Keeping Your Cats Entertained With Some Best Cat Toys 

If you are a cat owner, you will know that cats like to play, chase, and scratch things around your house all day. What should you do if you cannot have time to play with them? The optimal method is to give the cat some toys so that they can play with these toys themselves. 

There are a bunch of best cat toys that are used to entertain and exercise your cats safely. To avoid any confusion in choosing the best cat toys, you should read this article to get information about several reviewed products. Let’s check them out and find the most suitable cat toy for your feline friend!


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Top 10 Best Cat Toys You Can Choose For Your Pet

Top 1: SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys 

The cats love to hunt. They often have a habit of bringing rat corpses back to the front door or even indoors. However, this will certainly frighten you. With perfect shape and size, SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys is one of the best cat toys around. They will appeal to cats that will hunt around the house without going out entirely.

This toy is made from smooth, lint-free velvet, so you do not worry about an itchy nose or allergies. The design is identical to the standard mouse, which will quickly attract the fastidious cats’ attention. The stuffed inside of the toy mouse is soft, so you do not worry that your cat will have toothache or nail pain while playing.

You can use toys to train your cat’s ability to catch and forgive. Thereby, you and your cat will become more and more bonded. The product has various colors, stimulating curiosity and excitement for bosses—compact design, easy to pocket when you need to carry it out.


  • Compact design, easy to pocket when needed to carry
  • Just like normal mice, quickly attracting attention
  • Can be used as a trainer for a pet cat


  • May be torn

If you are looking for a treat for your hunting cat, SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys is for you. The compact and convenient design makes it easy to carry around and makes it easier to play with.

Top 2: UPSKY Tracks Roller Cat Toy

Are you looking for a toy that will stimulate your cat’s quick reflexes and responsiveness? If you like watching your cat play intelligently and flexibly with the best toy, the UPSKY Tracks Roller Cat Toy is the smartest choice for your pet.

At first glance, this toy is designed simply. But it is structured to evoke individual, random, unpredictable movements that require your cat to spend a lot of time exploring and getting used to this exciting toy.

The bell tower made of high-quality plastic material is extremely safe for pets and significantly does not fade over time. The bell tower has three floors suitable for cats of different sizes. This toy is ideal for families with many cats because you can let the children play with the bell tower.

The design is sturdy and does not easily fall even when the cats are too naughty. This toy ball tower both saves you space and helps reduce costs in caring for your cat. The product is easy to remove with two distinctive colors, orange, and green for you to choose from.


  • The design is sturdy and does not fall easily
  • High-quality plastic material is extremely safe and will not discolor
  • Suitable for families with many cats


  • Can be broken or cracked under strong impact or dropped

UPSKY Tracks Roller Cat Toy is compact, lightweight, easy to move, and store at will. Additionally, it features a non-slip rubber bottom to keep the toy in place and does not slip while your cat is playing.

Top 3: CAT DANCER Flexible Exercise Toy 

CAT DANCER Flexible Exercise Toy is a toy for cats who love to run. This product is made from high-quality plastic and ensures high elasticity. Therefore, when the cat nibbles, bites, or scratches, you will not worry about the baby’s pain. This toy comes from Cat Dancer Stores – a long-standing reputable brand for cat products so that you can be assured of the product’s quality.

How to use toys is very simple. You pick up the toy, move it back and forth in front of the baby cat a few times to get acquainted. Cats will very quickly be attracted and use claws with “bait.” You raise the toy higher to stimulate the baby to jump. This toy is very suitable to help fat cats get active. However, young kittens will not be able to use this toy because it is not strong enough.


  • Made from premium materials, safe for your cat’s health
  • Help your cat get more exercise
  • Simple design, easy to use


  • Not suitable for kittens

CAT DANCER Flexible Exercise Toy is the right choice for cats that need regular exercise. Despite its simple design, this toy is made from sustainable materials. It will help your cat exercise regularly.

Top 4: PAWZ Road Scratching Posts and Pads

Scratching seems to be a useful tool for cats to sharpen their claws. Also, it is a good way for them to entertain themselves. If there is no scratching post or pad, cats might scratch your footstool, curtains, couches, or rugs, which leads to the ruined furnishings. 


  • Kitten-friendly
  • Save your couch
  • Good for claw health


  • Small for some cats

This product is suitable for those who have a tight budget but prefer various styles, sizes, and shapes. However, the simple model with a toy dangling on top is the most popular. 

Top 5: Petlinks System Motion Electronic Cat Toy

The Petlinks System Motion Electronic cat toy comes with many feathers rotating under a ring covered by the fabric. This feature can capture your cat’s attention, by which its hunting instinct will be satisfied. Besides, you can set the feathers to move at four different speeds, increasing the challenge for your cat to chase. 


  • Almost cats love it
  • Great for indoor cats to exercise
  • Rechargeable battery


  • The battery is not long-lasting

Your cats will genuinely be busy with this toy as many customers review. This toy’s noise is soft enough to attract cats to chase, pounce, and have fun. 

Top 6: Legendog Mice Teething Chew Cat Toy

This seems to be one of the cutest toys for your cats to play at home. Normally, the cheap catnip toys will fall apart easily and quickly if your cats play or do teething. However, this toy features sturdier fabric so that it can last longer. Plus, it comes with five different catnips in a package, allowing you to replace each one if it is worn out. 


  • Bite resistant
  • Safe and high-quality material
  • Breathable fabric


  • Slightly big to some cats

Generally, the catnip toy is bite-resistant, durable, and breathable. Therefore, your cat can smell it easily and be more excited to play with it. 

Top 7: YOUTHINK Scratching Turbo Cat Toy

If you look for a flexible toy, YOUTHINK scratching turbo cat toy will be a good option. To get cats engaged, this toy features an attached bell toy. Plus, you can change it into a scratching post or corrugated cardboard lounger. 


  • Easy to set
  • Well-made
  • Highly thick and durable


  • Relatively expensive

Overall, your cat will not be fed up with this toy over time as you can change the toy’s shape easily. Additionally, as it is collapsible, it may cost you more fortune than other products. 

Top 8: Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Firstly, this toy comes with a set including several attachments. In other words, your cat will not get bored when it can play with a feather, a ribbon, and a crinkle ball, respectively. Secondly, this rolling cat toy also performs well on tile, wood floors, and carpet.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fantastic and well-made
  • Easy to use


  • The stick is slightly fragile

When purchasing this toy, you will receive two sticks, which allows you to replace the broken one. Your cat will get more exercise while trying to catch the ball. 

Top 9: PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

As you may know, chasing the laser pointer might be one of the most common cats’ interests. If your cat is not the exception, you should get this laser cat toy. The light is set up to move randomly across many places for 15 minutes, allowing your cat to have enough stimulation. 


  • Useful automatic mode
  • Entertaining and hand-free
  • Stimulate cats well


  • The toy moves relatively fast

As this laser toy can zip across many places such as your furniture, walls, and floors, you might see your cat’s paw prints everywhere. So, it would be better if you make sure that your cat’s paws are clean before letting it play with Bolt. 

Top 10: Senneny Electric Fish Cat Toy

Some cats might be confused and scared at first as the fish will flap. By contrast, others still absolutely adore this electric fish toy. To be more specific, this toy looks realistic, and it flaps around like a real fish out of water. It just flaps for a few seconds after being batted or pounced by the cat.  


  • Great exercise
  • Kitten-friendly
  • Great for solo play


  • Inconsistent build quality

A huge advantage of this toy is that it comes with a USB, enabling you to recharge and save a fortune in replacing batteries. There is no doubt that your cat will have a wonderful time solo playing. 

Consider when buying the best cat toys 


Material selection is the most important. Consider what materials your cat is allergic to avoid. For example, some cats are allergic to plastic, and others are allergic to wool. Choosing the wrong material will directly affect your cat’s health.


With cat toys, you need to choose the one that suits your cat’s preferences. For example, if you find that your cat is particularly fond of round objects, you should buy balloons for them. If your cat is particularly fond of mice, choose toys with a mouse shape or drawing for them to use.


Try to choose height toys for cats because with the mischief of these “little love,” the toy is very easily damaged.

Why is it important for cats to play? 

Help your cat maintain instincts

It is the most crucial reason because cats are natural predators. Therefore, they have the skills of stalking, catching prey, and climbing trees. With the right toys provided, the cat will be trained to develop these skills. They will not have degenerated, eroded to the point that seeing the Rat is a panic.

Help the cat eliminate depression, stress

Cats are curious and challenging creatures. They can follow the laser dot for hours without getting bored. If kept in a narrow space without toys, the cat will gradually become moody, depressed, lack vitality. In many cases, Cats run out of food and sleep and look at everything through the window with teary eyes.

Physical health training

Cats are agile, active, and have a lot of imagination. They can be played for hours on a simple cardboard box without getting bored. If they have toys, they are always active, curious, and playful, thereby improving their health. Without play, cats are susceptible to obesity and diabetes-related diseases.

Help your cat bond with the breeder

Cats are willing to hurt their owners with sharp claws and teeth. If you provide toys and play with them, make them play happily. They will feel that you are a safe person, a lifelong supporter, not a difficult subject to watch out for.

Help the cat to be active in moderation, adjust behavior

Cats love to rest after hours. If there are toys to practice skills, the cat will be active, develop life skills, reduce stress, eat well, and grow steadily.

Best Cat Toys FAQs 

What types of cat toys should I buy?

You can look for several types, such as feather toys, wand toys, catnip, electronic, and puzzle toys. As cats will have different preferences, you should observe your cat’s behavior before purchasing the toy. 

Is it normal that cats hide their toys?

Yes, there is no worrying issue about it. In this case, cats might distrust the surrounding environment or want to protect their possessions. It is normal behavior as cats aim to enjoy the toy later on without any distraction. 

What should I do if my cat likes to put toys in the water?

It is hard to explain this odd behavior of the cat. Some feline behaviorists think that it might relate to the collecting and gathering behavior. Therefore, it would help if you watch your cat when letting them play with cat toys.   

The Final Words

Above are some of the best cat toys that help stimulate your cats at home. These toys are durable, simple, and unique. By playing with them, your cats will be entertained for hours. Plus, they can withstand much batting, knocking, and hitting from the cats. 

After reading this article, you now have some basic knowledge in choosing the best cat toys. Hopefully, you and your cat will be excited about the selected toys for years.  

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