Shrinking From Cat Shedding Hair With The Best Cat Self Groomers

As you may know, grooming for cats is crucial as it helps to stimulate cats’ blood circulation better and remove excess furballs or loose hair. However, you might not always have time to groom your cats. In this case, it would help if you buy a cat self-groomer. 

Purchasing the best cat self-groomer will be a good investment for each owner. This article will offer you quick reviews of some best cat self groomers so that you can consider many options when buying. Let’s explore them now!


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Top 12 Best Cat Self Groomer For Your Convenience

Top 1: Happi N Pets Premium Cat Self Groomer

Happi N Pets Premium Cat Self Groomer helps the cat comfortably brush herself when it rubs it. This product saves you time taking care of your cat and keeps the house clean without worrying about too much fur.

The manufacturer features an improved brush head that is much longer than before. The perfect thickness of the brush will remove as much of the cat’s hair as possible. Besides, the installation is simple and not easily pulled out.

Your cat will enjoy playing around on the Happi N Pets Premium Cat Self Groomer’s padding. With a luxurious cork surface design and a premium scratching pad, this product will leave cats unable to leave.

Its base is also quite sturdy to keep the body from tipping over and stable. The 2lbs weight is neither too heavy nor too light. One great thing is that inside the Happi N Pets Premium Cat Self Groomer contains catnip and rink toys. Your cat will not be bored when it comes to grooming itself. The cat also will not get hurt, thanks to a cover that protects the cat’s paw.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Contains catnip
  • Friendly design


  • May not fit a cat that is too big

With a convenient and comfortable design, Happi N Pets Premium Cat Self Groomer can both make a cat toy and help the cat remove excess hair. Also, you do not need to spend too much time assembling it. 

Top 2: PEEKAB Scratching Post Cat Self Groomer

PEEKAB is a famous brand for the production of cat utensils. Therefore, products from this manufacturer are incredibly reliable. If your cat often suffers from shedding and you are very busy, then you should give PEEKAB Scratching Post Cat Self Groomer a look.

This entire product is wrapped in a soft and warm velvet fabric. It can become an ample resting space for your cat after long hours of playtime. PEEKAB Scratching Post Cat Self Groomer also has a relatively high scratching post made from a thick cardboard tube. It also covers the outside of this tall pillar with natural sisal fabric so that the cat will feel extremely comfortable. 

The manufacturer is very meticulous when making a cat grooming arch. You are wholly assured as it is made from the best quality materials. With solid construction, PEEKAB Scratching Post Cat Self Groomer provides maximum stability.

To ensure durability, the manufacturer uses compressed wood for the bottom of this product. Also, its assembly is relatively easy and does not take up your time.


  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Save assembly time


  • Not intended for adult cats

PEEKAB Scratching Post Cat Self Groomer will help you deal with cat hair loss through its convenient and safe design. You can rest assured of the durability of this product when the cat plays with it.

Top 3: Catit 2.0 Cat Self Groomer 

The compact design of Catit 2.0 Cat Self Groomer will help you save space in the house. This cat grooming brush is specially designed to help your cat remove shedding on its own.

Its usage is quite simple. You need to mount it on a flat wall or corner surface. The cat will go there and rub itself. Catit 2.0 Cat Self Groomer also comes with a small Canadian catnip bag. You can put catnip inside this cat’s fur brush to make it easier to attract cats.

Also, it would help if you did not have difficulty in removing the cat brush when cleaning. High-quality material that is BPA free will be guaranteed not to disturb your cat. Catit 2.0 Cat Self Groomer is not just a regular cat hairbrush, but it also helps the cat use its senses.


  • Compact and convenient
  • Catnip is included
  • High-quality materials


  • The accompanying instructions are a bit confusing

Catit 2.0 Cat Self Groomer will remove your worries about cat hair loss all over the house. Its superior design helps you reduce installation time and removes excess cat fur as much as possible.

Top 4: Petstages Scratch and Groom Cat Self-groomer

This is a creative product as it combines the scratching pad with a built-in brush. These two features allow your cats to both playing and grooming themselves. It seems that this product can keep your cats engaged, active and help groom their claws well and healthy. 


  • Kittens like rubbing their faces on the grooming part
  • Great for cats to self-brush
  • Great scratchy toy


  • Not fit full-grown cats

This Petstages Scratch & Groom module is genuinely a good option for kitties. The built-in brush is sufficiently soft for the kitty to rub, which prevents fur from shedding on your furniture. 

Top 5: Purrfect Arch Cat Self-groomer

If you are seeking excellent self-grooming assistance for cats, you should choose this module. This grooming arch is made of high-quality materials. Besides, it has a sturdy base, giving your mind at peace when thinking about safety. It does feature a Catnip bag so that your cat will be attracted to scratch its fur. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-made design


  • Some cats might eat the bristles

Similar to the previous product, the Purrfect Arch also ensures that the amount of cat’s fur shedding in your home will be declined. Plus, the scratching pad is an integral part of keeping your valuables out of the cat’s claws. 

Top 6: AikoPets Arch Cat Self-groomer

Firstly, this unit comes with durable bristles that help to remove excess shedding fur. Secondly, it is designed as a foldable product so that you can store it easily and save your space when your cat does not use it. Thirdly, it also includes the scratchpad, providing a perfect point to train your cats. 


  • Good value
  • Lightweight
  • High in thickness


  • Kitties cannot use this product

The AikoPets Arch is not only a self-groomer but also a toy and a massager. Therefore, it should be the priority for those who are seeking a multi-purpose product. 

Top 7: IMISNO Cat Self-groomer

The design of this self-grooming aid is based on the cat’s lifestyle. Indeed, it acts as a rubbing object so that the cat can make itself comfortable. Additionally, you can mount the IMISNO self-groomer on the corner surfaces or walls with adhesive strips or screws. 


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Great value for money


  • The bristles are too hard

As the bristles are made from soft plastic, it might still be too hard for several cats. However, they do not hurt your cat’s skin so that you can rest your mind about safety. In case this product does not satisfy you, the IMISNO’s customer support department will help you with the best solution. 

Top 8: FUKUMARU Cat Self-groomer

The FUKUMARU self-groomer is another arch product on the list, which means that it offers your cat a fantastic place to groom and play. The arch itself is made of carpet cloth, metal, and plastic. While the bristles used to brush the cat’s hair are soft, creating a comfortable environment for the cat to play with it. 


  • Great concept
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfectly designed


  • Slightly unstable

In general, this product is highly recommended by many previous customers with positive comments. All their cats love this product, and it is appropriate for cats that love being rubbed. 

Top 9: Hollypet Arch Cat Self-groomer

With the Hollypet Arch, your cat will have another place to get amused and groom itself. It allows your cat to play with toys, massage, groom, and scratch as a multi-purpose product. The small brush attached is about to remove the fragile hair, which prevents the cat from shedding around your house. 


  • Good design
  • Helpful supplied catnip
  • Durable bristles


  • No instruction to put parts together

The well-designed pad will keep your cat from being skidded. Besides, the high-quality materials ensure high sturdiness, making it last you longer. 

Top 10: Irispets Arch Cat Self-groomer

When purchasing this product, you will possess a 3-in-1 cat self-groomer with the features of massaging, scratching, and grooming. The carpet scratching pad is well designed for the cat to have a perfect spot for scratching. Simultaneously, the bristling ring is arched to help the cat get rid of loose fur and reduce shedding. 


  • Quick to put together
  • Good value
  • Great for grooming


  • The base is too lightweight

Another advantage of this product is that there is a Catnip bag attached. Therefore, you can use it to capture your cat’s attention if necessary. 

Top 11: Irispets 2020 Arch Cat Self-groomer

This 2020 version from the Irispets brand features the arched ring with soft bristles. Therefore, your cat can remove loose fur without being hurt or uncomfortable. Moreover, there is a massager that is straightforward to set up and pulled apart to clean. 


  • Great grooming toy for cats
  • Easily assemble
  • Suitable for cats of all ages


  • The light base is not improved much

Although this is the new version of the model mentioned earlier, the manufacturers have not improved the base yet. It seems that they want to make their product as lightweight as possible. Thus, customers can carry it easily everywhere. 

Top 12: Pethiy Cat Self-groomer

The self-grooming arch appears to be so popular among a lot of self-grooming tools for cats. With the Pethiy product, there are small and movable toys hung up so that your cat might love hitting these objects. Also, the rubber carpet base is a promising place to be a new favorite position for your cat to scratch. 


  • Easy to clean
  • High in thickness
  • Easy to remove


  • Need some improvements in durability

More than that, you can fold and carry this arch ring with you. With all the useful and convenient features, the Pethiy arch self-grooming is worth being one of the best cat self-groomers. 

Features to Consider When Buying The Cat Self Groomer 


Take a moment to check the durability of cat self groomers when choosing products that are right for your cat. Great if you don’t have to replace it as often. A sustainable product is always the first choice.

Furthermore, cats tend to stick with things they are familiar with. Therefore, the cat self-groomer you choose must be strong enough when the cat is causing a significant impact.

Easy to clean

The second factor that you should pay attention to when choosing to buy a cat self groomer is whether it is easy to clean or not. Therefore, to save time on removing debris and fluff, you should choose products with simple designs.

Guaranteed safety

In addition to its durability and convenience, the cat self groomer must ensure it does not affect the cat. Indeed the cat is a very close friend to you. It will share with you all the joys and sorrows in life. Therefore, ensuring the safety of your cat is an essential task.

FAQs about best cat self groomer

What is the effect of removing excess fur for cats?

If you regularly focus on removing excess hair for your cat, you will help the cat avoid parasites, smooth the fur so that the cat’s body can adapt to the cold environment more effectively. Besides, cats can also distribute their oil and coat, creating vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and then absorbed by the cat.

What causes cats to shed a lot of furs?

Cats are spotless animals, and they have a habit of licking themselves to clean and shine their fur. Understanding that mentality, the owner regularly bathes and cleans his pet. However, too much bathing, shower gel, and bath soap can be the leading cause of hair loss and dry hair in cats.

Why do cats lose fur too much?

Hair loss is a natural process. But if your cat is shedding too much hair, it is probably a problem that needs to be resolved. Some causes of a cat’s hair loss will have to be addressed with medical intervention, including nutritional deficiencies, allergies, stress, and parasites.


Briefly, the self-groomer can help to reduce the cat shedding hair to some certain extent. After reading this article, you know how to select the best cat self-groomer. Keep in mind that it would be better to purchase an easy to clean and reliable product. Hopefully, you will have the most convenient and suitable self-grooming tool for your feline friends. 

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