Best Cat Toothbrush Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

The daily use of a cat toothbrush not only makes your pets more sanitary. The best cat toothbrush is essential to prevent the problems due to lack of hygiene.

Some cats may feel upset when brushing their teeth. Fortunately, the market offers a wide range of products to make our pets feel more at ease. And beyond that, it just takes the patience to educate them to let their teeth brush. We will help you with some tips in our cat toothbrush guide. Read on if the topic interests you!


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Top 10 Cat Toothbrush Reviews

Top 1 – Litthing Cat Catnip Toothbrush

Among the best-selling cat toothbrushes, we find this toy for medium-sized cats made of natural rubber. Therefore, it is resistant, non-toxic, and ecological. It features four-sided cleaning bristles and a set of deeper bristles on the inside for more effective removal of plaque and tartar.

This unit also has good elasticity and is non-abrasive. The chewable cat toothbrush is resistant to bites and has a soft texture that is safe for the pet’s gums. The stable base allows the dog to grab it more easily. It has a peppermint scent that is popular with cats and humans. This green colored cat toothbrush is in size L and its cats weigh less than 20kg.


  • Resistant, non-toxic, and ecological
  • Four-sided cleaning bristles
  • Elastic and non-abrasive
  • Has a peppermint scent


  • Hard to bite for small cats

Overall, the Litthing Catnip toothbrush has many features to enhance the consequent cleaning of the teeth. It is easy to use, insert the toothpaste on the top and leave the toy to the cat for 3/5 minutes.

Top 2 – H&H Pets Finger Toothbrush

This small finger brush is ideal for cleaning the teeth of dogs and cats. It comes with premium quality silicone, ensuring safety and respect for the environment. Once worn, it is stable thanks to the non-slip shape. The tiny brush is flexible, tear-resistant, and comfortable for all breeds.

It is efficient for many pets and sizes, from kittens to large or small adult cats. Also, the unit is ideal for massaging the gums of cats to soothe the annoyance of teething. It measures approximately 5.2 x 4.3 x 0.4 inches to fit with all cat’s mouth dimensions.

The H&H Pets brush set comes with eight soft silicone finger toothbrushes without BPA. Therefore, it is 100% non-toxic. It is available to use once a month. So, it turns out to be an excellent supply at an affordable price.


  • Premium quality silicone
  • Suitable for many pets
  • Compact design
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Affordable price


  • Knock the teeth out if brushing too hard

After all, the set is perfect for small cats. It can also be ideal for non-annoying older ones who are not yet used to it. However, it can knock the teeth out if you brush too hard. Please denote this drawback so that it does not damage your pet’s teeth.

Top 3 – HAWATOUR Cat Toothbrush With Long Handle

With the HAWATOUR brand, you have a set of 5 toothbrushes for cats of different colors. It comes with a typical design like those for humans. Made of silicone, they have two parts with distinct reliefs for a double massage in the animal’s mouth. We recommend this product for cats of all breeds and ages, used with toothpaste. Each toothbrush is 14.5cm long which makes it easier to access the molar teeth.

It is a handy set with toothpaste, finger brush, and double bristle toothbrush suitable for many cats. Thanks to its triple action, the cat will be protected from tartar and plaque. They will have a fresh breath since this unit will reduce the risk of oral and dental infections.

The two brush heads have different sizes, they can be used alternately on large cats to reach the furthest points with the smallest part. You can clean the larger teeth with the widest part. 


  • Efficient package
  • Durable and compact
  • Toothpaste, finger brush, and double bristle toothbrush
  • Reduces the risk of oral and dental infections


  • The construction is too thin that is easy to break

Finally, the finger brush is ideal for massaging the gums or for precisely brushing the smallest teeth.

Top 4 – Nylabone Advanced Oral Cat Dental Kit

This kit is useful indeed. It comprises a package where you will find both the toothbrush and the toothpaste. The toothbrush has a double head suitable for all dog sizes, allowing you to clean even the most difficult to reach teeth.

The two brush heads have different sizes, they can be used alternately on large cats to reach the furthest points with the smallest part and clean the larger teeth with the widest part. The finger brush is ideal for massaging the gums or for precisely brushing the smallest teeth.


  • Comes with micro-abrasive toothpaste
  • Contains tetrasodium pyrophosphate
  • Extra-flexible silicone
  • Ideal for massaging the gums


  • The toothpaste creates too much foam

The toothpaste is micro-abrasive and has a very palatable biscuit flavor. Finally, the extra-flexible silicone wand to complete the brushing action.

Top 5 – mothermed Electric Teeth Polisher

And for the most demanding, here is the classic electric toothbrush. This electric tool removes both dental stains and tartar effectively. It has four heads that are all made of soft silicone. Each one is intended for precise treatment.

You can use this tool for general cleaning, interdental, stain removal, and tooth polishing. To clean this toothbrush, it has three speeds of action. 


  • Removes both dental stains and tartar
  • Soft silicone
  • Precise treatment
  • Multiple functions
  • Three speeds of action


  • Batteries required

You can power it in two ways, with the supplied USB or battery (2 AA). From our point of view, this offer has an excellent quality-price relation.

Top 6 – OOKU Cat Toothbrush Toy

This 100% natural silicone chewable toy ​​toothbrush is covered with bristles on all sides to combat plaque and tartar buildup inside the mouth. It has a light mint aroma that leaves the breath fresh and stimulates the cat to chew it with greed.

The sturdy bristles inside the toothbrush help remove plaque nestled behind the teeth, helping to prevent cavities. We can insert toothpaste along the grooves of the bristles to make them taste even more delicious and increase the cleaning effect of the toothbrush.


  • 100% natural silicone
  • Bristles on all sides
  • Plaque and tartar elimination


  • No catnip balls

We recommend letting cats brush their teeth for 3-5 minutes after each meal. It is another practical cat toothbrush in the game that comes in natural rubber with two sets of internal and external bristles.

Type of Cat Toothbrushes

Chewable Cat Toothbrushes

Chewable cat toothbrushes differ from the myriad that promise to act similar to the toothbrush. It comes in the shape of a candy, to make it pocket-sized and usable anywhere and on any occasion. This type is a rubbery structure made up of over 200 mini bristles that perform a mechanical action on the teeth similar to the traditional toothbrush.

And while chewing, a chewable toothbrush takes care of massaging the gums, cleaning the tongue and tooth surface, even in the interstices. All you have to do is open the package and put it in your cat’s mouth. The fluoride and xylitol released by the toothbrush will make the mouth clean and the breath fresh.

Cat Toothbrush Variety Packs

These are the ones that most resemble human toothbrushes. The only difference is that they have soft bristles and usually longer handles. Soft bristles are an essential element in toothbrush selection. It is also the primary reason it is preferable not to use a human toothbrush.

Our bristles are more intricately structured and can irritate or scratch our furry friend’s gums.

Even the angle of the bristles can be different, we often find cat brushes with a more acute bias-cut than ours. It is not a problem, do not worry! They are made specifically to reach the deeper areas of the dog’s teeth. The neck of the handle can also be sharper to facilitate our movements.

Cat Toothbrushes with 360-degree Bristles

You have certainly seen these strange tools. They are like long pen caps with small spherical protuberances on the fingertip. They are typically made entirely of soft silicone rubber and are extremely effective in removing plaque.

This type of cat toothbrush is perfect for larger breeds because we will clean the teeth inside the wide jaws with great precision and accuracy. It also saves your time since we will see well where we are going and what we are brushing.

They have excellent motion control with 360-degree bristles. In most cases, there is slight knurling that allows the gums to be massaged on the opposite side of the bristles.

Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste Sets

We now come to toothbrush and toothpaste sets. It is another indispensable product for animal oral hygiene. Although it may seem trivial to say it, we would like to point out that the toothpaste for cats is not the same one that we humans use.

Cleaning the cat’s teeth using toothpaste for human use can be very harmful to our feline and even lead to its poisoning. It is the case of kinds of toothpaste containing sweeteners such as xylitol. Feline toothpaste has different ingredients and flavors ranging from chicken to beef, to fish. Try different flavors until you find your cat’s favorite.

Why should I brush my cat’s teeth?

While it may seem strange, brushing your cat’s teeth is just as important as cleaning ours. Regular home brushing can ward off other surgical procedures that can be extremely traumatic for our pet.

Many veterinary types of research show that most of the felines who do not perform regular cleaning of the oral cavity can suffer from the major diseases of the cat’s teeth. These diseases are the formation of tartar, halitosis, caries, infections, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth loss. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene in cats can also lead to the development of more serious diseases such as diabetes.

When should I brush my cat’s teeth?

Do it every day. Follow some rules that will allow your pet to get used to the toothbrush and start cleaning his teeth. What if you can only brush your teeth once or twice a week? Do not beat yourself up. You can optimize the results of an occasional brushing, with the help of a chewable toothbrush, special diets, and specific supplements to mix with food to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar and improve breath.

How should I brush my cat’s teeth?

First, we suggest you wrap the cat’s paws with a soft towel to protect yourself from any scratches. Then, help the pet relax by stroking and massaging it on the head. If you see it too tense, you can try it at another time.

Lifts the upper lip and begins cleaning teeth. The smell of toothpaste is usually enough to make the cat willing to open its mouth. Then move the toothbrush, trying to make small circles on the cat’s teeth and gums.

You must be calm, soft, and slow in movements as cats are frightened by sudden and impetuous gestures. Your pet recognizes brushing as a toy or a display of love and not an activity that brings discomfort and pain.

Important Features to consider


A cat toothbrush does not have to be the same shape as the toothbrush for humans. There are several firms on the market. Some units look like toothbrushes, while others are toys that perform the same function. The third most common type is finger brushes.


The cat toothbrush must fit the size of your pet’s mouth. Some manufacturers offer the same product in different sizes. If not specified, be sure to check the overall size and calculate that it is neither too big nor too small for your pet’s teeth.


The material is important for several reasons. We need a material that is kind to your pet’s teeth, so it does not harm them. It also has to be tough to withstand possible bites and because. As with a human toothbrush, it has to last a few weeks. The material cannot be toxic as well.

FAQs about best cat toothbrush

What diseases can my cat ​​get if he does not use a toothbrush?

Oral hygiene not only helps us keep our teeth in our mouth for many more years, but also prevents some diseases that can come from the bacteria in the teeth. There are several diseases or simple ailments that a cat can contract because of poor hygiene. They include Halitosis, Chewing Problems, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Diseases of the internal organs.

How do I get my cat ​​used to using a toothbrush?

Although a kitten does not need a cat toothbrush as they do not have all their teeth yet, it is advisable to teach them how to clean their teeth right away. If you use a toothbrush when your cat is older, always remember the technique of rewarding him when he does something right.

What process should I follow when using a toothbrush for my cat?

If what you are offering your cat is a tooth cleaning game, you cannot intervene too much. However, if you opt for a traditional or finger toothbrush, you will be in control of your friend’s tooth brushing. Remember that the mouth has many parts.

Final Words

Your pet’s oral hygiene is essential for him to be in good health. As we have seen, cats have more options than humans for brushing their teeth. You can supplement this process with distinct elements, such as tooth snacks or favorite flavored mouthwashes your cat loves. Be patient and he will soon get used to this task.

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