Best Cat Fiber Supplements For Your Cats’ Health

Providing your cats with best fiber supplements will not only help your cats be healthier but also show your care to them. Cats are known to be highly independent creatures. However, the fact of the matter is that cats don’t have the full capacity to take care of themselves, especially your indoor cats. They also have health problems like overweight, diabetes, digestive issues, and hairball problems. Taking care of your cats and keeping them healthy requires us to understand their health condition and behavior and choosing the suitable food for them is also an important factor.

With our top 10 best cat fiber supplements list below, you will find that choosing food for your cats will never be a big deal.


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Top 10 best cat fiber supplement

Top 1: Blue Buffalo Wilderness – Hairball & Weight Control Cat Food

A protein-rich high cat fiber supplement in dry type manufactured by Blue Buffalo with a recipe that contains 36% protein derived from the boneless chicken and chicken meal will provide enough calories for adult cats that have moderate-intensity activities level, maintain a balanced weight and develop your cats’ muscle.

A unique blend of natural fiber sources such as carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries, barley grass provides all vital vitamins and natural minerals, Omega fatty acids, and taurine helps control hairballs.

The product only uses the best naturally-derived ingredients and grain-free. There are also no artificial components used to ensure that cats can absorb beneficial nutrients as fully as possible. Therefore, besides maintaining the perfect weight and controlling hairball, this one also helps support healthy digestion and help your cat have healthy skin and coat. There is no doubt that this is the best of the best cat fiber supplements. 


  • High fiber in content: 7.4%
  • High-quality protein: maintains optimal weight.
  • Using natural ingredients: supports healthy digestion.
  • Optimal balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6: Support healthy skin and coat.


  • High cost
  • No variety in flavor

The product is highly recommended for your cats because it not only contains high fiber in content from natural ingredients but also high-quality protein and other nutrition.

Top 2:  CRAVE High Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Are you finding a high-quality protein product for your feline friend? No matter if your feline friend is a kitten or an adult cat, this product is no doubt the one you should think of first when finding suitable food for your cat. Are you afraid that with a high in content protein product your cat will lack fiber? Don’t worry about that. Containing 40% protein while providing a high amount of fiber too, using deboned chicken and also salmon as the first ingredient, this nutrient-dense, grain-free recipe contains all the protein and calories needed to help your feline friend maintain lean muscles and an ideal body condition. 

Fiber is derived from natural ingredients appropriate for everyday feeding. This grain-free recipe contains absolutely no preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings, or soy, supporting and nurturing your cat, contributing to its immune system all the way through to its core, and supporting healthy digestion.


  • High-quality from deboned chicken and turkey: support leaner body mass.
  • Natural fiber sources: help cats stay satisfied during meals. 
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors added.


  • High calories in content: not suitable for cats having overweight problems.

In brief, with a rich protein recipe, this product is the most chosen one from cats’ parents to support sensitive digestion & promote lean muscles. But cats’ parents should consider if your feline friend is an easy allergy-provoked one.

Top 3:  IAMS High Protein Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Cat Food

Finding a high-quality product but still have a reasonable cost for your cats is not easy, right? we’re here to introduce you a product that meets your requirements about the balance between the cost and the quality. IAMS used a special formula for this product that will help you solve this problem. containing a sufficient amount of 84% protein sourced from chicken and salmon, and a high amount of fiber derived from spinach, blueberries, and tomato. Also, all the vitamins, minerals, taurine, and Omega fatty acids are included in this recipe. It also contains enough EPA and DHA. Without preservatives added is also a plus point of this one. All the futures as mentioned above will help your feline friend have lustrous skin and coat, strong bones and teeth, maintain a healthy heart, eyes, and digestion.


  • Quality protein: support lean muscle development.
  • Balanced Omega and fatty acids: support healthy skin and coat. 
  • Calcium added:  maintain strong bones and teeth.
  • Can feed for both kittens or adult cats


  • Just one flavor available.

With an optimal balance of protein and fiber in the formula and a reasonable price, this product can be used for both adult cats and kittens to keep them healthy.

Top 4: IAMS Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

Another product from IAMS, IAMS Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food a product formulated for your adult cats, providing your feline friend with great tasting nutrition to control hairball and for a long, happy life. Protein is sourced from real chicken helps support lean muscles. Omega fatty acid and vitamin E added for beautiful skin and fur. Fiber is derived from natural sources that helps control hairballs and have a healthy digestion.


  • High-quality proteins: support healthy digestion
  • Natural fiber: control hairballs
  • Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins contained:  support a healthy immune system and skin
  • No artificial components added.


  • Some cats do not like the chicken flavor. 

Although it has limitations in the age of use, this cat food is best for controlling hairball problems. Besides, the variety in the nutrition of this product helps support a healthy immune system.

Top 5: Blue Buffalo High-Quality Protein Adult Canned Cat Food 

A product for a picky eater feline friend.  In the market full of packs of dry cat food this product is considered a solution for a picky cat with a variety of flavors such as chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon. Each 3 oz can contains 1.5% fiber just sourced from alfalfa meal and flaxseed suitable for your sensitive cat, along with omega and vitamin helps support healthy skin and coat.


  • Variety of flavors available
  • Low calories content
  • No artificial ingredients and preservatives used


  • High moisture level

Despite containing a high moisture level, the plus point of this canned food is a wide range of selection in flavors which will make your picky four-legs friend satisfied.

Top 6:  Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food

Help your feline friend look and feel the best by serving him a recipe containing high protein and high fiber cat supplement.
This dry food contains quality protein derived from real chicken. Fiber is sourced from 100% natural fruits and vegetables highly digestible. With low calories and fat, this product brings a super tasty dry food that keeps your cat healthy and perfect for weight control.


  • High-quality protein from whole chicken meat
  • Fiber sourced from natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavor and preservatives added
  • Using a special recipe to increase metabolism


  • Age limited for using
  • No selection of taste

Low calories and fat in the content, this product will help your cats maintain an ideal healthy weight. A special recipe used to boost your pal’s metabolism and to stay healthy.

Top 7: Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat Food

Provide your indoor cat with Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat Food – This high-protein cat food recipe is formulated with turkey as the first ingredient, supporting your furry friend’s strong muscles and a healthy heart. Your cat is overweight? Or having hairball problems, this product will solve them all. With low fat and fiber sourced from natural ingredients helps maintain a healthy weight and minimize hairballs. 


  • Optimal balance of protein and fiber
  • No artificial flavor and preservatives used
  • Promote healthy digestion and reduce hairballs


  • Cats can be allergic to a specific grain

This product is recommended for daily feeding to keep an ideal body for your furry friend. However, you should carefully check the grains used in this to help them avoid being allergic.

Top 8: High-quality Protein Diet Canned Cat Food

Unlike other cat food on the market, this product is produced with high protein in content sourced from chicken. Available in four flavors will make your four-legs friend satisfied if he is a picky eater. Containing easily digestible protein that provides your cat with enough protein and essential amino acids to maintain healthy digestion. Healthy vegetables and fruit used, perfect for cats with a sensitive stomach.


  • No artificial components used
  • Available in 4 flavors offer more choices for your picky cat


  • Not a “cheap” food

Most cats’ parents chose this one because it’s best for cats to have intestinal inflammation and have to be on a limited ingredient diet. Although the cost is higher than others. We strongly recommend this food. It’s high-priced however it’s worthwhile.

Top 9: Iams Healthy Digestion Kitten Dry Cat Food

Using chicken as the first ingredient, this high-protein cat food formula helps your cats maintain strong muscles and provide energy for their daily activity. Also contains a high percentage of fiber derived from beet pulp, rice, and corn makes this product suitable for easy digestion and long-term digestive health. No artificial flavor and preservatives used. The recipe is also enriched with antioxidants and Omega fatty acids for a healthy immune system, skin and fur.


  • High-protein support strong muscles
  • Natural fiber for long-term digestive health
  • 100% Completed and balanced nutrition


  • If your cat is not allergic to eggs and gluten
  • Only use for baby cats

Does your cat have a sensitive stomach? You can switch to this sensitive version of cat food from IAMS. Your cat will have a healthy stomach and rarely have stomach problems anymore.

Top 10: Purina Naturals Healthy Weight Adult Dry Cat Food

Overweight is a popular problem of indoor cats recently. And as a cat’s parent, everyone wants to find a product with a high protein amount but not too many calories to help them have a healthy weight. Using chicken as the main source of protein, containing a high percentage of natural fiber, and no artificial ingredients, preservatives, and flavors also, Purina’s cat food is perfect to promote healthy weight and reduce hairball and support a healthy immune system! 


  • Rich and natural fiber encourages digestive regularity and reduces hairballs.
  • Low calories for an ideal and healthy weight


  • Using some specific grains such as yellow corn and soybean meal.

Although using grain makes this product not be chosen as much as others on the market. However, with a formula that provides complete nutrition but still helps cats lose weight, this product is still a highly recommended one.

What is cat fiber supplement? 

Before knowing about cat fiber supplement, we should know what exactly fiber is? Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate that’s typically sourced from vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, and other components of plant origin. Fiber can also be sourced from animal-based components such as bones, fur, or even cartilage. So do cats need fiber and is it important to the cats’ health?

The answer is yes! But cats are carnivorous so how can they get fiber into their diet? It really comes down to the lifestyle of the cats and their general health. Outdoor cats can get fiber from animals that they hunt and eat but indoor cats do not have this opportunity.

That is the reason why we need cat fiber supplements to add fiber into their diet. Cat food with fiber is usually a combination of water-soluble and insoluble fibers. Some ingredients used to manufacture fiber are also referred to as prebiotics. These ingredients are typically fermentable fibers that support the development of the “good bacteria” that are useful in the cats’ intestines.”

Why is fiber important for cats? 

There is no doubt that fiber is an essential element of the human diet. Eating enough fiber is important for a healthy digestive tract and overall wellness. It can help us prevent or relieve constipation, controls blood pressure, and can even regulate blood sugar levels.

But how about cats? It’s known that there is no requirement for fiber in cats’ diets but fiber has the same useful properties for cats as for humans. This is a carbohydrate that cannot be fully digested by our intestinal systems. Hence, it goes all the way through the intestine and cleanses the bowels. It can help solve cats’ health issues such as diarrhea, fatty blood, constipation, or even diabetes and also help them have a healthy weight.

What are the important features to consider the best cat fiber supplement?

We all know fiber is good for cats but do you know how much fiber the cats need? and which one is the right kind of fiber needed for your fuzzy friend’s health. As a cat parent, you should understand your cat’s health to choose the right food for them. How much fiber do the food should contain if your cat has Gastrointestinal Issues, or it has Diabetes or even your cat is overweight? This is the reason why the most important thing you should keep in mind when you’re looking for cat fiber supplement is your cats’ health condition.

Fiber is mainly divided into 2 types:

  • Insoluble fiber also can be known as crude fiber does not mix with the liquid and passes through the digestive system without being broken. It is not a good fiber but it can be used to help food and waste pass through the digestive system easier and quicker.
  • Unlike insoluble fiber, soluble fiber can be blended in water, forming as a substance like gel. It helps scale back glucose in blood and to provide a variety in benefits for health.

As mentioned before, fiber is good for a cat’s health but depending on its own condition to choose the right cat fiber supplement with the correct amount will be better for their health.

FAQ About Best Cat Fiber Supplements

Is there any way that can help my Constipated Cat?

Your cats have trouble in passing stools and you’re finding a way to help reduce her pain? Instead of using laxatives for cats, all you need is just try to help her soften the stool by changing your four-leg friend’s diet with food that contains high natural fiber is the best way. You can take a look at the list above to choose one that suits your cat’s condition. 

What is the best way to add fiber to my cat’s food? 

The best way to provide fiber for your cats is using high fiber cat supplement. There is a wide range of cat fiber supplement on the market but you should understand your feline friend’s condition before adding fiber to their diet. Just like humans, cats also have some health issues. So consider your cats’ health before choosing a high fiber cat supplement  with a suitable amount of fiber.

If I change to dry food, does it cause constipation? 

No exact kind of food can directly cause constipation, the percentage of moisture may be a factor. Besides, fiber and other nutrition in the food you choose for your cats also have effects on their health. Most dry cat foods contain lower moisture than wet food. However, the portion of fibers in dry food is always higher than in the wet kind. Therefore, if you’re thinking about changing your cat’s food to the dry kind, you can combine these both types in daily diet to see the efficiency of both.

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