10 Best Cat Beds Your Cat Will Love For 2021

Your beloved cat deserves a comfy and relaxing sleep space. Thus, getting the pet the best cat beds is an important thing to do at this moment. Through our reviews today, you might find out what features matter the most to your kitty. Next, it’s easier for you to determine the best design for your pet’s space. 

Here, we’ve just studied several cat beds and finally found the top ten best cat beds that would work well for different homes and kitties. This comprehensive buying guide will tell you what types of cat beds are available on the market. And you can freely pick out your favorites. Well, let’s choose what you love for style, comfort, cleanability, and the ability to satisfy the needs of your cats.


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Top 10 Best Cat Beds Your Cat Will Love

Top 1: Best Friends by Sheri OrthComfort Deep Dish Cuddler 

Are you looking for the best cat bed featuring high walls to help your cat feel more secure in her own space? With a high back wall, the bed can offer further support and relieve high pressure on joints. Both front and side walls are meant to provide a good part of space supporting the cat’s head. Don’t worry because it gets covered with soft and warm sherpa material. Your cat can have a deep sleep thanks to that.

At the bottom of the cat bed, it gets made with durable nylon fabric that can fight any dirt and water quite well. Not only having relief from behind, but the pets also rest their chins on the front with minimal strain. In other words, this bed is extremely useful to any senior cat with arthritis. Better than thought, it can serve different sleeping positions, which comes in handy for your lovely pet. 


  • Dirt and water resistance
  • Soft and deep bed
  • Feel warm and snug 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Hold its shape


  • A bit small for some cats
  • Fits senior cats rather than kitties

Last but not least, we strongly recommend this bed for senior cats. It’s because of the 9-inch high lip that seems a bit too high for little cats. Another bonus of the bed would be how easily it gets vacuum cleaned. It still keeps its softness even after getting thrown in the washing machine and dryer. 

Top 2: 4CLAWS Furry Pet Bed/Mat 

What you will love about this pet bed is its ultra-soft and comfy material it sleeps on. Besides, the mat can get folded into the bed with ease in a minute. The rim tends to set up a comfy enclosure that appeals to all cats to snug in. On the top side, it’s made of white plush, which is good for massaging your furry friend. Meanwhile, the underside is quite like a decent denim material. Well, we can’t expect more than such a flexible bed.

Better than that, the mat itself finds no difficulty in maintaining its shape in the washing machine. Apparently, the mat can go through the washer quite well, and it dried up quite fast. But what we love the most about it is how easily it becomes flat and gets adjusted into a real bed. And guess what? Your cat surely loves how fluffy and tender the bed feels once sleeping on it.


  • Super fluffy and soft
  • Easily folded into a bed
  • Perfect for massages
  • Maintain its shape after the wash
  • Looks good on any couch


  • Long fabric strands easily get damaged 

Overall, the entire bed claims to deliver extra support for senior cats. If comfort is a big concern, then we highly recommend putting it on a couch cushion or any favorite place of your cat.

Top 3: Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

Aspen Pet beds feature the unique heat-reflecting tech that can keep your cat cozy and fresh when it’s sleeping. How comes? The bed here can reflect your pet’s body heat so that it radiates the coziness without electricity. What about the extra comfort? Well, we must thank the outside material of the cat bed. It gets made from plush material while the sleeping space gets covered with faux lambswool.

But what impresses us would be how the bed owns a slip-resistant bottom to help dodge slipping and sliding once the cat steps in. All pet parents will find it extremely convenient on the go. This self-warming bed ensures a portable experience thanks to the lightweight polyester material. Also, a variety of sizes and shapes allow the pet owners to freely pick out whatever fits their pet’s needs.


  • Super soft cat bed
  • Keep the pets warm
  • Fluffy self-warming material
  • Cushiony and full sides
  • Soft and durable material


  • Not suitable to tumble drying 

Generally, the bed is larger than it should be, which is more spacious for your cats to move around. The material feels fluffy and tender, not to mention how cushiony the sides appear. 

Top 4: Furhaven Pet – Plush Sofa Dog Bed

You might love the bolsters design of the Furhaven pet bed here, especially when it’s extremely supportive and comfortable. The 3-sided texture provides an extra headrest as well as warm nooks for your cat or dog to snug in. Not only that, but the bed here also delivers high orthopedic support for senior cats with aching joints. As it comes to the sleeping surface, it gets lined with fur material, so it feels pretty soft when you touch it.


  • Comfortable bolster design
  • Perfect for senior dogs and cats
  • Extra cozy, soft, and plush material
  • Super lightweight and nice stuffing


  • Not ideal for large dogs

Last but not least, another great part of the pet bed is the wear-resistant suede that covers both sides and bolsters. Well, this super cozy product gets designed to offer ultra comfort for cats of all ages. 

Top 5: Midwest Homes for Pets Plush Dog Bed & Cat Bed

Comfort can be seen as the aim of this Midwest bed for pets. More than that, this stuffed bed owns a handy swirl texture ranging from light grey to charcoal. If you love to spoil your furry buddy no matter if they’re dogs or cats, then this plush and stuffed pet bed by MidWest Homes would be the right one for you. It’s just perfect for little dogs and cats weighing from 11 to 25 pounds. 


  • Easy to wash 
  • Super soft and supportive
  • Decent quality and fit perfectly
  • Perfect for large dog owners
  • Great for the price


  • Not suitable to cats marking their territories.

Last but not least, there’s no need to restuff any insert since the whole cat bed is washable. In other words, it means that the bed can easily hold the shape quite well in your washing machine. 

Top 6: Petmate Pet Bed

Featuring the loft and recycled polyester fiber filling, the Petmate pet bed is meant to provide high comfort and promote a cushiony nest for dogs and cats. With a nest-like appearance, the bed encourages any pet to freely curl up for a calm and refreshing rest. Besides, its high and tender walls ensure your pets to have a comfy and serene sleep. 


  • Good cuddler bed for pets
  • Fit all dog sizes
  • Look nice and feel soft
  • Great for little pets
  • Well-made and durable


  • A bit small for larger pets

Overall, with the super lightweight texture and soft construction, the Petmate Pet Bed is undoubtedly the best cat bed to invest in this year. Also, the product is quite easy to clean in the washing machine, so all you need to do is getting it back to the normal shape. 

Top 7: MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave 

The cat bed by MEOWFIA gets 100% made from the all-natural wool material in Nepal. With the use of the traditional fabrication technique, the bed gets molded availing water, soap, and pressure. So if you’re seeking an eco-friendly bed for your cat to rest, then this one is the perfect option. Different from some other beds, it has a cave-like design, which can offer the pet a good sense of comfort and coziness. 


  • Well-made and cozy cave
  • Good-looking and natural bed
  • Plenty of room for cat
  • Withstand vacuuming and handwashing


  • None

Well, no matter how picky and needy your cat is, MEOWFIA cat bed cave can handle that. Also, since the bed is made of good-quality wool material, we’re sure that it can last for a long time. 

Top 8: K&H PET PRODUCTS Heated Thermo-Kitty Mat Reversible Cat Bed

If you’re searching for an affordable sleeping mat with soft foam, then this Thermo-Kitty mat of K&H PET PRODUCTS is the right type for you. It naturally makes a comfy napping space for your pet. What makes it more special than other beds is the ability to keep warm to full temperature once the pet is still on the mat. If you want to test it, simply put a pillow on top of the mat. Wait for 15 minutes until the pillow gets warm.


  • Not too hot or too cold
  • Cats love it
  • Warm to the touch
  • Easy to clean with cold water


  • Narrow heating strip

Lastly, the heating insert of the bed can get removed anytime you like. Feel free to clean it up with cold water and dry up after your cat accidents. Now leave your pet snug in her place and rub her face against it. 

Top 9: PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

Do you hate getting cat items that your furry friend soon get bored of fast? PetFusion’s Cat Scratcher Lounge will make things different! As you know, most cats love the feel of snuggling in the cardboard. It’s because all of them are natural scratchers. The lounge here is also an ideal home for several cats loving to co-sleep since it fits over 4 cats at one time. 


  • Super lightweight and well-made
  • Worth every penny
  • Ideal size and shape 
  • Great and sturdy scratcher


  • Slightly sharp on the sides

As compared to other beds, this one seems better when it plays a bed and a scratcher at the same time. Instead of damaging your furniture, the pet would be happier to scratch this lounge for sure. 

Top 10: Petgrow Cute Banana Cat Bed House 

This banana-shaped bed is perfect for little dogs, cats, and other pets. It’s time to decorate your house with a lovely bed design. More than that, it can provide your cat with a personal and warm space to rest in. With the tender plush and flexible sponge, the pet will get the feeling of security and surely enjoy a deep sleep after this. 


  • Look cute and well-made construction
  • Offer great comfort
  • Feel soft to cats
  • Can take it for a travel


  • Weak flap velcro

Believe it or not? The excellent material of this bed would make your cat fall in love with at first sight. The banana house looks so cute and gets well-made, which ensures a serene and comfortable sleep when your pet is on top of it.

FAQs about best cat beds

What to consider when buying a cat bed?

First, it’s about care. A bed that can get washed in the machine would be always a great choice. Second, you need to consider the size. Most cats tend to avail beds supporting over 30 pounds. Third, don’t ignore the durability. Try to seek a bed with a well-made construction. Lastly, a cat bed with waterproof material will prevent damage quite well.

How to maintain your cat bed?

Let’s use an unscented detergent and hot water to clean it up. Make sure to separate it from other pieces of clothing. You need to dry it in the dryer to dodge tangling and maintain the soft material.

How many types of cat beds?

There are four different kinds of cat beds available in the market. They are heated beds, wood cat beds, cave-shaped beds, and scratcher cat beds.


Now you don’t have to worry about finding a sleeping place for your pets anymore. There’s no need to choose piles of magazines or other weird spaces for them to sleep in. Our recommended best cat beds above will solve your problem. They meet any need of your pets no matter how picky they are. 

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