Best Cat Climbing Tree 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A best cat climbing tree can be one of the meaningful gifts to your cat. Your adorable cats can play to be happy to release their adrenaline and stay fit. The daily routine can bore them, so providing them with some kind of entertainment is necessary.

The cat climbing tree you choose to buy will have to adapt to your pet’s needs and the space you have available in your home. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your cat, and the answers to the most common questions asked by users.

There are various sizes, designs, and prices on the market, to suit everyone’s needs.

Your cat will likely have no major problems adapting to his scratching post, as the latter has various parts specifically designed for various activities. Let’s study our top nine best cat climbing tree!


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Top 9 Best Cat Climbing Tree Reviews

Top 1: Dibea Cat Climbing Tree B00M35OVZ0

This cat scratching tree from Dibea is 112cm tall and its base measures 40cm x 40cm. The unit has extra soft fabric that comprises a play rope and a ball. The tree offers three platforms. Each of them offers different entertainment for your lovely cat. Different colors are available and the price varies according to the chosen chrome.

The product is appreciated by reviewers for its ease of assembly: simple and intuitive. Once assembled, this tree is the same as they present it in the picture. The only flaw is stability, as a cat could overturn it. Otherwise, the quality of the materials used and the overall strength of the article are excellent. Shipping service is fast and on time.


  • Compact and durable
  • Extra-soft fabric
  • Three platforms
  • Nice service


  • Low stability

Top 2: Dibea Cat Climbing Tree B07XLTHJ5P

This tree designed to entertain cats comes with a bottom plate measuring 50 x 30cm, and its height is 80cm. The posts, filled with sisal, are approximately 8 centimeters in diameter. The whole product has extra soft material and fabric. Finally, there is a cave of about 30 centimeters in diameter.

Again, the feature most appreciated by reviewers is the ease of assembly, simple and intuitive and fast. This product is much more stable than the previous one that is greatly appreciated by customers. The quality-price ratio is excellent thanks to the quality of the materials. The only flaw is the slightly thin strings.


  • Large bottom for high stability
  • Premium material
  • Ease of assembly
  • Reasonable price


  • Thin strings

Top 3: FEANDREA Cat Climbing Tree B07Q2B3B89

From the Feandrea brand, this 148cm high cat scratching post comes with scratching posts that reinforce with strips for greater stability. The complete structure comes with soft plush to provide comfort and relaxation for the cats. The unit also has the CARB-certified chipboard for automatic operation. Finally, sisal allows cats to sharpen their claws most appropriately.

There are many positive reviews for this product. First, users love this product for its stability and strength, thanks to the reinforced base. It also offers an excellent quality of materials and finishes. Besides, the ease of assembly is welcome. Finally, nobody can deny the excellent quality-price ratio and the enthusiastic customer support.


  • High stability and durability
  • High comfort
  • CARB-certified chipboard
  • Reinforced base


  • Heavyweight

Top 4: Amazon Basics Cat Climbing Tree B06X6J3L65

Solen by Amazon Basics, this cat tree is large and has three platforms and seven columns covered in jute. The upper platform can also act like a cat kennel, while the square base makes this item ideal in any area of ​​the house. The product is 117cm high and the base measures 40 x 40cm.

The ease of assembly stands out from all the other features of the product because of its intuitiveness and simplicity. The quality-price ratio is excellent. Many reviews also show a notable appreciation for the robustness of the product. The speed of Amazon shipping and packaging was also fast and on time.


  • Large capacity
  • Three platforms and seven columns
  • Ease of assembly
  • High intuitiveness and simplicity


  • Low durability

Top 5: QCUTEP Cat Tree Tower B07X1KHKTW

This cat scratching tree measures 120cm high, while the base is 55 x 40cm. Among other choices, the tree includes three platforms, a hammock, and a room where cats can rest. The materials mainly used are natural sisal and velvet fabric that are resistant to scratches and useful for cats to sharpen their claws.

Users like this product for its robustness and stability. The quality-price ratio is excellent. Considering the reduced price, it satisfies the reviewers with the product for the cost incurred. Some users report the lack of a screw that is crucial for the construction. However, the quality of the materials and their resistance is excellent.


  • Premium materials
  • High robustness and stability
  • High efficiency
  • Low price


  • Non-resistant fabric

Top 6: PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post B07TCN89BD

The PAWZ Road cat tree is a veritable playground for every cat. The column comprises three large berths where your pets can have fun or rest. They are all stable compartments thanks to the integrated wall fixing system.

With a diameter of 27 cm, the columns mimic the trunks of trees found in nature, allowing Micio to feel like the king of the Savannah. The panels are natural plywood, while the bunks are plush and washable at 30 degrees.

It is possible to choose the structure and shape to give to the scratching post. For this reason, I can be more or less bulky depending on your reference. It is the most recommended scratching post for cats, especially for people who have over one pet.


  • Stable compartments
  • Natural plywood
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Adjustable construction


  • Not suitable for big cats

Top 7: COZIWOW Cat Tree Tower B088WV4B66

COZIWOW Cat Tree Tower is a soft cuddly toy to lie down. It has wood to scratch and to let off steam. This scratching post is every cat’s paradise. Starting from the impeccable quality, the COZIWOW scratching post represents a real resort for miniature tigers.

Its platforms, made of untreated wood, support columns with a diameter of 15 cm. Your cat can play and stretching will be a genuine pleasure. The beds with borders, stuffed with very warm plush, can be easily detached and washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

It is the best-bought scratching post for cats that is perfect for playing, stretching the paws, and lounging while enjoying peace of mind.


  • High comfort
  • Premium quality
  • Washing machine compatibility


  • Not suitable for adult cats

Top 8: MidWest Homes Cat Tree Tower B0051HA1T2

A Control tower for a cat is the best thing ever. And the MidWest Homes scratching tower is a real control tower for cats. Cats are extremely curious animals that like to stay hidden to observe and make some ambushes if the situation becomes promising.

No more arms and legs were torn by the nails of MidWest Homes. With this splendid scratching post, it will be a pleasure to have fun in adventurous climbs to reach the summit and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

The three spacious niches make it one of the best scratching posts for cats that want comfort and tranquility. The soft plush padding of each shelf makes it an irresistible space to squeeze a nice nap when it is cold outside, including one field nails and the other.


  • Unique design
  • High stability and controllability
  • Durable and compact


  • No compartments for an active cat

Top 9: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower B07H7WGZ6D

How can you resist the tender charm of the PetFusion scratching post? Seeing PetFusion nestled among the palm trees is a scenario that you cannot ignore. With five different levels on which to play, relax or sharpen its nails, every cat can feel like an actual king.

On the top of the scratching post, a small house-shaped kennel will allow your kitty to relax after a day of purring and playing. The most popular scratching post for lively and always ready to play cats is PetFusion.


  • Simple but effective design
  • Easy to play for kittens
  • Premium construction


  • Not suitable for heavyweight cats

FAQs about best cat climbing tree

What is the best material for a cat to scratch?

Cats prefer a sturdy material to grind with their claws. Many studies show that in nature cats like to mark their territory with marks left by their claws. It is a primitive stimulus that cats still keep scratching objects and is also fun for them. Cats also like to hear a loud noise while scratching that seems to be more satisfying for them.

What to do if my cat’s climbing tree doesn’t attract her attention?

It may happen that when you put a scratching post tree for your cat in the house, the animal does not consider it. If something like this happens, there is a peaceful solution. Cats love to play, no matter how wary they may be with new items taking up their space. You can get your cat to smell and learn about the scratching post through several tricks.

One option is to take some of her toys or blankets and place them on the tree so that the cat smells the new item. You can also put small bits of food in it she likes, so she can associate it with something good. If your pet is playful, move the different hanging objects the tree may have to attract the pet.

Why can a scratching post tree fight my pet’s obesity?

A cat who spends all day at home may feel bored and unmotivated to stay active. These pets sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. But for optimal health, they need to be active the rest of the time. Cats are hunters by nature, and home without stimuli can bore for them.

Final Words

City cats spend many hours indoors and it can be counterproductive. They may get bored, develop bad habits and manias, be unmotivated or suffer from obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to have items at home that can entertain your cat and keep him active. A cat climbing tree is ideal for this purpose.

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