Best Cat Chew Toys Reviews 2021 – Choose the Best Toy for Your Growing Cats

Chew toys are perfect for keeping your cat’s natural urge to chew sufficiently occupied. They can be healthy and prevent dental problems. You should make sure that you choose the best cat chew toys. Inspect the material and the workmanship and quality of the toy before buying.

Durability and robustness are important properties. Make sure that there are no plasticizers in the toy. We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best cat chew toys for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy chew toys.


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Top 10 Cat Chew Toys Reviews

Top 1: Pet IQ Treat Toy Ball Chew Toy for Cats

The Pet IQ cat ball is a blue ball made of pollutant-free natural rubber that is bite-resistant and particularly robust. It has a size of 7cm and is suitable as a chew toy for both small and large cats. Kittens will also find great fun with this toy.

The ball has special knobs that act as a natural toothbrush. If your cat chews on this ball, it cleans your dog’s teeth and interdental spaces playfully. As a change, you can fill the ball with small snacks between the pimples.

This product deserves first place with its high robustness. It is suitable for your cats for the first few months. The material is available to natural rubber that is harmless to health and contributes to dental care. The plaque and stone can be playfully counteracted with the specially designed knobs, like a toothbrush.

With high quality and resistant natural rubber, it is the cat toy that leaves nothing to be desired. The spaces between the nubs are great for treats. The product is suitable for all ages as it is firm to the bite.


  • Pollutant-free natural rubber
  • Extremely robust
  • Acts as a natural toothbrush
  • High-quality and resistant natural rubber


  • Expensive

Stimulation and fun activities are guaranteed! Of course, an environmentally friendly product is free from toxins and unnatural plastic.

Top 2: Bagvhandbagro 3-Pack Teeth Rubber Toy

The Bagvhandbagro cat toy set comprises 12 different chew toys. Most toys are available to a natural cotton rope, which is very robust and durable on the one hand, and gentle on your cat’s teeth. Some toys come with natural rubber or a combination of rope and rubber.

It contains various rope knots, balls, a throwing disc, and a squeak toy. They are between 7.5 cm and 40 cm in size. These chew toys are suitable for small to medium-sized cats.

If you do not know what makes your cat tick. Then we recommend this starter set at a very good price. This set can withstand a lot that allows you to discover your cat’s preferences. The set includes different toys for romping around, biting into, throwing, and tugging: 

  • Rope: Made of natural cotton, great for chewing
  • Throwing ring: Made of sturdy cotton rope and covered with nylon, can a drag game
  • Squeaker stick: Made of natural rubber and easy to squeeze. Can also be a water toy.
  • Match ball: In tennis ball look made of rubber


  • Diversification of toys
  • Safe for health and cat’s teeth
  • Suitable for kittens
  • Premium quality and robustness


  • Only rubber toys available

According to the manufacturer, this dog toy set is also suitable for kittens. We particularly recommend this toy set because of its variety, robustness, and excellent quality.

Top 3: Litthing Cat Catnip Toothbrush Chew Cat Toy

The chew toy from Litthing is a long-lasting chew toy made from non-toxic and BPA-free rubber material. Because of its robustness, it is suitable for aggressive chewers and dogs who like to chew on their toys for a long time.

This chew toy not only satisfies your cat’s need to chew but also cares for his teeth and helps reduce tartar. It is 16.5 cm long and between 6.3 and 3.3 cm thick. So, it is suitable for small and large cats.

The cuddly shrimp is one of our favorites in the cuddly toy category. It is not just cozy but also has a squeak function that arouses your cat’s interest while playing. The toothbrush chew toys from Litthing are soft and cuddly on the outside.

An integrated rope on the inside that cannot be seen from the outside, ensures bite resistance. It makes the product seem durable. The manufacturer offers it in three different sizes so that it certainly includes the right size for your dog.


  • Long-lasting and non-toxic
  • BPA-free rubber material
  • Takes care of cat’s teeth
  • Ensures the bite resistance


  • Too hard to bite for kittens

The reinforced plush body provides additional durability. Litthing Cat Catnips have less stuffing for less clutter.

Top 4: Kong KM2 Ring Toy

The Kong ring ​​toy is a chew toy specially designed for kittens and adult cats. It is made of natural rubber and has been specially adapted to the needs of kitten teeth.

We can use this chew toy as a normal chew toy, but it is also suitable for fetching games because it bounces unpredictably when you throw it on the ground. You can also fill the toy with food or treats.

The Kong ring ​​toy comes in different sizes that are tailored to the size of your kitten.


  • Suitable for all cats
  • Available for fetching games
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Misleading advertising photos

There is a separate toy for small, medium-sized, and large cats, which consequently also vary in size. The size S for small kittens is 7.6 cm long and has a maximum thickness of 4.4 cm.

Top 5: Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

This chew catnip from Petstages is a slightly different chew toy. These are catnips from rubber that are a natural alternative to conventional chew toys. The chewing catnip is hypoallergenic, calorie-free, and is suitable as a permanent chew toy.

When the cat chews on the toy, the surface becomes rubbery, while the rest of the catnip remains firm. So the cat can chew on the toy at will. They can chew and promote oral hygiene.


  • High quality and hygiene
  • Easy to chew for all cats
  • Clean the cat’s teeth effectively
  • Affordable


  • Small for large cats

The chewing catnip is available in 4 different sizes (XS-L). So there is the right toy for every cat.

Top 6: BALLMIE Felt Wool Cat Toys

In the sixth position is a classic BALLMIE wood toy. Despite the classic variant, this product has a special feature. The toy comprises two balls covered with fabric. One of these balls has a squeaky property that arouses your cat’s curiosity. The long straps make it easier to throw and offer our darlings buying pleasure. We also use it for dental care.

The inner material is available in natural rubber and is durable. They covered the product with tough nylon fabric and are extremely robust. It is durable and easy to clean.


  • Unique and creative design
  • Safe for health
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Expensive

It is an ideal cat toy because you can use it as a throwing, dragging, or retrieving toy. There will be no boredom there.

Top 7: Yeowww! My Cats Ball.

Yeowww! is one of the best brands of cat accessories on the market. Their products are extremely reliable and high-quality, as known as being indestructible. The cats can chew toys for hours by your pet as the material used poses no risk.

The Yeowww! My Cats Balls is a 2-in-1 ball, comprising a tennis ball with a built-in squeal. When the cat bites the ball, it emits a squeal that will strongly encourage your cat to continue playing.


  • Thermoplastic material
  • Does not damage teeth
  • Entertainment alone or with the owner


  • There is one color available

This extremely resistant toy is designed mainly for throw-and-retrieve games. Thanks to its two handles, you can pick up the ball easily.

Top 8: CiyvoLyeen Llama Catnip Cat Toys

The CiviLian roller toy is an excellent alternative to wood toys. It will prevent your cat from the injuries caused by playing with a regular toy. You can let your cat bring you this toy as a stick with peace of mind, knowing that it does not represent any risk for him.

Cats love this CiyvoLyeen toy thanks to its wavy, raised surface. It is ideal for toss and fetch games. This toy is strong, flexible, and durable. You can use it outside and inside it also floats in water.


  • Creates throwing and catching games
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Strong, flexible, and durable


  • Not enough catnip in the toy

It comes in flashy colors. So, it is easily spotted if your cat does not bring it to you.

Top 9: YGDZ Crinkle Cat Balls Toys

The YGDZ ball toy is a chewable ball for cats that you can fill with treats or kibble, for example. It is an excellent way to occupy your cat while you are away. He will concentrate on the treats to collect and take pleasure in chewing the game. This toy is characterized by its quality and resistance.


  • Extremely strong cat chew toy
  • The ideal toy for throw and retrieve games
  • Perfect for cats with a strong need for chewing
  • Excellent for keeping cats busy during absences


  • It is hard to chew for kittens

It is perfect for cats with small jaws. As for cats with powerful jaws, they come with a need to chew regularly.

Top 10: Andiker Interactive Cat Toy

Andiker is a brand specializing in accessories for dogs and cats. They create their products in France and are made from natural products including 100% cotton bedding, non-toxic dye, rubber, and latex products containing 70% rubber and pure latex.

This Andiker chew toy is like a cat dumbbell. Besides being strong and colorful, this dumbbell is a great way to keep the cat’s gums and teeth in good condition.


  • Strong and resistant toy
  • Maintains healthy gums and teeth
  • Safe for health


  • No slot to fill the toy with treats

This toy is extremely resistant thanks to its good quality material of rubber. This toy offers long hours of games and romping to your pet.

Why Should You Buy Chew Toys for Your Cat?

The urge to chew is in your cat’s nature. Shortly after birth, a kitten feels the need to chew something. This chewing instinct persists into old age.

If you do not offer your cat to chew, he will probably find something himself that is easy to chew. So if you want to protect your interior and your favorite shoes, your pet should get chews regularly.

Cats can relax and occupy themselves with these for longer periods. So you can also use chew toys great in training or difficult situations. Your cat does not want to stay alone. So, offer him a tasty chew when you leave the house. So, he is busy for a long time and also calms himself down by chewing.

Besides, chewing items also have a positive impact on your cat’s dental health. Regular and even chewing and gnawing is suitable for dental care. They form a lot of saliva that cleans the oral cavity. Besides, chewing hardly creates any tartar and the teeth stay clean.

How Do You Choose the Best Chew Toys for Cats?


The toy should be sturdy, bite-proof, and withstand your cat’s teeth if he bites into it enthusiastically. It should not splinter and small pieces should not peel off that your cat could swallow.


If your cat chews vigorously and likes to destroy toys, choose a suitably sturdy chew toy. Here, models made of hard rubber with high hardness or rope toys are ideal. They are significantly more durable than comparable toys made of other materials and are indestructible.


Purchase the appropriate size toy for your cat. He should be able to carry it easily in his mouth, and it should not be too bulky or too heavy. But also not too small to not be swallowed. The toy should be at least 10% larger than your cat’s mouth when it is wide open.


We can find plasticizers in many plastic or silicone toys. These are toxins that break off the toy and get into your cat’s mouth and body. When buying a toy made of plastic, therefore make sure that it is BPA-free.


How many chews can my cat ​​get?

Your cat can have a chew available. So, he can follow his chewing instinct and do something for his dental care. However, keep one thing in mind that if you give your cat chews that are filled with treats or food, definitely subtract this from his normal food ration and reduce the portion accordingly. Otherwise, your cat may gain weight quickly.

What did the chew toys cost?

Depending on which manufacturer, material, and size of the toy you choose, prices vary a lot. You can get chew toys for around $5. But you can also spend $25 and more.

It reflects good workmanship in the price. If outstanding quality is important to you, therefore invest a little more.

What to keep in mind when giving my cat chew?

There are a few points to keep in mind when giving your cat a chew. Practice with your dog letting go of the toy at your command. So, you can intervene if your cat wants to destroy the chew toy or if you want to take it away from him. You can practice this very well with clicker training. You can find good training instructions.


Cats have an instinctive need to chew. You should offer your pet regular chews. Cat chew toys also contribute to your cat’s dental health. So, chewing toys can also help your cat for training or in stressful situations.

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