Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys Reviews 2021 – Top 10 Toys Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a toy for your cat or kitten? How can you find the toy that they will have hours of fun with? Here are 10 picks for the best cat kicker fish toy.

If you are looking for cat toys, you probably have a new little friend in the family with you. Or maybe your home pet is already a few years old, but he is still playful and loves to chase balls or rattles around the house. Everybody wants to give their pet something different.

There are so many options on the market that it is not always easy to decide which one to buy. Among this great variety of cat toys, some are best not to buy and others that may not be suitable for your friend.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about cat kicker fish toys. What you need to pay attention to when choosing the right product. You will also find a selection of the best cat kicker fish toys.


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Top 10 Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys Your Cats Will Love

Top 1: Growom Electric Fish Cat Toy

Growom offers a set of fish toys for cats comprising two choices. These toys are available for resistant sisal and are useful for the cat to chew and scratch in complete safety. The bright colors keep cats intrigued and stimulate the basic hunting instinct that makes them happier and healthier. Finally, it is a way to release your cat’s energy.

Users appreciate the product as it is an excellent source of entertainment and an outlet for our feline friends. The quality-price ratio is one of the most appreciated elements. The cost is affordable compared to the fun of cats.

The overall design comes with cotton and plush that is 100% safe for health. There are no harmful substances in this amazing product. Users can charge this toy with a USB cable until the light turns green. It is convenient and easy to use for all households.


  • The electric fishes move automatically
  • Contains catnip
  • Made of cotton and plush
  • Perfect quality-price ratio


  • Vibration and mechanical sound

Most cats like the product as they contain catnip to stimulate the cat’s entertainment and reduce the pressure on them. However, be careful with the vibration and noisy sound of this toy. So, put it away from your cat during the nighttime.

Top 2: AnNido Moving Fish Cat Toy

The second fish toy we selected is the AnNido moving toy from the AnNido brand. This colorful and funny fish is suitable for all cats. The fish toy acts like an actual fish with eye-catching color. It is an excellent tool to enhance your cat’s hunting and biting skills. It comes with 100% safe materials such as cotton and soft plush. The user will press the airbag to flow up the fish’s body.

It measures 5.9 x 4.1 x 1.9 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces that are compact and robust. You have to detach the scratch to access the button that allows you to have three operating modes of demonstration mode, on and off. The toy is perfect to keep your cat busy during your working time. It is durable even for hard bites or scratches from aggressive cats.


  • Realistic and compact design
  • Catnips included
  • Safe materials


  • Too noisy

If you prefer the soft toy to be silent, all you have to do is put it in off mode and the cat can play with his parrot-like a simple soft toy.

Top 3: LECHONG Moving Fish Cat Toys

Are you looking for a fun interactive kicker fish for you? The fish toy from LECHONG is a funny interactive soft toy that can act like an actual fish. With its leash, the cat will chew it and take it on all corners of the house easily. Besides, it weighs just 7.37 ounces and is suitable even for kittens. The toy is ideal for cats over two years and older.

To make it work, it is so simple that just pull the leash and let it bounce like crazy. It has an internal spring and therefore requires no batteries. It is a considerable advantage. All you have to do is charging via a USB cable. Your pet will walk it around the house and even in the street.

The overall body contains a solid plastic and cotton part. It allows the fish toy to be stable and withstand repeated jumps even on the asphalt.


  • Lightweight
  • Works without batteries
  • Stable and robust


  • Expensive

If you want to please your little cat, this little fish toy from LECHONG is an ideal gift for their birthday, for Christmas, or simply for the pleasure of giving.

Top 4: Hapy Shop Catnip Fish Toys

Cats often love the toys that emit sound. The Happ Shop interactive fish soft toy from the Happ Shop brand is a perfect gift for the cat over three years old. Every cat loves to have a little playmate with whom to spend playful and fun moments.

This little fish comes to delight your cat with realistic construction and high durability. It is also not harmful to health with durable and non-toxic cotton, plush, and catnip. It has a dimension of 8 x 7.4 x 2.5 inches that is ideal for even kittens. This toy has the modern 3D printing process for a perfectly safe. As mentioned above, it is ideal even for the little cats, as they will have no difficulty transporting it.


  • Realistic design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable


  • Some cats do not care about these toys.

The package contains five different fish toys that your cat can entertain with them for years.

Top 5: ZALALOVA Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Your cat loves fish toys but you are afraid that these toys are not health guaranteed. If your cat is still too young for a kicker fish toy, it might be a good idea to give an interactive plush toy that the cats can have fun with. The ZALALOVA fish toy we have selected is a soft and cute little fish from the ZALALOVA brand. It is suitable for cats aged 3 and over.

Like an actual fish, this kicker catches your eyes when lying down. The toy comes with 100% catnip. So, your cat will have hours of excitement with this amazing unit.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • 100% safe for health
  • 100% catnip installed


  • Cannot move automatically

It weighs 7.05 ounces and measures 10.59 x 6.57 x 2.05 inches the youngest kitten can carry that easily.

Top 6: Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Ontel fish toys are one of the great classics in cat toys and the cheapest of our selection. Not only is the non-toxic material, but it is also excellent for felines and the wear and tear of their claws. This unit is one of the cat’s favorite toys in 2020.

The eye-casting fishes attract the cat quickly and are solid by unique features. What makes these fishes attractive is the little clicking sound they make while rolling to attract the attention of felines. The cat can play for hours with these toys as the Ontel product features catnips and fishing poles.


  • Catnips and fishing poles
  • Affordable
  • Unique sound


  • Misleading advertising photos

But be careful, when you order, you only receive one, and not three as in the photo. But at this price, it is possible to order several.

Top 7: SEGE Electric Moving Cat Fish Toy

If you are going on vacation and looking for something to bring to distract your cat, SEGE kicker fish toys are a solution. This handy fish contains premium cotton, plush fabric, and organic catnip.

When your cat touches the toy, it will move and make sound automatically thanks to the operating system inside. In this way, it will attract the cat through your entire journey. We can say that the toys’ quality is premium. It is available to play for years without damages by cat’s claws.


  • Premium materials and catnips
  • Makes sound and moves automatically
  • Lightweight


  • Makes the cat scared

It is also easily transportable. But be careful, if your feline is playful and aggressive, the painting job outside may not last long.

Top 8: Coolfm Catnip Toys Set

Coolfm Catnip fish toy is one of the most famous kicker fish toys that all cats love. It comes with a pack of three different colors, with catnips all over the fish’s head, body, and tail. The cat will be attracted to the sound. And as soon as he sees that the fish toy moves, he will jump to catch it without hesitation.

So, if your cat is the go-getter type, the toy may be quickly abused. But we guarantee you that the cat will have fun and will not know where to turn. You can change the color anyway. This toy is also practical because you can wedge the stem somewhere and let the cat play along with it in your absence.


  • Three colors to choose
  • Catnips all over the body
  • Affordable


  • Larger than expected

It is one of the lowest prices in this selection of the kicker fish toys.

Top 9: BESROY Catnip Toys for Cats

This BESROY toy is the most durable on this list. It is a solid fish that is filled with non-toxic cotton and plush. The smell and the noise of his favorite toy can quickly attract the cat. And your feline will get a little exercise, play with it, and manage his meals better.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy to play
  • Compact


  • Expensive

We recommend it for cats who eat their food too quickly, although they need to take the time to familiarize themselves with this system.

Top 10: Malier Electric Fish Cat Toys

Mailer fish is the most expensive game in our selection but it was a big hit with any cat. With this toy, your cat will sharpen his hunting instinct. This toy is a small rug that the cat can scratch at will rather than hounding at furniture.

It spins and changes direction under the rug, causing your cat to jump up and grab it. The fish even stops from time to time to give the impression of having grabbed it. It is a game that the cat loves.


  • USB rechargeable and washable
  • Realistic design
  • Catnip included


  • Too small

This toy requires a USB charge. It is quiet, easy to clean, and is suitable for many cats.

Why Should You Buy Cat Kicker Fish Toy?

When a cat gets bored or goes a long time without doing something productive, it does nothing but eat and sleep. If you do not want his life to be reduced to these two harmful actions, you can encourage him to have some fun, and get him to do some physical activity. When you play with your cat, it is not just him who has fun, but you too.

Besides, it is important to keep your cat busy as it is convenient for you. Animals, just like people, have a certain amount of energy to consume each day. If your feline does not waste all this sprinting by moving and playing in the night, it may wake you up. Not only that, but your cat will also risk gaining weight.

Kicker fish toys act like small puppets in the shape of a fish with a colored design and catnips all over the body. It comes with non-toxic plastic, cotton, and plush that will keep your cat entertained all day.

What Should A Safe And Non-harmful Toy Be Made Of?

Depending on the game, the manufacturers can use all kinds of materials, including plain fabric, plastic, stainless steel, wood, and sisal (a rope from which they make scratching posts for cats). Be aware that some products may need batteries to work, such as lasers, interactive games, light-up balls, and many others.

Before buying any game for your pet, try it out or make sure it does not put their health at risk. Although cat toys are usually not dangerous, always make sure of the origin of these products, especially the materials, which must be right for your cute cats.

Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys FAQs

Why is my cat not interested in cat toys?

A cat is always interested in playing throughout its life, as long as it is healthy. When he gets sick or feels low on energy, he will prefer to eat and sleep. If you find that your cat never wants to play, opt for a check-up at the vet to check his health.

How much time should you spend playing with your cat?

There is no exact science about it because there are many factors that affect the time you invest in playing with your puppy. For example, an overweight cat can get tired easily and the fun time for him will end after a few minutes.

How to play with cats?

Playing with your kitty is not that complicated. It just requires some feline psychology. If you see your cat wandering around the house not knowing exactly what to do, it’s a good time to go to him with the feather stick or laser light. In this way, you can start a game session without too much effort on your part.


Taking care of cats involves several activities, including kicker fish toys, which are essential for their health. A good toy entertains them, develops their skills, and, as we saw in the article, has other benefits for their daily life.

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