How to discipline a cat?

How to discipline a cat

An adorable cat is like a real friend beside you every day. Every morning you wake up, the first thing you see is your cute and tiny cats. You love them, but sometimes you find them have unwanted behaviors. Being intelligent and playful are indeed the famous characters of most cats. Although they are quiet … Read more

How to tell if your cat is pregnant?

how to tell if your cat is pregnant

Usually, the pregnancy time of a cat is about nine weeks. When beginning to be pregnant, cats have many changes in behaviors and physics. You can answer the question “Is my cat pregnant” depending on the features and tips below. The best way to be sure is to take them to the veterinarians. Except that … Read more

Is Chocolate Bad for Cats? The Answer Is No!

Is Chocolate Bad For Cats

Chocolate is beneficial to our health, but it is not a healthy food for cats. So, should we feed the cat chocolate? Is chocolate bad for cats? Related: ==> Cat age in human years: How old is my cat? ==> 8 Signs Your Cat Is Sick – Let’s discover! Is Chocolate Bad For Cats? In … Read more

8 Signs Your Cat Is Sick – Let’s discover!

Signs Your Cat Is Sick

It is difficult to tell if minor changes in the cat are the signs your cat is sick because cats are specialists in disguise. In this article, we will show you how to point out when your cats are sick. Related: ==> Cat tail language: Here’s what it tells you ==> Cat age in human … Read more

Cat age in human years: How old is my cat?

Cat age in human years

Do you have any clue about cat age in human years? And how to translate its years to human years? Our guide today will show you how to do it right, so check it out now! In history, people used to think one year of a cat’s life is equal to seven years of our … Read more

Cat tail language: Here’s what it tells you

cat tail language

Cat owners love to learn further about cat tail language to know what it tries to tell. Today we’d like to share with you the truth behind that motion in the tail. Have you ever thought about what your cat tail language means? Well, we want to talk about its motions and positions. As you … Read more

Cat body language guide: What is your cat saying?

Cat body language

Do you want to become an expert in cat body language? Our guide today will reveal to you how to read that from top to toe. Hurry to check them out to understand your kitties. Similar to humans, cats can expose their innermost emotions through cat body language. With different signals like body poses and … Read more

How to Stop a Cat from Biting? The Best Education for Your Cats

How to Stop a Cat from Biting

Preventing a cat from biting and scratching is one of the first challenges you will deal with when adopting a four-legged friend. So, how to stop a cat from biting? Let’s find the details below. Cat is a peaceful animal, but it can happen when you play with them and do not know how to … Read more

When Do Cats Reach Full Size? The Development Stages of a Cat.

when do cats reach full size

When we talk about size, we think of dogs. An adult dog can grow many times larger than its puppy size. Yet cats grow too! But when do cats reach full size? Let’s figure it out! Related: ==> What is the cost of owning a cat? Information for beginners ==> Best Names for Tabby Cats: … Read more