Avoid Bad Smells With Best Cat Litter For Odor

For cat owners, cleaning cat litter boxes is a nightmare. However, there is a way you can deal with this problem: use the right cat litter.

If you have a kitten and want to get it used to litter, you should be looking for the perfect product. Immensely, a good cat litter for odor will help you to solve indoor odors problems. Check out the reviews below to find the best cat litter for odor!


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Top 10 Cat Litter For Odor To Avoid Bad Smell

Top 1: World’s Best Cat Litter

It works by forming lumps around the waste, but these clumps are not as hard as clay. However, it can completely handle odors. Besides, you can quickly shovel it into the shovel and clean it up to keep the tray clean. World’s Best Cat Litter also does not affect sewers and septic tanks. 

Usually, litter causes a lot of dust and can get in the kitten’s claws and fur. But World’s Best Cat Litter does not do any harm, even if your kitten accidentally eats a little. They also will not have any problems.


  • Made from nature
  • Eliminate stench
  • It does not cause dust


  • Difficult to switch to another cat nest

World’s Best Cat Litter can both create comfort for your cat while protecting the environment. It not only eliminates indoor odors but also has a reasonable price.

Top 2: sWheat Scoop Wheat Cat Litter

Thanks to the manufacturer’s natural clumping formula, the sWheat Scoop Wheat Cat Litter can generate relative cubes for easy identification and contact. You can easily clean it up without having to change all of the litter.

The sWheat Scoop Wheat Cat Litter is not as hard and firm as a clump of clay. During the cleaning process, they also do not cause an unpleasant odor and can break open.

Even if you keep many kittens indoors, the sWheat Scoop Wheat Cat Litter can handle this problem. The manufacturer guarantees that it stays fresh even when you use it heavily. Also, it is suitable for adult cats.


  • Made from nature
  • Easy to clump
  • Suitable for many cats


  • Not as hard as clay

Overall, the sWheat Scoop Wheat Cat Litter is still an excellent choice for cat owners. This wheat-based litter contains absolutely no chemicals, silica dust, or sodium bentonite. It will make your kittens happy.

Top 3: Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter

With its clay texture, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter will not generate any dust while you use it on your cat. This dust and odor-resistant litter will cause nothing to get on your cat’s fur and claws. Therefore, you do not have to worry the kitten will swallow it when cleaning itself.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter is one of the best cat litter for the odor you should not ignore. This litter has a characteristic that distinguishes itself from other products in the relatively large particles. However, it still feels soft on the kittens’ paws.


  • Easy to clump
  • It does not cause dust
  • Make a kitten feel soft


  • It is difficult to switch to another product because it can easily make the kitten addict.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter has a seductive scent that can make a kitten familiar, and it won’t be easy to switch to another product. Although made from dust-free clay, it is entirely safe for kittens.

Top 4: ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter

ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter is entirely made from plant-based binders to minimize the risk from sodium bentonite. This litter contains baking soda to process cat litter more quickly and deodorizes odors by neutralizing odors.

This manufacturer’s formulation is also dust-free and lighter than clay. Whether you’re keeping a kitten or an adult cat, it’s the right fit. This popular corn recipe will give a better effect than the clay recipe.


  • Natural and safe
  • Absorbent well
  • Natural scent effectively removes odors


  • May be uncomfortable for the cat to step on

ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter is a very safe cat sanitary product. It is made from natural ingredients, non-toxic to cats, safe and hygienic. With the exact origin and choice of many cat owners, this product makes cleaning the cat easier.

Top 5: Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

This product comes from the brand Feline Pine – has been a pioneer in the pet care industry for many years. The brand’s products are trendy and have a very high reputation in the market today.

Product packaging is rectangular with the primary color of green. The design is very calm and highlights the unique feature of safe organic products. The main ingredient of cat sand is 100% natural organic tree fibers from pine. The product is digested, so it is safe if swallowed.


  • Natural ingredients 
  • Absorbent well
  • Get rid of foul odors quickly


  • Your cat may feel uncomfortable if you step on it

Although Feline Pine Cat Litter is a non-clumping organic product, it has excellent absorbency. Besides, it can be used for cats of all ages.

Top 6: Purina Tidy Cats Litter Refill Pellets

This product seems to be an innovative odor-control system. It can control the bad odor from your kitten’s urine immediately. Plus, the pellets are dust-free, which prevents the mess that your kitten can leave behind after covering its business. In other words, the litter box can be tidy and clean all day. 


  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce scooping time
  • High thickness


  • Not a great value for money

In the form of pellets, this litter is incredibly easy for you to cleanout. And it is also necessary to scoop this solid waste every day. 

Top 7: Garfield Ultimate Natural Clumping Cat Litter

For those people placing the litter box in the bathroom, this product is immensely beneficial. You can put it in the toilet bowl directly but make sure to dissolve the clumps before flushing. 


  • Easy to clean 
  • Good value for money
  • Great scent


  • The litter might stick to the kitten’s fur a little bit

The Garfield Ultimate Natural Clumping cat litter is biodegradable and dust-free. Besides, there are no harmful chemicals and fragrances. 

Top 8: Purina Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

There are no dyes and no scents in this formula. However, it does have natural activated charcoal. Therefore, the litter box odors will be locked away, and you will not smell anything. This seems to be a considerable advantage of this product.


  • Various options of packaging 
  • Easy to scoop
  • Eliminate urine and ammonia smells


  • Cause tracking sometimes

This Purina unscented clumping cat litter is appealing to kittens and cats. Put it differently; all cats absolutely love it. 

Top 9: Fresh Step Non-clumping Cat Litter

An outstanding feature of this product is that its litter comes with a guarantee of 10-day odor control. The activated charcoal and Febreze inside the product can keep the kitten’s urine and business odor under control. Keep in mind to dispose of this litter type in the garbage daily instead of the toilet bowl. 


  • Immensely powerful in killing odor
  • Fragrance activated only when litter is used
  • Good value


  • Slightly challenging to clean up

As this litter does not clump, your kitten cannot play with it much. Nevertheless, it can lead to some dust tracking, requiring you to clean the litter around your home day by day. 

Top 10: PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Non-clumping Cat Litter

This product is an excellent non-clumping option for you. It genuinely kills odors on contact. However, its scent might not be pleasant for those with sensitive noses. 


  • Odors are killed effusively and quickly
  • Two attached bags for extra freshness
  • Safe for kittens


  • The strong scent might not be suitable for owners

As this product’s scent is relatively strong, it would be better if you introduce it to your kittens a little bit now and then. Understanding this issue, you will receive a dual-package product when purchasing. Therefore, you can open one bag while keeping the other one fresh and safe. 

Important Features to Consider Best Cat Litter for Odor


Bentonite clay is the clumping resembling little rocks, and it is widespread. There are other different types of materials, including silica gel, non-clumping litter, and natural litter. These types will be discussed in the next section.


This is the most prevalent cat litter available these days, and kittens enjoy playing with it. This type is convenient to clean up, but kittens are likely to eat clumping litter. So, it might pose some risks to your cat’s ingestion. To avoid this problem, you can opt for some other types of clay litter. 

Natural Non-clumping Litter

The natural non-clumping litter includes materials such as paper, corn, walnut shells, and grass. However, this type seems to be more expensive. 

Non-clumping Clay Litter

This type has similar material as the clumping clay litter does. Still, it does not have the sodium bentonite – a dangerous substance. Although it is safer, it cannot trap odor well, and you cannot scoop it easily. 


In case you place the kitty’s litter box in your central home, it would help when you purchase the odor-fighting formula. It can neutralize or cover the smell. 

What Makes a Good Cat Litter for Odor?

Perfume and Deodorants

A great odor control cat litter often has some substances such as baking soda and activated carbon. These ingredients can absorb and eliminate smells. Several other litters might have aromas and perfumes designed to mask the smell as well. 

Dust and Tracking

There will be not much dust in a suitable litter. You can know that the litter has much dust when you clean up the litter box as you might cough and sputter. Otherwise, it also can cause some difficulties for your cat to inhale. When the cat kicks up litter, the dust may stick to its fur. 

Tracking is another annoying issue related to cat litter. Indeed, the litter might also stick to the cats’ paws, hairs, which track the litter around the house. Even though they are clean, you might still find them disgusting. So, you can avoid the litters designed not to be tracked and picked up. 

Tips for Keeping Your Litter Box Clean 

Choose the right location and a good litter

It would help if you did not place the litter box in the basement as you might forget its existence. From that, you cannot give it enough care. Instead, it would be better when you keep it in a visible and accessible place. 

Plus, choosing the litter satisfying your needs will be ideal. Before purchasing, you should ask yourself which types of litter will work better for your lifestyle and schedule. Each type has pros and cons, so it is worth your consideration. 

Make clean-up easy

It would be helpful if you have litter scatter, including a dustpan and a small broom. Plus, you can purchase a small handheld vacuum. To avoid the messes that your kitty might make, you should also prepare some paper towels and spray cleaners. 

Add a litter mat

A good litter mat can keep litter scatters so that the litter cannot track around your home quickly. Especially when you locate the litter box in an accessible place in your house, the tracking will definitely happen. 

Think about the box liner 

Some cats do not like the liner as it might cause difficulty for them to dig and bury their business. However, you can avoid this problem by watching your cat’s behavior. The liner is easy and convenient for you to switch the litter box. 

FAQs  About Best Cat Litter For Odor

What kind of litter for odor should I use?

The most suitable litter is a clump-free clay or crystal litter. They have large seeds and do not stick to the fur of the kitten.

What material should cat litter for odor contain?

Choose products that contain wheat, pine, and corn.

Should we use cat litter for odor?

The best cat litter for odor will keep your cat clean and will make it easier to clean as well. However, you must choose the litter that your cat will love. Otherwise, they will be discarded and go somewhere else.


It is essential to find out which cat your cat prefers when choosing a litter box. Once you understand this preference, it will be easy to find the right sand for your cat and let them enjoy using it.

Because many cats refuse to use litter in their favor, the best cat litter for odor will make your cat adapt faster to the toilet in the right place. Once they are used to using sand, they will never defecate indiscriminately.

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