Best Cat Litter – Top 10 Picks for Your Cat Toilets

As you already know, cats are clean animals and do not need to be taken out for their needs. But even if they meet their physiological needs indoors, they need a clean and pleasant space. However, a litter box can be a source of unpleasant odors.

And it is where the different cat litter that the market offers will help you avoid those unpleasant smells. With the increasing popularity of these pets, the market dedicated to them has expanded and today. In this sector, we find a wide range of products. You will find out which is the best cat litter by reading the next sections.


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Top 10 Cat Litter Reviews

Top 1 – World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best cat litter comprises 100% pure plant fibres from plant fibre pellets. The capillary system, which the natural plant fibres, is excellent in terms of suction power. Therefore, the World’s Best cat litter is up to three times more productive than conventional cat litter. By using pure vegetable fibres, the cat litter is lighter than other varieties.

If your cat does its business in its litter box with the World’s Best cat litter, the excrement is bound and can be disposed of in the house toilet or on the compost. The content of the cat litter is 40 litres and lasts about four weeks for the primary filling. The price-performance ratio of this cat litter is reasonable.


  • 100% pure plant fibers
  • Productive and efficient
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Infested with grain mites

With a neutral odour, World’s Best cat litter is loved by cats. It does not cling much to cat paws and prevents dust deposits outside the box.

Top 2 – Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter

This cat litter from Purina Tidy Cats is a 3-in-1 cat litter. Three different grain sizes are the principal part of the cat litter. The large and medium-sized grains support the effective and fast binding of odour and fluid. The lumps become firm and compact that can be easily removed from the litter box. The small grains support the coarse grains in their effect and make Purina Tidy Cats cat litter more productive.

The 3-in-1 cat litter provides a fragrant spring scent. The AromaProtect Formula binds to unpleasant smells and ensures long-lasting odour retention. Even if this cat litter is Eco, the lumps you remove from the litter box must not be disposed of in the house toilet or on the compost. In terms of price, cat litter is expensive.


  • 3-in-1 functions
  • Three different grain sizes
  • Firm and compact lumps


  • Expensive

Purina Tidy Cats Litter captures odours and has high absorbency. For a homogeneous filling of the litter box, we estimate its particle size is between 1 and 3 mm.

Top 3 – Ultra Pet Cat Litter

This cat litter from Ultra Pet smells like baby powder and covers unpleasant smells. The cat litter is available as a 15-kilo sack with double pack. You will look in vain for details on grain size or absorbency in the product description. There is simply no description of clumping litter for cats.

The price is okay for the amount. For a natural composition, the accidental ingestion will not make up any risk for the health. After use, the litter is disposable in the toilet or can household compost.


  • Pleasant smell and covers foul odours
  • Extra-large capacity
  • No harm to health


  • Price and performance are not equal

This silica-based litter from the Ultra Pet brand convinces with its exceptional capacity to absorb odours and liquids. We can use it without a problem for at least three weeks that justifies it is higher than the average price.

Top 4 – Tidy Cats Purina Non-Clumping Cat Litter

The cat litter from Purina Waggin’ Train is a clumping cat litter that covers the odour with the baby powder scent. The Tidy Cats Purina cat litter is available from 100% Canadian bentonite.

The cat litter from Purina Waggin’ Train is a four-time cleaner and dust-free-for-all breed. According to the manufacturer, the cat litter has an absorbance of 380%. In terms of quantity and performance, the price for the double pack is reasonable.


  • Cover odors with baby powder scent
  • 100% premium components
  • Four-time cleaner and dust-free


  • Not suitable for multiple cats

The Tidy Cats Purina cat litter has a high clumping ability and makes cleaning the litter box easier. You can pick the bound cat litter up with the shovel.

Top 5 – Boxiecat Premium Clumping Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Premium 3-in-1 cat litter is a high-quality clumping litter for cats. Different grain sizes make the cat litter more productive. Besides, the different grain sizes of the cat litter form extra-firm lumps that can be easily removed from the litter box with the shovel. Also, the Boxiecat Premium litter binds the odours quickly, even if it is produced without additives.

The large grains of the cat litter with the large pores bind liquids and odours effectively and quickly. The middle grains help build the firm and compact lumps. And the small granules in the cat litter make Boxiecat Premium litter more productive. It distributes the small grains in the litter box and supports the other grain sizes in their tasks.

In principle, Boxiecat Premium litter works like a sponge because it absorbs liquids and excrement and prevents odours. The bag of cat litter holds 10 litres and has a yield of about 32 days. Boxiecat Premium litter is produced without chemical additives and fragrances or perfumes.


  • High productivity and efficiency
  • Forms extra-firm lumps
  • Binds the odours quickly


  • The litter is sticky.

People who like the classic cat litter will bind the odours quickly. The price for the cat litter also fit even for the limited budget.

Top 6 – Dr Elsey’s Clumping Cat Litter

A name that already says a lot. Dr Elsey’s Clumping cat litter is tailored to the outrageous demands of a multi-cat household. The 2-in-1 FreshLock Formula combines natural activated carbon with the AromaProtect Formula. It means that the smells are bound twice, and the litter box smells pleasant and fresh.

The activated charcoal is available from coconut shells and ensures highly effective absorbency and odour control. If the cats do their business in the litter box, the litter clumps and absorbs liquid and excrement.


  • 2-in-1 FreshLock Formula and AromaProtect Formula
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Activated charcoal


  • Low proportion

The cat litter with baby powder scent is available in a twin pack. Dr Elsey’s Clumping cat litter is made from 100% white natural stone and bentonite. The absorbency of the cat litter is 380%. So, it binds unpleasant smells effortlessly and smells like baby powder.

Top 7 – ZenKitty Clumping Tofu Cat Litter

ZenKitty Clumping litter can be easily removed with a shovel. The lumps are flat thanks to the fine grain, making them even easier to dispose of. The yield of the 8-litre pack of cat litter is 44 days that is so considerable.

ZenKitty Clumping cat litter is dust-free and is also suitable for sensitive cats. However, ZenKitty Clumping cat litter is slightly more expensive than the other varieties presented.


  • Easily removed with a shovel
  • Easier to dispose of
  • Large capacity


  • Expensive

The cat litter is low in dust and economical in use. Excrement and fluids clump together into a hard lump so we can dispose of it off.

Best Budget Cat Litter – Feline Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine cat litter with the spring scent is available in a 20-litre package. The cat litter comprises three components such as three different grain sizes. As a result, the cat litter effectively binds the liquids and unpleasant odours that the litter box could give off. The advantage of the different grain sizes is that the cats cannot carry the cat litter out of the litter box. The price is suitable for the pack size.


  • Three different grain sizes
  • Binds the liquids and unpleasant odours
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for all breeds.

The granulate size of the Feline Pine cat litter is from 0.6 to 2.25 mm. The price of the cat litter from Feline Pine with the subtle baby powder scent is affordable.

Best Multi-Cat Litter – PetFive Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat Litter

PetFive Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat litter comprises 100% pure natural clay granules. It makes the litter extremely economical. PetFive Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat litter also clumps strongly and is also very low in dust.

PetFive Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat cat litter comes with innovative and environmentally friendly technology. It contains no chemical additives. Unpleasant smells are removed, and the delicate baby powder scent benefits the whole thing.


  • 100% pure natural clay granules
  • Reasonable price
  • Low in dust and odour.


  • Wet clump

The yield of PetFive Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat litter is four-time more productive than conventional cat litter.

Best Flushable Litter – Ultra Pet Trackless Litter

Ultra Pet Trackless Litter is the first insert pack for the litter box. The unique functionality allows the Ultra Pet Trackless insert pack to be simply slipped over the edges of the litter box.

The Ultra Pet Trackless Litter comprises litter and an extra absorbent dry fleece. It actively absorbs and encloses the liquid. It also ensures that odour is retained and the litter box stays dry longer.


  • Unique functionality
  • Extra absorbent dry fleece
  • Ensures the litter box stays dry longer.


  • Expensive

With this technology, you will save yourself the time-consuming cleaning of the litter box when changing the cat litter. In terms of price, Ultra Pet Trackless Litter is the most expensive cat litter in our comparison, whereby the price for the technology is justified.

Fundamental Types of Cat Litter

Mineral Litter

Mineral cat litter comprises clay minerals mixed with quartz sand and lime. Betonit is used to bind moisture in the cat litter. With the mineral cat litter, the odour binding is less good sometimes. However, the mineral cat litter absorbs large amounts of urine with no problems and as soon as the cat buries its excrement, the odour is also bound.

Natural Litter

As the name suggests, natural litter comprises natural fibres such as straw, hay, wastepaper, corn, or wood chips. Natural litter is an alternative to silicate litter or mineral litter. The advantage of this type of cat litter is that its weight is light, and the litter is economical. However, natural litter does not trap the cat’s urine and faeces.

Silicate Litter

Silicate litter comprises fine balls. Silicate litter contains silica gel, which is also used in baby diapers. The odour binding is appropriate with the silicate litter. A significant advantage of the silicate litter is that not only excrement, urine and odors are bound, but also it traps the germs.

Clumping Litter

The clumping litter is solid lumps. If the litter comes with urine or faeces, solid clumps form directly. The clumping litter is very productive but should be filled with new litter every week. Otherwise, the clumps can simply be removed from the litter box. The disadvantage of clumping litter is that it can stick to the fur of long-haired cats.

Non-Clumping Litter

Components of the non-clumping cat litter are pressed into wood shavings as small pellets. The small pellets are about 0.5 to 1 cm long and about 0.5 cm wide. Because of their size, these wood pellets are uncomfortable. It is why many cats are anything but enthusiastic about this cat litter.

What We Look For In The Best Cat Litter

Amount of Dust

As described, the amount of dust in the cat litter matters in purchasing decisions for you and your cat. For this reason, buy high-quality cat litter because the higher-priced cat litter usually has a low level of dust formation.

Amounts of Liquids

The perfect cat litter is absorbent, and larger amounts of liquids are not a problem for the litter. Cat litter that clumps because of the liquid or the cat’s excretion is ideal. The cat’s excrement is bound by the cat litter and trapped by the clumping.


Sometimes, the smell of cat litter is also decisive when buying. It is important that the odour binding is good with cat litter. Because unpleasant smells, caused by the excrement of the cat and the litter box, are a disaster in the apartment. For this reason, the cat litter must lock in the odour.

In these cases, clumping litter is very reliable as the cat’s excrement becomes trapped in the clump. Natural litter or eco litter are among the most absorbent types of cat litter, even if they hardly form lumps.


When buying the cat litter, the yield is also important. If we need too much litter to clean the litter box, then, in the long run, it costs a lot of money. For this reason, ensure that you buy a rich cat litter. Most times, the expensive cat litter is also the productive one, so it pays off in the long run.

FAQs About Cat Litter

What is the right amount of litter?

Finding the right amount of cat litter in the litter box is not that easy. The cat does not like too little litter because it cannot scratch the litter. Since cats bury their leftovers, we need the right amount of litter. You must first try out what amount of cat litter your cat is comfortable with and keep how much dirt around the litter box within limits.

What is the correct disposal of the cat litter?

We can dispose of almost all cat litter in a normal household garbage can. Only organic or natural litter made from biodegradable materials may be disposed of either in the bio bin or on the compost.

For some silicate cat litter, it also applies that we can dispose of them in the organic waste bin or compost. However, the lumps with the faces and urine of the cats must be removed beforehand.

Since only a few make this separation, the recommendation is to dispose of cat litter and the cat’s leftovers in the residual waste, such as household waste. When disposing of natural litter on the compost heap in the garden, germs can multiply. It also takes a long time for the cat litter to compost.

What is the cat litter with additives?

The cat litter with additives is simply perfumed litter products that smell of spring meadow or baby powder, for example. These types of cat litter are very popular with masters, as they pleasantly cover the smells.

The cats are often anything but enthusiastic about the cat litter with additives. This scent additive is a real burden for their fine sense of smell. It can lead to your cat avoiding the litter box. Sometimes the pet owners themselves suffer from the scents, as they are intense and can cause headaches in some people.


For the best cat litter, we have offered 10 best choices. Cats are one of the cleanest animals. House cats have their toilet that is filled with cat litter. Your cat’s excrement can be bound with cat litter, and it suppresses unpleasant smells. There are different variants of cat litter, such as silicate litter, clumping litter or plant-based litter.

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