable, the unit can withstand a weight of up to 20 kilograms.

This incredible resistance makes these hanging hammocks the sturdiest on the market. It is a product that can boast everything that the cat could dream of. It is also perfect for homes with many felines, as it has many spaces and areas where each cat can establish his favorite place.


  • 11 different poles where the cat can scratch.
  • Comes with a very thick and durable rope for playing.
  • Perfect for homes with many cats


  • Expensive

Top 6: Hey-bro Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

We discovered the Hey-bro brand by browsing the Amazon website. The Hey-bro cat tree impressed us because they are elegant. The plywood that makes up the thick shelves comes from ecological forest companies. It is untreated and is 100% natural.

We selected the Hey-bro Multi-Level cat tree, the highest in the line, with large-raised kennels, hammocks, and shelves. From a solid idea, it covers the columns with 1cm of sisal rope. It fixes the cushions and bunks to the various shelves with velcro. So, it is non-slippery and you can remove them for washing at 30 degrees.


  • Solid and elegant design
  • 100% natural materials
  • Thick shelves


  • Hard to disassemble

Top 7: Furhaven Tall Pet Cat Tree

Furhaven Tall Cat Tree looks nice and solid, as it has lots of surfaces where the cat can lie down or climb. It is a cheaper choice of XXL cat trees than the others. With this amazing unit, you can see the thinner columns. But the various parts are not detachable to be washed.

This giant scratching post comprises two closed kennels, covered in soft plush. One kennel is at the bottom and one at the top. There are two hanging balls to play, two ladders to make the cats reach various heights, a hanging cylinder, and two hammock beds. So, the cat will sleep soundly from above.


  • Premium accessories
  • Thin but solid columns
  • Solid construction


  • Some parts are non-detachable

Top 8: YAHEETECH Multi-Level Cat Tree With Scratching Post

YAHEETECH Multi-Level Cat Tree looks like an impregnable tower. Even if it does not reach the ceiling, it can also accommodate over one enormous cat. In the product’s title, we name the Maine coon as proof for this cat tree.

The base is wide. The columns covered in Sisal are very massive (15 centimeters in diameter). It fixes the cushions with Velcro and detachable to be washed. And the raised platforms are very solid.

You can also customize the scratching post with kennels or cushions of our production, to give a more personal touch to the house. We can reorder all the various parts of this huge product in case they need to be renewed or ruined by our cats.


  • Extra-large and multiple components
  • Premium materials
  • Solid construction


  • Expensive

Top 9: Rabbitgoo Cat Tree for Indoor Cat

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree is a splendid giant scratching post. It comes with a beautiful tiger-striped hammock in the center, raised kennels, a padded bed at the top, and a nice wide base. The unit also has a vertical tunnel with openings.

We can apply both the central and the lateral hammock from the white side or the brindle side. Doesn’t it look like a beautiful giant scratching post? Honestly, we would like to be that kitten lying in the hammock.


  • Splendid design
  • Beautiful tiger-striped hammock
  • Vertical tunnel


  • Expensive

Top 10: Amazon Basics Top Platform Cat Tree

Finally, we would like to introduce the AmazonBasics Cat Tree. It is a scratching post that you can choose a simple column scratching post for the cat to scratch freely. It has a tall column, built solid and with natural materials.

The column is 27-centimeter long and perfectly simulates an actual tree. This unit is extra-stable because it is nice and wide. This post that reaches the ceiling also comes with intermediate platforms, so the cat can stretch and claw easily.


  • Solid design
  • Extra stable
  • Intermediate platforms


  • Shorter than other products

Who Should Buy a Cat Tree for a Large Cat

We have already talked about how much a cat needs movement, especially when he always lives at home. He overeats out of boredom, so let him get up on a well-equipped wall or a cat gym as a ceiling scratching post can help and stimulate him to move.

If you have an enormous cat, it is important to set up the right spaces in the house to make it move, such as buying a cat tree house of gigantic size. If you have a Maine Coon, a Norwegian, or any big cat, the treehouse must also be of the right size. Otherwise, the cat cannot stretch in the right way when it claws.

Important Features to consider

Room Size

The size of the room must be considered that we must place this product in the room where the cat spends most of its time. There are various types of treehouses on the market depending on the size.

They range from the smallest models that have a height of about one meter up to units that even reach three meters. The ideal unit must allow the cat to stretch to its entire length. It is vital to check the minimum height.

Robust and Resistant Materials

The best tree for large cats is available using only sturdy and resistant materials. They prevent nasty falls by the cat itself. And unstable products are not recommended because if the cat falls, its distrust is unlikely to do so.

The quality materials are solid wood. Then, they are covered with rope or sisal. Besides developing in height, they also have several horizontal planes, hammocks, and games. The cat loves to control its territory from above. The materials most used in the construction are cardboard, wood, rope, hemp, and sisal.

Number of Cats

Finally, we must be careful about the number of cats living in the house. If you have over one enormous cat, it is preferable to consider the idea of ​​buying more models of treehouses.

FAQs about best cat tree for large cats

What is a cat tree for large cats?

The tree for big cats is an indoor and outdoor piece of furniture that allows the feline to sharpen their nails without damaging the objects or furniture inside the house. We can also use it as a hiding and resting place to lie down. The treehouse for large cats is usually available of cardboard, wood, rope, synthetic fabric, and has a wooden structure covered with a soft fabric.

How do I know the house fits my cat’s routine?

There are different sizes, heights, colors, and materials. It also comes with hiding places and interactive games, with stairs, holes, and soft cushions for rest, design, and unconventional shapes. It depends on how you know your cat’s characteristics to choose the best-fit ones.

Which material is the most ideal one?

Each cat has its tastes. However, it usually prefers vertical very fibrous surfaces. The ideal materials for a good treehouse are cardboard, rope, fabric, or wood.

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