Top 10 Best Cat Brush: Ultimate Reviews Plus Buying Guide 

Will it be essential to spend money on a best cat brush? We will tell you the benefit of having one. Also, there are plenty of recommendations that you may love to browse. 

The best cat brush depends significantly on your cat hairstyle and the purpose you want to serve. However, the diversity and splash development of the current market could easily fool you. Therefore, it’s vital to do some research in advance. 

Here we talk about different types of cat brushes and how to make brushing serve your demand. Altogether, we desire to help you visualize what the best cat brush for your beloved pet is. 


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Top 6+ Best Cat Brush For You To Consider 

Top 1: Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Not talking about its effectiveness yet, but we see this one as a smart product. It could lift off the hair in a second no matter how thin the layer you’ve made. There is a top layer that can lift to push the hair out of pins. 

Besides, the handle appears friendly to owners. It’s ergonomic patterns around the rubber part, and better than that, you’ve got a little hollow in the middle to rest your thumb. By this design, brushing is no longer a pain to you.

Speaking of the brush for a pet, its blade curves outward a little to help you reach trick spots. The curved surface can go smoothly around the neck, under the feet, and around the head. It can penetrate into the skin with such thin pins, massage the pet, and shed hair effectively.

This brush offers quite long pins that suit long-haired pets. If you raise short-haired breeds, be gentle with brushing. 


  • Self-cleaning 
  • Comfortable handle
  • Able to brush corners
  • Massaging pins
  • Great for both dogs and cats


  • Poky pins for short-haired pets

Top 2: Andis Pet Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel comb looks like what we use to groom hair every day. The rakes indeed do some help with shedding hair. However, it appears useful with finishing when you give your pet a haircut.

The rakes are undoubtedly useful in combing out loose hair and detangled thin mats. If you notice well enough, the pinpoint is made round to give the comfortable pet touch. It promises to keep your pet relaxed. 

This comb is made of stainless steel, so you should expect it to last. It’s portable for trips or stores anywhere in the house. 


  • Portable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile
  • Great to finishing
  • Stimulating pins
  • Sturdy 


  • Small to handle with big hands

Top 3: Furbliss Brush for Grooming, Brushing, and Bathing

This Furbliss Brush is one of the recommended products by vegetarians. Its round and thick pins are heavens to pet skin. It provides a gentle rub on the upper coat, efficiently traps loose hair and debris. 

You can brush with these silicone teeth, and your cat would love the feeling. And don’t forget to bathe your pet with this rubber piece. 


  • Multiple uses
  • Safe-quality silicone
  • Great for massage
  • Suitable for both bathing and dry brushing
  • Easy maintenance


  • Complicating fur removing

Top 4: True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove

Among the best cat brushes, it’s a mistake, not to mention gloves. To owners, gloves are the most comfortable tools since there is no need to hold or penetrate. You just put the gloves on the paper of your pet like usual. When you take it off, you also take off a large amount of shedding hair and dust. 

When you finish brushing, loose hair on the gloves can easily peel off thanks to the rubber. You don’t need to waste any energy on peeling them. 


  • Convenient to navigating brushing
  • Easy clean-off
  • Gentle to pet’s skin
  • Comfortable gloves for owners


  • Better for right handed people

Top 5: JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Comb

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this JW Pet GripSoft Cat Comb will be perfect. Like the Andis, it can penetrate well into the undercoat to gather loose hair. With shorter rakes, it’s better for medium and short-haired pets than the Andis comb. 

This comb offers users an ergonomic handle, so you sneak it quickly into hidden spots like the armpit or neck. With these rakes, you will find it helpful to detangle these spots and give your furry friend the same shiny look. 


  • Easy handle
  • Portable
  • Helpful with detangling
  • Great for medium and long-haired cats
  • Easy navigating


  • Not the best to remove loose hair

Top 6: Andis Pet DeShedding Tool

When searching in Andis, we found this Deshedding tool, which is excellent enough for your pet. As you can see, the rakes are unusual in comparison with most products. However, it’s the key to make cats feel good. 

The tool can tackle the deshedding job nicely while not affecting the length. The item, besides, looks portable for even small pets. 


  • Specific for undercoat 
  • Effective
  • Protective to skin


  • Not to detangle

Best Cat Brush for Shedding – FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats

When it comes to deshedding, Furminator is our top pick. This product offers clean and comfortable work on the undercoat. Even better, it works with a button on top that generates automatic shedding. 

Andis could be better for long-haired cats, while this one is more suitable for short and medium-haired breeds. The blade is so smart that you can release hair with a blink. 


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Automatic shredder
  • Great guarantee


  • Costly 

Best Cat Brush for Short Hair – Mars Boar Bristle Cat Hair Brush

This bristle from Mars Boar looks simple. The short and soft brush makes it the best to calm down short-haired pets. With that density, your cat soon gains back shiny, smooth fur within a brush. 

The handle is classic. It’s wooden, so you even feel better when holding it. Also, the wood base helps cat hair shine better. This made-in-Germany product is to last, so we see it as a smart investment. 


  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Large head for better contact
  • Durable 
  • Soft


  • Quite bulky due to the wooden part

Best Cat Brush for Medium Hair Cat – CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Brush

When you look at CeleMon Ultra-soft, you might see the rakes too long for medium hair. Are they? These soft silicone rakes can easily bend down when you press gently on the cat skin. Therefore, it’s safe and soft for our beloved pets. 

Your cat will love how it feels, and you’re surprised at how effective it collects loose hair. This one is user friendly, too. 

When most silicone brushes are handless, this one comes with a non-slip knob that you can sneak your fingers in and start the business. Such a thoughtful design. 


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Smart handle
  • Easy cleaning
  • Effective desheding


  • Hard for doubled coat cats

Best Cat Brush for Long Hair – Safari by Coastal Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This brush must be exclusive for long and double coated cats. Its rakes are so thin that they can penetrate deep undercoats no matter how bulky and tangled your cat fur is. If you brush your pet with it every day, hairballs and mats could be halted entirely. 

The only notice to use such a thing is to be careful with the eyes and ear area. The long rakes could be too pocky sometimes. 


  • Able to go undercoat
  • Thin and stainless pins
  • Effective shedding


  • Costly

Why should you brush your cat?

Cats are born to groom themselves, and they do so every day. However, to keep the hair smooth, we should help them do a little combing as their tongue cannot do more than wetting and cleaning dust on the hair strands. 

Regular hair combing can help to prevent hair from matting together or to ball up. You may notice some big matted hair around the cat’s body, especially on the neck or behind ears where cats don’t groom themselves. It’s almost impossible to detangle these balls except cut them off. If you don’t want such a bald area on your pet, you should pick up on brushing today. 

If you are having troubles with shedding cat hair in the house, brushing can help a ton. When you brush, loose hair gets trapped into the brush, and you need to collect them from a single place later. If you don’t, then the hair could go anywhere the cat lay their button. Combing is not the most satisfactory solution for cat hair shedding, but it helps. 

When you help your pet brush its hair and feel comfortable about it, it’s a sign of bonding. It’s an excellent way to make friends with cats while keeping them healthy. Brushing can even swipe dust and particles on cat hair away even though there is just a small amount.

Types of Cat Brushes

There are many reasons to start brushing your cat. Hence, brush makers offer quite plenty of choices. You may see them in a diversity of shapes, but there are seven main versions. 

Bristle is the popular one that shares the look-alike human brush. It seems to work well with most felines, including long-haired ones, despite the slight difficulty. They serve the very primary purpose of brushing: polish and collecting loose hair.

When you have got a cat with long bulky hair, bristles only show little help. We recommend de-shedding or slicker brushes instead. If you used a deshedding brush every day, you’d see a significant reduction of cat hair around your house.

Slicker, on the other hand, collects loose hair on top of the coat but effectively. It usually contains thin pins that can sneak into unmanageable hair easily. However, since the pin can pinch into the skin quickly, could you not rub it hard? 

Undercoat rakes look like a comb with spokes. It can go through the coat and touch cat skin. Since it’s slim and flexible, people like them to detangle matted hair in tricky spots like the neck or behind ears. 

Flea combs share the same look with rakes, but the pins are much denser. It’s meant to wipe away fleas, parasites, or dust away from the coat or even the skin. 

If you want to treat your cat to a comfortable massage, rubber massage brushes or glove brushes could be enough. They can collect loose fur on the coat, but the primary purpose is to help you bond with the pets. Especially, glove brushes don’t look like a brush, so cats who anti brushing could be easily tricked. 

Tips for grooming a cat

You may imagine grooming a cat is just all about bathing and brush, but you’ve forgotten nails, ears, paws, and teeth, which are all essential to look out for.

Depending on the cat situation, you can bathe or help them clean the coat by brushing. When you work with the fur, be sure about the cat conditions. There may be bald patches, balls, pumps, or wounds under the thick hair layers. You should check out by hand first before combing.

Brushing is to get dirt and relax your cats, so don’t do it randomly. It’s essential to follow the lie of the hair so the finish looks shinily smooth. You should not forget any part, especially spots that cats cannot reach by themselves. 

Nails and teeth are what you can take care of at home using traditional tools. However, you must follow the vet’s instructions carefully. Ear and eyes are more sensitive, and they are also the most vulnerable parts. It’s vital to observe your cat and get home-checks regularly. Otherwise, you won’t see the problem until too late. 

How frequently does my cat need to be groomed?

Grooming frequency varies from cat to cat, depending on the hair condition and the feline’s characteristics. Usually, short-haired cats can groom themselves relatively well without a human’s help. Hence, brushing them is more like a treat to bond with the pet. We recommend doing short sessions and frequently. When your cat doesn’t welcome brushing, the short and regular groom could help develop the habit. 

Long-haired cats will need grooming more. For them, it’s essential to brush due to possible tangled hair or balls. However, it would be best if you put more effort into grooming bulky and long hair. You should perform grooming at least once every day for the cat’s health. Or so, you can do it when you play with them shortly. 

FAQs about best cat brush

Is it essential to brush cat hair?

As mentioned in the section above, brushing cat hair is not just about the look. Even though brushed hair looks smooth and groom-y that owners love, it’s helpful to keep cats healthy. Frequent brushing could prevent hairballs and mats, which cause skin irritation.  

How frequently should I brush my cat hair?

When you brush, the brush teeth could contact the skin and collect loose hair. Therefore, brushing at the appropriate frequency could bring joy to your cats. However, overdoing it can invent significant hair fall and irritated skin. 

How to make a cat comfortable with brushing hair?

Not every cat is fancy brushing. Some even don’t welcome it at first, even though they like the touch. We suggest making the brush smell like a cat. For example, you can rub the brush into the cat gently for it to absorb the scent. Or, you can do brushing like a treat. 

Will human brush do the work?

Human brushes can brush cat hair since they serve the same purpose. However, human hair and cat fur don’t share the same quality. Human brush couldn’t promise 100% effectiveness. 

Will brushing be necessary to short hair cats?

Cats with short hair confront smaller chances of getting mats or hairballs. They also perform less severe hair fall. However, regular brushing can bring them joy, comb out of parasites if possible. 

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