Best Cat Food for Constipation New 2021

Water serves a crucial role in digestion, so when your cat doesn’t drink adequate water the entire day, she would be prone to constipation. Indeed, it doesn’t seem a serious issue, but the pet owner shouldn’t ignore it. Keep in mind the bodies of cats tend to work differently from our bodies. Thus, they’re more sensitive to constipation than us.

Constipation is known as the difficulty in evacuating the bowels, and this issue impacts many cats, especially as they start aging. And it becomes an irritating problem for you and your pet to handle. You must understand and satisfy your cat’s needs. Doing so will help her maintain healthy and regular digestion. Don’t hesitate to consult your vet to know further treatment options.



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Top 5 Cat Food for Constipation

# Top 1: Wellness CORE Pate Wet Cat Food

Wellness CORE Pate Wet Cat Food

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With the grain-free and wholesome ingredients, the CORE Pate wet cat food can provide your feline buddy with enough energy it needs to grow strong. You will see no artificial color or preservative available in this product, which is highly recommended for cats with health issues. Besides, the pate texture of the food is quite smooth, soft, and creamy. For this reason, any cat can digest the food with ease.

The high-quality ingredients used in the product will maintain your pet live a longer and healthier life than ever. As mentioned earlier, Wellness foods usually arrive with a fantastic blend of various natural ingredients. These are chicken, chicken liver, turkey, duck, chicken broth, cranberries, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, calcium, and more.

Among them, cranberries are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Meanwhile, ground flaxseed can help relieve the cat’s constipation issue effectively. It also offers more protein and minerals for your cat’s wellbeing.


  • The high amount of protein
  • High moisture
  • Rich in dietary fiber


  • Some cats refused to eat


Unlike other cat food brands, all Wellness foods have one thing in common: a high source of protein. This substance comes from natural meat sources and fish sources, such as tuna, chicken, turkey, and duck. As you know, protein plays an essential part in your cat’s meals because it has to take up 85% of her diet.


# Top 2: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Chicken Recipe

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Chicken Recipe

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The product offers the feline friend tasty nutrients to maintain her longer and happier life. With only wholesome ingredients, including savory chicken, this formula gets balanced to satisfy all needs of the pets. The food helps lower the presence of hairballs as well as boost healthy body weight. In other words, each ingredient can meet the solid requirements for nutrient content and purity.

Getting formulated with top-quality protein, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids, the product claims to offer your pet healthy skin and fur without a doubt. Besides, the recipe has extra fiber to help her dodge hairballs and solve any digestive issue they trigger. Not only having a delicate aroma but also different textures, Hill’s recipe is trusted and tested by the pets to ensure every mealtime to be desirable.



  • No artificial color or preservative
  • Fewer calories
  • Extra fiber


  • Large pieces of food


Overall, this cat food is composed of natural ingredients with fewer calories, so it offers your cat a low-calorie source of protein in her meals. Besides, the fibers contained in the food are easy for her to digest. Also, it helps reduce the hairball problem happening to your pet. No matter if the cats are pregnant or not, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food fits them all.


# Top 3: Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken and Salmon Recipes

Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken and Salmon Recipes

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Now switch to another healthy recipe to provide your cat with enough energy for play, Iams Dry Cat Food. With chicken, the No.1 ingredient that all cats would love, you would be more confident to keep the feline buddy happy. Chicken also helps maintain their lean muscles.

Apart from keeping a healthy weight for your cat, the Iams Proactive Health with chicken recipe can help her teeth clean and strengthen her heart. How come? It’s all thanks to the minerals from the food for stronger bones and eyes.



  • No artificial color or preservative
  • Fewer calories
  • Boost digestive health


  • Unfriendly polymer bags


Above all, the product is rich in fiber, so it can improve digestion and guards the pet against constipation. Also, the food is rich in fish oil so that your cat can own a shiny coat.


# Top 4:  Ziwipeak Grain-free Cat Food for Constipation

Ziwipeak Grain-free Cat Food for ConstipationSee Latest Price Here

Your cat deserves the amazing nutrition nature provides. It’s also the reason why canned recipes are free of antibiotics, grains, soy, wheat, corn, and rice. As you know, a natural and high-protein recipe would never have sugars, artificial preservatives, BPA, and glycerine at all. Instead of them, the food contains a high amount of fiber from chickpeas and dried kelp to keep your cat healthy and safe in all meals.

Better than thought, the diet is free from high-glycemic ingredients. Try the cat food for two days and see the result. Their poops would be less smelly and there are fewer of them for sure.



  • High source of protein and fiber
  • No artificial preservative
  • Smells pleasant


  • Quite solid-looking pieces

In short, Ziwi is a small group that loves to bring the purest and simplest recipes to our cats. Since the food uses the best of New Zealand, you will only encounter the fresh meat, organs, and bones in the box.


# Top 5: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food

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Royal Canin dry cat food is a palatable and balanced diet for your feline friend to avoid constipation. It’s because its formula has the highest levels of fiber to decrease the chance of it. How come? It will solidify the feces since it naturally absorbs water and adds bulk to them.

Moreover, prebiotics from the food can maintain the beneficial bacteria in the gut, and dietary fibers help digestion to create the optimal stool quality. Aside from this, Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and fish oil will nourish the GI tract and boost urinary health.



  • Good for dogs with digestion issues
  • Approved by AAFCO
  • Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids


  • Not sweet


Overall, Royal Canin dry cat food gets targeted for any cat that desires to live a happy and healthy life. Its moderate number of calories will help your pet’s weight control and maintenance.



How do I know whether my cat gets constipated or not?

Observe it and consider if the cat couldn’t leave behind a bowel movement for over 48 hours, then it means your cat is constipated. Try to find a trustworthy vet and let your cat follow an examination to ensure that there won’t be any further issues.

How to encourage my cat to change diet?

Heat food in the microwave since this helps increase the aroma of the cat food and entices her to eat them. If not, try to mix wet food with dry food, or top them with a sauce.

Which cats are prone to constipation?

Constipation easily happens to older cats because they tend to be less active as compared to teenage cats.



Constipation in cats is a common issue, and it occurs in all feline breeds. Once they’ve got a low-fiber diet, and seem inactive, they’re prone to the issue. You should try one of the best cat food for constipation above to prevent or control the problem.

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