Top 6 best cat ear cleaners for healthy ears of your pets in 2021

Most cats have to encounter many issues caused by mites, ticks, and other unwanted parasites. They might lurk on the outdoor grass without you knowing. Thus, how to prevent them from that severe damage? In this article today, we recommend some of the best cat ear cleaners for your kitten’s healthier ears. 

Besides, you would get educated on how to use them effectively. As you know, ear cleaning is not always an essential thing in all cats since some are ok without it. However, for those prone to ear infections, this kind of cleaning plays a crucial part in its fundamental hygiene needs. Now take a look at our top picks below.


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Top 6 best cat ear cleaners for healthy ears 

Top 1: Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution for Dogs and Cats

The product is manufactured by PKB Animal Health and proven to offer relief for your dogs or cats with ear infections. It can remove the fungi and bacteria to treat the chronic inflammation of the external ears. Better than that, Zymox doesn’t contain hydrocortisone, so it’s quite safe to use for your cats in the long term. Even pregnant pets can use the product as well.

Zymox Otic is what you’ve been looking for regarding the treatment of otitis externa. It’s a condition in which your pet’s external ear gets inflamed and hurts. It’s quite painful for cats or dogs, and even causing the growth of bacteria. The product here doesn’t only cure the infection but also reduce its symptoms very fast. Hurry to invest one and prevent the danger from threatening your cat’s health.


  • Only 0.5% of hydrocortisone 
  • Remove debris during the infection
  • Apply for cats once a day


  • Not a replacement for antibiotics

In short, Zymox Otic is a worth-to-buy anti-inflammatory solution to address any outer ear problems for cats and dogs. Come to bring the product along with your cats or dogs and let it calm down your pet’s ear inflammation in a minute.

Top 2: Petpost Cat Ear Rinse Cleanser 

If you’ve got a cat that seems to hate the ear cleaners pouring in their ears, then Petpost Ear Cleaner Wipes can change that immediately! Most cotton pads inside the box are super soft, which means no irritation occurs in your cat’s hypersensitive ears again. We’re sure that these wipes are what your cat fall in love with at first use. This product is ideal for cats who have dirt, wax, terrible odor, mites, and yeast infection. 

Besides, its delicate smell of coconut oil makes your cats calmer and happier than ever. The healing properties of the oil are good enough to fight the harmful microbial bugs in the outer ears of the pet. The aloe vera extract in the wipes will help moisturize the skin of their ears. Try it out, and let’s see the better results coming up next. This cleanser works much better than other damp paper towels with cats in the same situation.


  • Perfect for cleaning cat’s ears
  • Removes dirt and wax buildup
  • Has 100 pre-soaked wipes


  • Not suitable for cats with mites

Overall, the Petpost pads are perfectly thin so that the pet owners can freely reach gently around inside their ears. Try this product if your cat always shakes its head to get the liquid out when using the watery treatment.

Top 3: VetWELL Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

VetWELL ear cleansing solution was made by veterinarians to clean and deodorize the ear canal. Along with that, the cleanser eliminates dirt and debris that lead to severe ear infections. Make sure to use this Otic cleansing product soon before any severe symptoms happen, such as itching and scratching. You only need to apply the solution twice daily for the best result.

Try to apply it into the ear canal gently by massaging the ear base at first. Let your pet shake its head if it wants to. Next, take a cloth to clean up the excess. To keep the cat’s ears healthy in the long term, you can apply the product once or twice a week or follow the instructions of your veterinarian. Well, though the cleaner doesn’t contain any antiseptic quality, it’s quite useful in cleaning the ears and preventing serious issues.


  • Ideal for preventing ongoing infections
  • Odor-free and pleasant scent
  • Natural aloe vera extract


  • Not worked for both dogs 

In short, if you’re searching for an ear cleaner that specializes in offering great relief for infections from yeast and mites, then VetWELL Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner is the right one. It helps rinse the buildup in your cat’s ear canal, from dirt, debris to wax.

Top 4: Pet MD Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs 

Pet MD Otic Cleanser is a vet-formulated product designed for deodorizing and cleansing the ear canal gently. With it, your cat will say goodbye to the buildup of wax, debris, dirt, and other harmful substances. These easily result in nasty odors, scratching, itching, and severe ear infections. It helps your pet avoid potential dangers or symptoms before they start getting more serious. 


  • Ideal for relieving itchy ears
  • Does what it claims 
  • Effective at removing ear mites


  • Some dogs seem to hate it

Overall, you and the cat will love the refreshing scent of the pea vanilla. While in use, the pet won’t suffer any burn or sting, so the product is safe for daily use. Also, Pet MD ear cleaner suits dogs or cats of any age, especially those with long ears. 

Top 5: Arava Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes for Dogs and Cats 

Among several efficient ways to eliminate dirt and wax buildup from the pet’s ears, Arava Pet Ear Wipes would be the safest option. How comes? That’s because these wipes get covered with natural ingredients. It can prevent your sensitive cat from irritation or any discomfort caused by allergies.

Many helpful ingredients are found in the products, ranging from Aloe Vera, Chamomile to Vitamin D, E, B5, and a mixture of dead sea minerals. 


  • Gentle wipes on cat’s ears
  • Effectively cleans out dirt and wax
  • Easy to use
  • Provide high comfort 


  • The wipes are a bit small.

Last but not least, Arava pet ear cleaner wipes ensure your cat’s ears to be clean, healthy, and odorless. After use, you need to close the lid tightly because the solution is prone to drying out fast. 

Top 6: Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner 

Another efficient product you can’t miss is the Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced cleanser. It removes the excess wax and debris in your cat’s ear canal. Since the product is a non-irritating cleanser, it’s safe to use for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. Besides, Virbac has been exclusively developed with anti-adhesive properties to prevent pets from any bacterial strike. 


  • Gentle wipes on cat’s ears
  • Effectively cleans out dirt and wax
  • Easy to use
  • Provide high comfort 


  • Wipes are a bit small.

In short, you can keep your pet’s ears as clean and possible with Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser. The solution here contains no alcohol, which is perfect for daily cleanup of your cat’s ears. Try it for your cat’s grooming process, and you’ll see how it supports the cat’s ears. 

How to use a cat ear cleaner

At first, hold your feline friend in the lap and keep them in place. If your kitten is a cuddler, then you might need a towel. Just wrap them in a towel before placing them on your lap. If you’ve got another person to help, ask them to hold your pet while you’re cleansing the ears. 

Next, pull back the pinna with one hand and then use the other hand to hold the ear cleaner. Hold the bottle close to the ears. Once the tip reaches the ear, start cleaning it with the alcohol wipe before use. Put a few drops in each ear, and take a pad to wipe out dirt from the ear.  

What to consider when buying cat ear cleaners


Some cat ear cleansers contain natural ingredients while some others don’t, so it’s essential to learn the true purpose of the bottle. The natural formation usually takes a longer time to work. But if you need fast results, go for other ingredients. Watch out since these tend to have side effects.


It’s best to pick out a product that is effective yet safe. Try to get the one having both of them. Make sure that your cat’s ear issue to fade away, and it should be safe to use as well. The all-natural ingredients would bring the best solution as it comes to safety.

Ease of application

Some cats love the otic liquid, while others like the otic wipes. The great thing about the otic drops is that the pet owner can reach the hardest area of the ears. You just can’t do it by using the wipes. With drops, you need to leave them inside the ears for 10 seconds. 

Best Cat Ear Cleaners FAQs

How often should I clean the cat’s ears?

It depends on each cat’s habits as it comes to this question. If you have a cat loving to hang around outdoors, it surely needs a more frequent cleanup to remove dirt and bacteria.

Do I need a cat ear cleanser?

It’s recommended to invest in a good-quality cleaner for sure. Those with antibacterial properties would be the most helpful products. 

What else should I need to clean my cat’s ears?

Rinsing the cat’s ears won’t require any particular equipment. But you might have some cotton balls or some treats to make your cat comfortable.


Try one of our recommended cat ear cleansers above, and you can easily handle the issues sooner. If you suspend your pet has an ear problem, call your vet right away.

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