Best Cat Litter Mat Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide 

It’s necessary to have a best cat litter mat if you share your living space with a feline. The question is, what are the best options for you and how to conclude the most suitable?

Cats know where to poop and perform relatively well at keeping themselves clean. However, it’s continuing problems with litter scatter after they get out of the box. Cat litter mat is one of the best solutions to the issue.

The hard question for cat owners is how to choose the best cat litter mat? There is plenty of design, size, texture, and material that we need to sort out depending on personal conditions. We have some ideas below.


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Top 10 best cat litter mat for your need

Let’s take a look at our best cat mat collection. It consists of different styles and price points as we know, each cat and cat owners demand distinctively.

Top#1: Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

Pawkin is our top pick considering all perspectives from appearance to design and material. This plastic made cat mat consists of groove areas that can trap litter neatly. The classic and modern look will tone up surrounding furniture settings. 

Currently, the mat is only available in an extra-large size that can cover your house’s colossal area. But the look can replace a carpet beautifully. The mesh trap could capture different particles, dust, and even liquid very well. 

It is not hard at all since the grooves bring a puffy surface that cats love walking on. The material is through laboratory tests about safety. It’s free of phthalates and toxins, so your cat will be safe from clawing or sleeping on it. 

You might think the design will be a pain to wash. However, this one is friendly with a vacuum. You can clean it up along with vacuuming the house. Besides, the material is good with soap and hosed water when you want a deeper clean.


  • Friendly to vacuum
  • Soft for sensitive palm paws
  • Terrific warranty
  • Mesh lock


  • Only extra size

Top#2: Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Pieviev Cat is a double-layer mat that consists of a honeycomb design and waterproof base. The wide holes trap litters and clumps easily and transport them under. You don’t have to clean each cavity to release these orbs, as all will go down to the second layer. 

Because of the two-layer and waterproof base, urine or damp litter can stay well on the surface. It’s rare when liquid spills out of the mat and contacts your floor.

The mat is soft to bend over when you want to separate litter from the filter. Also, it makes cleaning more comfortable when you can enlarge the holes easily to pick embedded clumps. To wash, you can use a hose to spray or soap. The mat sustains well against common washing chemicals. 

The texture may attract your cats to pick and scratch but don’t worry. It will stand these destructive acts well enough.


  • Smart design with holes
  • Waterproof 
  • Plastic made so easy to clean 
  • Lightweight
  • EVA and Phthalate Free


  • Small for more than a cat

Top#3: Petlinks Purr-FECT Paws Cat Litter Mat

Petlinks Purr-PECT is a thin and straightforward cat mat. It’s waterproof and designed with holes in two different sizes. These holes are so dense that they maximize their capacity in capturing litter. The plastic base will be cool even if your cats split out urine or damp litter. 

When you want to clean, just flip upside down the surface and all litter will go down to the trash can. You can swipe stains or sticky particles using toilet paper or water with soap. 

This material is the best to keep the mat from odor and stains. If something gets stuck because of the size, you can enlarge the holes by bending it.

It will be a nice mat to carry around since the lightweight and easy packing keeps the mat portable. You can see by bare eyes its hygiene level.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Flexible texture
  • Effective to trap litter
  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof


  • Small

Top#4: BlackHole Litter Mat 

It shares the same design as Pieviev. There are two layers – hollows and a waterproof base. However, this one is special about its shape. Convex shape with a round barrier helps litter to roll down to the bottom and stay trapped there. By this thoughtful construction, it captures more debris in different sizes and shapes. 

You will encounter no difficulties in cleaning the mat. You might want to wash with soap to remove odor sometimes. 


  • Dual-layer
  • Different shaped holes to choose from 
  • Easy to clean and place


  • Single cat use only

Top#5: Mighty Monkey Premium Cat Litter

We love grooves since they build up the texture that cats love to walk on. This Mighty Monkey premium cat mat offers even thicker tracks and, therefore, better-capturing litter.

You can vacuum them when you clean the house but remember to wash them with soap sometimes to remove tiny pieces of litter inside. The material can sustain through most cleaning methods, excluding washing machines. 

You can pick among different sizes and colors. It looks quite the same as a stunning carpet in kitchens. 


  • Thicker grooves
  • Nice appearance
  • Soft and puffy 


  • Non-slip until meeting watery surface

Top#6: Jumbo Easyology Litter Mat

Easyology proposes a jumbo cat mat with thick grooves and an extra edge with grooves to capture more litter. Today, with smart technologies in making these mats, this one is effective and friendly to all cleaning methods. 

You can vacuum or wash down with water, but it may take extra effort because of dense grooves. The mat is waterproof and large, so your floor will be safe from most litter and even urine.


  • Bigger capacity
  • Slip-resistant
  • Terrific warranty
  • Durable
  • Safe material for cat paws


  • Deeply embedded litter

Top#7: Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

If you want a double size mat, this Gorilla Grip Original cat mat will be perfect. It has enough space for two cats to play or sleep on it. The patterns appear classic and suitable for most spaces.

They made it a padded touch so that felines will love to step on them after finishing their business. And, be free to wash it any way you can.


  • Padded touch
  • Slip-resistant
  • Universal size
  • Multiple shapes to choose


  • Not the best for urine

Top#8: PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter

When you look at it, you know right away that this one is effortless to wash. Even better, it captures the litter every well by just simple wavy patterns. These are soft and shallow enough not to hurt cat paws. 

To clean them, you can use a damp cloth, broom, or easy swiping paper. Its heavyweight and non-skid back will keep the mat stable on the floor, prevents sliding and accidents.  


  • Super easy to clean
  • Thick silicone
  • Paw friendly
  • Anti-slip backside


  • Heavy 

Top#9: iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat

If you like something similar to Pieviev and Blackhole much lighter, we recommend this iPrimio Trapper Mat. It weighs only 0.5 pounds so that you can lose pains while traveling.

It’s lightweight, but these layers are thick enough to soak up urine and water. They are soft when dry that cats will love and take up water from time to time. 


  • Simple to customize
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and holes


  • Only two sizes

Top#10: CleanHouse Pets Cat Litter Mat

If you like a groovy mat that can take up more litter and is excessive, these CleanHouse Pets are fantastic to try. The grooves are all over the surface with the edge. It’s as the maker wants the least litter to track out of the mat. 

There are anti-slip rubber spots under the rugs so that you can place them everywhere in the house without fearing to fall. 


  • More grooves
  • Anti-slip rugs
  • Safe material


  • A little heavy

How to Control Cat Litter Tracking 

Reducing cat litter tracking is a pain, but we have several methods to help you control it. If you don’t want to spend more, you may need to clean more regularly. If the main reason for litter tracking is from claws, trimming your pets could help to improve the situation.

You can try heavier litter or more secure litter boxes. These two can reduce a significant amount of tracking litter. However, the best option, we believe, is a litter mat. Having something covering the littering area will prevent litter tracking over your floor, ease your cleaning job and be more pleasant to pets.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cat Litter Mat

What to see when we buy a mat to spread under litter boxes? Well, there are more than you think to consider.


Your cat may have a spacious toilet area. However, it’s still critical to choose the size. A suitable mat will fit in the corner, covering up the potential site of litter tracking. 


Cat litter mats come with different materials. From fabric to plastic, textured to plain, they offer a distinguished feeling when your pets put on their palm. 

The feeling when they walk on the mat surface will decide if the mat’s useful. If they ignore walking on the carpet after finishing their business, what’s the point of mats when they’re there to catch debris, urine, and tracking litter?

BPA-free plastic will be safe enough for a cat. And make sure the scent of the material is not so strong. Don’t forget to pick something with skidding prevention on the other side as it’s safe for both owners and pets.

Water resistance

Water-resistance is not a compulsory feature, but we recommend it strongly. It helps cleaning more straightforward and also prevents your floor from soaking urine.

Best cat litter mat maintenance

Usually, cleaning cat litter mats is not so different from doormat or kitchen carpet. However, when we want that part to endure longer and beautifully, there are some to notice.

First, you need to have a patient scheduled for cleaning the mat containing dust and cat litter. We recommend removing the dry particles from the carpet first before you throw them in the washing process. 

Some mats are cool with a washing machine so that you can save your muscle. But remember the first step above; otherwise, other pieces stink the smell of cat litter—some mats made of plastic, so you must wash with your hands. Use a powerful hose and running water with pure soap will help you remove smells and stains. With holes, you may need to clean one by one.

Best cat litter mat FAQs

Why do some litter mats have holes?

Holes on cat mats are to trap debris, litter, and dust better. Sometimes, cats enjoy stepping on it for the feeling it offers. Depending on the liter you have, big or small, you can pick the size of holes correspondingly.

Are there any alternatives for the cat litter mat?

Multiple home-made options can replace liter mats. The most popular choice is a yoga mat. They are direct, sometimes non-slippery but usually hard to clean. You can use towels or carpets, but the straight side cause is sliding. The best option for cat litter is still a cat litter mat. 

Will cats scratch litter mats?

Some cats enjoy scratching on the new surface. Hence, when you pick the mat and relate it to the pet’s behavior, try to think about their clawing habit. If they do like the new surface, the material must suffer it well enough.

How to place the litter mat? 

You can lay them under the box but make sure the cat will land on them after stepping out of the box. If the mat is big enough, you can scan for coverage in all four directions. However, if your carpet cannot extend enough, you must learn how the cat tracks litter. 

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