Top 6 Best Cat Calming Beds of 2021 – Provide Your Cats a Cozy Place to Sleep

Cats love having a warm and comfortable bed to cuddle and sleep. So, when buying a new bed for your feline friends, you should take it as the priority feature to show them how much you love and appreciate, and care about them.

Cat calming beds come with various designs, sizes, and prices on the market that makes you confused and do not know which to choose. Don’t worry about it anymore. After having an in-depth look into our list of the top 6 best cat calming beds, choosing a new calming cat bed will turn out to be a piece of cake.


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Top 6 Best Cat Calming Beds 2021 Reviews

Top#1: Best Friends by Sheri Self-Warming Cat Bed

When having a closer look at the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler, you will understand why we put this product in first place on our list of the top 6 best cat calming beds and why this product received more than 80 percent of positive reviews from the users. 

The bed is designed with high walls to ease the cat’s joints problems and allow them to feel secure. The higher wall on the back provides support and helps cats relieve joint pressure. The side and front walls are made lower, providing a great headrest. 

Soft and plush Sherpa fabric is used for covering makes it perfect for cats to aid a deeper sleep. The cat bed bottom is made of nylon fabric to help the bed resist water and dirt.


  • Stylish color and design suitable for any home decor
  • Dirt and water-resistant bottom
  • Versatile Construction and cozy headrest
  • Machine-washed safe


  • Not recommended for cats over 25lbs

The soft and versatile structure of this cat bed will provide your cats a safe place to take a long, deep sleep while you only have to spend a smaller budget than other same kinds of beds.

Top#2: Friends Forever Donut Cat Bed

Yes, this one is another product from Best Friends. This brand has done its best in making high-quality calming beds for cats at a low price. 

The product is ideal for cats to sprawl and curl up in it. The structure with the raised rim provides cats warmth and a sense of security. This also helps cats to ease anxiety and sleep well. High-quality faux plush fur, an optimal combination of breathable and comfortable, is perfect for keeping cats happy all day and night.

There is exceptional support from this product for cats to release their joint pain and arthritis. Made of friendly materials, the product is safe for machine wash and dryer.


  • Available in three sizes that supports any size of cats
  • Machine-washed safe with non-toxic materials
  • Featuring raised rim providing cats warmth and security feeling


  • The black dots on the bottom are easy to fall out, as some say.

With three sizes available and 5 color options, the Friends Forever Donut cat calming bed fits any home decor style and becomes cats’ favorite lounging place.

Top#3: BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Cat Bed

Let’s continue our list with a donut-shaped bed for cats from BODISEINT. 

The attractive modern design made of luxurious synthetic fur of this round-shaped cat bed offers a comfortable and safe place for feline friends to snooze. The product provides cats the feeling of being surrounded by warmth and love, allowing them to have the best restful sleep experience and improving their behavior and health. 

Filled with high-loft polyester fiber and self-warming fleece fabric, the BODISEINT helps keep your furry friends warm in the winter. Also, the non-skid and water-resistant bottom is included that allows you to put the bed on any type of surface you like without worrying about skid when cats have sudden movements.


  • Non-skid and water-resistant bottom
  • Improved cats’ behavior and health.
  • Modern and luxurious donut-shaped design
  • Keep cats warm in the winter with self-warming fleece fabric


  • The bed cover is not removable. 
  • Not safe for AIR DRY

The donut round-shaped bed offers the warmth and security feeling that allows your cats to snooze. The only drawback of this product is the irremovable cover, but this can be easily solved by being more careful when cleaning.

Top#4: Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

Keep your cats warm and reduce the worry about your couch being covered full of cat fur with a cat bed from Petmate. The Aspen cat bed provides a self-warming feature that allows it to reflect cats’ body heat to keep them warm and comfortable. 

Made of soft faux lambswool makes this bed perfect for cats to sleep, along with the non-skid base suitable for both hardwood floors and tile.


  • Heat-reflecting feature 
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Lightweight and comfy design


  • The fabric inside is not really soft.

Although some say that the fabric inside is not too soft, the self-warming feature added will keep your cats warm during cold days.

Top#5: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products has brought us a unique cat bed with a round-shaped design featuring tall soft foam walls. This cat bed’s design offers maximum comfort for cats to sleep along with the thermostatically controlled that allows it to reflect the temperature of cats to keep them warm whenever they’re in bed.


  • Convenient and lightweight design
  • Easy to wash with a removable cover
  • Neutral color suitable for home decoration


  • Only for indoor use

Thermostatically controlled temperature by the electric system makes this product’s cost higher than others but will keep cats warm all time.

Top#6: Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed

The Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed is the last cat bed on our list. The feature that makes this cat bed unique is that you can use it in different ways so that it can please all cats’ requirements. 

Made from soft and plush material featuring a faux-fur trim and lining, this bed will make your cat comfortable and happy.


  • Offer four different configurations
  • Made with the softest materials
  • Perfect for home decor with a clever design


  • The cat cave does not keep the shape well.

When getting this cat bed from Pet Magasin, you may feel like you already get four different beds because the product allows you to use it in four different ways.

Best Cat Calming Beds FAQs

Will my cats sleep in the cat bed?

Cats spend nearly two-thirds of their lifetime sleeping. They like to lounge on a soft surface which gives them a sense of security. A comfortable and soft cat bed will allow them to take a long sleep or a cozy nap. However, when you first get your cats a new bed, they might refuse to use it, but if you help them become familiar with it, the bed will become their favorite place.

How to get a bed my cats will like?

There is no doubt that buying a new cat bed is not an easy thing because of the huge number of cat beds on the market. Each cat has its unique preferences. Therefore, when choosing a new bed for cats, you should focus more on the design, styles, and what is pleasing to your cats. You can get the right bed for your cats as long as you understand their true personality.

How can I clean the cat bed?

Before cleaning the cat bed, you should carefully read the instructions to make sure the bed will not be damaged when having it washed. There are some safe for machine wash while others require a special way for cleaning.

Final Words 

When the weather is getting colder, cat calming beds are needed to provide your cats a soft and safe place to keep them warm and cozy during the cold winter. A self-warming cat bed from Best Friends is overall best for its quality and price, while the cat bed from K&H offers the maximum warmth for cats even on the coldest days.

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