No More Trouble With Matted Fur With The Best Cat Hair Clippers

As you can guess, the cats will be annoyed when there are mats in their fur. The tangles might become bigger with time if you do not eliminate them soon. And to remove the matted fur, you need to be very careful without cutting or hurting the cats. So, what should you do and how to do it?

Here, with several best cat hair clippers, you can deal with the matted fur efficiently. These clippers allow you to handle any type of cat hair without trouble. However, selecting the best cat hair clippers for your cat will be challenging and time-consuming. That is why you should read this article to gain some in-depth product review. Let’s get started now!


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Top 10 Best Cat Hair Clippers For Your Need

Top 1: Oneisall Rechargeable Cat Hair Clippers

The first advantage of this cat hair clipper is that it has a built-in Li-ion battery. Its versatility is hugely outstanding. With this Li-ion battery, you can charge and recharge many times without having to worry about plugging it in when using. If you forget to charge the battery, you can still use it while it is charging.

The manufacturer equips the Oneisall Rechargeable Cat Hair Clippers with sharp blades while ensuring safety. Its cutting performance is impressive. The blades are fixed and made from stainless steel. Furthermore, you can choose the ceramic moving blade. After using it, you can remove the blade for clean cleaning.

With an anti-noise design, this product minimizes noise and vibration during operation. Your cat will feel too relaxed and not panicked, and it will be easier to trim its fur.


  • High flexibility
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimize noise


  • Does not fit too long fur

The Oneisall Rechargeable Cat Hair Clippers’ striking and ergonomic design has made it a popular product in the market. Not only does it make it easy for you to trim your cat’s fur, but it also assists you with good hygiene after you are done with it.

Top 2: Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Cat Hair Clippers

When it comes to professional cat grooming kits, the Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Cat Hair Clippers is one of the top standout products. Inside this kit includes essential tools: a clipper, styling comb, scissors, guide comb, oil, cleaning brush, and mirror. While the Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Cat Hair Clippers include the full range of tools, its price tag is extremely affordable. These two advantages alone are enough to make the product attractive.

Wahl’s clipper is made from durable carbon steel. These self-sharpening blades are incredibly sharp, and you will not have to replace them for a long time. Besides, you will be supported by a guide comb to trim the cat’s fur to the desired length comfortably.

What’s more, Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Cat Hair Clippers are powered by a Powerdrive engine, so it can easily break down thick, long hairs. While its performance is immensely superior, it makes absolutely no noise. So your cat will not be frightened by the loud clipper noise.


  • Comes with full tools
  • Powerful engine
  • No noise


  • There may be a hair jam

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Cat Hair Clippers with tools included will help you open a home cat salon. With its superior engine and durable carbon material, this product can easily handle thick fur.

Top 3: Andis 2-Speed Cat Hair Clipper

With a robust and durable rotating motor, Andis 2-Speed ​​Cat Hair Clipper is one of today’s most popular products. The detachable blade system allows you to switch between CeramicEdge and Andis UltraEdge blades. Please change the blade depending on the length of the fur.

Whether you have a long-haired or a short-haired cat, this product will do it. Andis 2-Speed ​​Cat Hair Clipper’s high speed and power enable it to cut thick feathers without difficulty.


  • Powerful spinning motor
  • Choose between two speeds
  • Easy to change blades


  • No accessories included

Thanks to outstanding versatility and reliable performance, Andis 2-Speed ​​Cat Hair Clipper is the brightest choice you should not miss. This cat hair clipper will help give your cat a relaxed and comfortable coat.

Top 4: SMINIKER Pet Hair Clipper Kit

This is a cordless clipper that can run for about 5 to 6 hours before recharge. It will take 3-4 hours for the battery to recharge then. This product is evaluated as a quiet motor operating at 50 decibels. You also do not need to worry about overheat as its moving blade is made of ceramic. 


  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable
  • Work very great


  • It might not be sufficiently robust for every job

Overall, this kit is a good and affordable option for those who have just started grooming their cats. It has everything you need for a nonprofessional-grade clipper. Plus, it comes with a 2-year-guarantee from the company. 

Top 5: Wahl Bravura Pet Hair Clipper Kit

This model’s first outstanding feature is the 5-in-one blade allowing you to handle all the thick and matted fur quickly. This type of blade also enables you to cut the cat hair at different lengths in different ways. The second feature is the vibration-free and noiseless operation. Thus, your cat will not get stressed out much.  


  • Lightweight
  • Vibration-free and quiet operation
  • Easy to hold


  • Blades have to be cleaned frequently

The Wahl Bravura seems to be one of the best cat hair clippers for long-haired cats. This product comes with two options, including corded and cordless, so that you can get these two options. The cordless one will be beneficial when your cat often likes to move around instead of staying still. 

Top 6: Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Pet Hair Clipper 

The Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed comes with numerous color options for you to personalize. Besides, its blade is a 4×4 drive, which means that it can give you 25% more blade torque. You can also detach the clipper blade easily to change and clean it. 


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Efficient and lightweight


  • It might get hot quickly

It is recommended that you should use lower speeds so that the tool will operate cooler. Although it might be slightly expensive, it does give you many useful features with a powerful design. 

Top 7: Oster Golden A5 Pet Hair Clipper

With the universal rotary motor, the Oster Golden A5 module operates cool and quiet. However, due to this feature, this device weighs up to 1.7 lbs, so it might not be appropriate for those who need a lightweight one. As it is a wired tool, you do not need to recharge it, and you can groom your cat at a 12-feet distance from the socket. 


  • High-quality 
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stay cool during operation


  • Cumbersome and heavy

Oster is another popular brand for high-power clippers, according to groomers. That is why this model is rated to be one of their top products. Although it might not have the fastest speed, it still has various brawn to help you with the toughest mats. 

Top 8: Wahl Arco Pet Hair Clipper

Cats are often sensitive to heat, which means that you should not purchase easy-to-heat products. And the Wahl Arco can solve this issue. It is believed to be one of the cool running tools available on the market these days. Besides, it is powerful and lightweight. 


  • Adjustable blade
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to tote around


  • It might be not suitable for small cats or kittens

In general, the Wahl Arco will be an excellent assistance for you when grooming your cat’s hair. As a cat does not like to keep still in a place, you can use this device to make the grooming process easier without being limited in a specific space with the wire. 

Top 9: Wahl KM10 Pet Hair Clipper 

As other Wahl products mentioned above, this tool is also a professional-grade product. It is suitable for you to groom your cat regularly. Its motor offers incredible torque to the blade, ensuring that you can use it to clip through the strong cat hair mats. The most clumpy and thick fur will be no longer a hassle. 


  • Powerful and durable
  • Easy to hold and use
  • High in maneuverability


  • Relatively expensive

This tool might be pricey, but it is worth your money. Indeed, it reduces wrist fatigue thanks to low-vibration and ergonomic design. Therefore, you can deal with any matted fur quickly without trouble. 

Top 10: Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Pet Hair Clipper

You will be satisfied with this clipper as its blade is exceptionally sharp, making trimming quick work. Plus, the blade is swappable so that you can adjust the trim correctly. The speeds can be up to 4,000 SPM, which means that it genuinely does cut efficiency. 


  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Comfortable and durable 
  • Suitable for any cats


  • Slightly large and heavy

All of the above features make this tool the top option for long-haired cats. It allows you to glide smoothly across the cat’s skin with no irritation or pulling. The motor is high-quality enough to remain powerful during a long trimming session without excessive noise or heat. 

How To Use A Cat Hair Clipper? 

You can use a cat hair clipper by following these steps:

Step 1: Bathe and brush the cat’s fur before shaving

A clean sheet for your cat before shaving helps them become more obedient, obedient, and less disturbing, then use a brush to make the cat’s fur smooth and easy to shave.

Step 2: Fix the position of the cat to prepare for shaving

Prepare a small table and place the cat on the table. Then fix them with a leash; when doing this, you should be gentle with them to avoid causing panic to escape.

Make sure you securely fasten them so that they can’t jump off your clipper’s blade. Ask for an extra handler when your cat is mischievous.

Step 3: Use the clipper to start shaving the cat

You need to set the clipper at an angle of 45 degrees from the cat’s body when you start shaving and shave slowly, gently, and evenly to ensure the safety of the cat.

Step 4: Clean the cat’s fur after shaving

After shaving, the cat needs to be bathed to remove all the hair loss sticking to the body, and at the same time, soothe the skin after shaving. After drying, do not let your cat lie on the floor immediately, and prevent rubbing it could cause damage to your cat’s skin.

Features To Consider When Buying Cat Hair Clippers 

Cord vs. cordless

The type with corded clipper: usually heavier, harder to use, or entangled because of having to plug the cord into an outlet. If you are a non-business person, do not choose to buy a cat hair clipper with string. It is suitable for all kinds of cat hair removal services.

Wireless clipper: Very convenient, just need to charge enough battery, you can use it anywhere. You can still cut unprofessional. Of course, wireless is weaker than wired because of its lower capacity. The cordless clipper is produced more, and there are many that have very good advantages.

The blade of the clipper

To evaluate whether the clipper is good or not, pay attention to the blade. The blade is the most important part of cat hair clippers. Because the tongue is good, it is sharp enough to cut the hair smooth, not wavy. The clipper blade made of carbon steel, titanium, and Zr02 porcelain is considered the best with cat fur.

Clipper maintenance

To use it well in the next shave, after performing it, you need good maintenance. It would help if you chose good clippers to make cleaning also more straightforward and faster. The tools included when buying the clippers for motor oil, brush, and gauge (adjust the cutting length).

FAQs About Best Cat Hair Clippers

Can I use the human clipper on my cat?

It is fine to use the human clipper on cats in case yours is powerful enough. However, it is not hygienic as the cat hair is denser and thicker than a human hair. Besides, the human clipper has shorter guide combs in comparison with the cat hair clipper.

Does the dog hair clipper work for my cat?

Yes. And it also depends on the dog and cat’s size. Typically, cat hair is softer and finer than dog hair. So that the cat hair clippers are often less powerful than the dog hair clippers. 

How can I remove matted fur?

It will help if you brush your cat on a regular basis. Daily brushing can help you save time in the long term. If the matter fur is large, you should shave your cat. 

The Final Words

Briefly, the best cat hair clipper is a product that can satisfy your needs. Keep in mind that a perfect clipper will offer you vibration, heat, and noise-free operation. Besides, it should be portable and versatile. By reading this article, you know how to select the best cat hair clipper for your feline friend. Hopefully, you will be contented with your option soon!

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